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Urban Veda Reviving Hydrating Toner

Quench your skin’s thirst with our delicate rose-infused Reviving Hydrating Toner. An essential part of your cleansing routine to remove all traces of cleanser, this toning lotion locks in moisture and balances the pH level of the skin.

Gently remove impurities and dulling debris with clarifying flower waters, fortified with a vitamin and antioxidant complex and cell-supporting amino acids.

Reviving Hydrating Toner is enriched with omega-rich bio oils to improve elasticity and restore suppleness. Jasmine helps to reduce the appearance of scars, whilst geranium soothes dry skin, working in synergy with healing aloe vera to revitalise and refresh tired and mature skin.

Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles to balance all doshas.

Price: £13.99 Available Holland and Barrett; Sainsbury’s and online


Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Skin Care – Tired/Mature Skin 

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Urban Veda Reviving Hydrating Toner Reviews

Product Tested By Emily Shepperson

Emily Awarded The Urban Veda Daily Reviving Hydrating Toner 5/5

I love the idea of using something now that my skin is obviously changing slightly. Love the design or the bottle and instructions easy to understand. Very easy to use and was something I quickly brought into my routine. Very effective in removing the cleanser. I found that it was very easy to use in that aspect as it didn’t need more than one go over the area. I don’t know about the scar claim but I did find the soothing aspect to it. I found that my skin did look like it was improving each week. My skin definitely felt more soft and supple and I was very surprised.  This certainly made a noticeable difference to my skin after just a few days.  It’s not an unpleasant aroma but not one that I would normally go for. It did grow on me I have to say. I would use this every morning and evening.  I would say it took about a week before I noticed an improvement in my skin.  Very happy with the result! I will carry on using it. You can clearly tell that it is a quality item just from the packaging and how effective it is.  Great value for money.  I liked the texture to it and the ease of use. I would buy this. Although a larger price tag than I would normally pay, I do think it is worth it. A little does go a long way. I would also recommend for all the reasons above.  I would actually award it top marks in comparison to my normal toner. Easy to use, a scent that grows on you, great texture and does the job! Emily Shepperson

Product Tested By Samantha Komarova

Samantha Awarded The Urban Veda Daily Reviving Hydrating Toner 5/5

The packaging of the toner was lovely; it reminded me of a bottle you may see in a spa. It also looked a great size. As I am getting older I am always looking at products that targets aging skin. A lot of toners on the market are geared towards”all skin types” however this is an impossible feat! So finding one that is specifically for mature skin was a great bonus. I really like the design and colours of the bottle and packaging. I feel like I could see this bottle in a spa. On closer inspection it doesn’t look as high end as I would usually go for but that matches with the price tag so I am not overly fussed about that. The instructions were easy to follow and I love that it tells you which movements to use and how long to wait before moving onto the next stage of your skin routine to get the full benefit from the product. The only downside was there was no mention on how much product to use which would have been ideal. The design of the bottle was great so not much chance of spillage! Applying the product to face felt effortless and dried in fairly quickly. When I get to the toner stage of my skin routine I expect my cotton pads to be clear which they were with this product. My skin felt nice and hydrated around my cheeks and forehead; however I did feel it dried out and irritated my chin after continual usage. This is the only product I have changed out of my routine so this is definitely what is causing it. I noticed though a lovely tone throughout the rest of my face after using the toner. This was definitely effective at revitalizing my skin. Straight after usage I can see my skin is brighter and less sallow looking. I am currently breastfeeding through the night and this product has definitely helped improve the appearance of my tired skin. Straight after using this product my skin feels a little tingly (I presume this is the oils and herbs working). After the toner has dried in I find my skin, especially around my cheeks is really soft and feels slightly plumper. Aside from my chin my skin looked and felt amazing. Again apart from my chin my face looks visibly improved in regards to softness and smoothness. This product smells incredible. I really feel like I have just had a treatment in a spa after using it. When I go to bed I can still smell it which I love. I used the toner 2 times per day as part of my regular skincare routine. I noticed a viable improvement around day 3/4 of using the toner. My husband also commented on my appearance saying the tone looked more even. The fact my husband noticed a difference speaks volumes so I am really happy with the results. The quality of the urban veda toner was great. This toner is excellent value for money. I usually spend a lot on my skincare products but I’m happy to find something that works so well yet with an everyday price tag. I absolutely loved the smell of this toner! Lovely fragrance! I would definitely buy this product again as I really notice a viable appearance in my skin yet the price is great. I already have recommended this product to friends as they had commented on how well my skin looks. This product is an all-round great toner that’s gives great result. I was so excited to receive the urban veda toner. I had never heard of it before so had no expectations. I love that it was for aging skin. The aroma was just so lovely and made using the product an extremely relaxing experience. Not only that but the toner really works to provide a beautiful soft, even skin tone. After continued use my skin is looking better than ever for the most part. Samantha Komarova

Product Tested By Xanthinia Singer

Xanthinia Awarded The Urban Veda Daily Reviving Hydrating Toner 4/5

I really liked the packaging. I loved that it came in an eco-friendly box and was excited to open the bottle. I like to have hydrated clean skin, so it really appealed to me. The bottle is a beautiful design but it’s plastic and I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Easy to use even without reading instructions first. My skin felt smooth and looked brighter after use. It didn’t feel greasy or dry. I didn’t notice any reduction in my facial scarring but my skin looked and felt tighter and fresher. This really did make my skin feel really smooth. My skin felt much better but visibly didn’t make much difference to my wrinkles, though there was more of a glow to it. I did find the rose aroma was a bit overpowering. I would use this once every few days. I would say after a few applications I noticed an improvement in my skin condition. I was happy with the results and it did not take long for my skin to feel better. It stung a bit on the first couple of applications but overall very good. Reasonable value for money. I loved the fact this made my skin feel fresh. I might buy this is I saw this on offer.  My skincare routines change often so I’d be unlikely to stick to its use. It is a lovely product but only really for those people who already make toner part of their skincare routine as it is an extra step. The rose smell was too strong for me though it didn’t linger too heavily on the skin. Xanthinia Singer














Very happy with the result! I will carry on using it. You can clearly tell that it is a quality item just from the packaging and how effective it is.  Great value for money.  I liked the texture to it and the ease of use.


Emily Awarded The Urban Veda Daily Reviving Hydrating Toner 5/5

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