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Vehicle Socks is a solution to the problem of providing shade, safety and comfort to rear seat passengers in all makes and models of vehicles. Vehicle Socks are made to fit over the rear door frame of your vehicle. This approach ensures the whole window is protected and also enables the window to be opened for fresh air ventilation without affecting the comfort required. Furthermore the refined fabric mesh of Vehicle Socks acts as a insect screen to help prevent flying bugs entering your car when the window is down.  Vehicle Socks provides UV protection to rear seat passengers and as we all know the sun’s harsh UV rays are one of the main causes of cancer in this day in age. Vehicle Socks fitment is that of ease and can be fitted in no time at all (2min). Vehicle Socks  can be removed at any time and refitted thus making it convenient in any driving situation. Vehicle Socks can not be removed once the door is shut. Vehicle Socks were designed with your child and even your pet’s protection and comfort. Our service and quality is that of the highest grade thus allowing us to offer only the best to our valuable customers.

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Vehicle Socks Window Shades Reviews

Product Tested by: Vikki Humphries – Brayden & Joe Aged 1 & 4 Years

Product Tested By  Vikki Humphries – Brayden & Joe Aged 1 & 4 Years

Vikki Awarded The Vehicle Socks 5/5

Very impressed. Seems a great idea. Packaging clear, says what it is and instructions clear and concise. This item is so easy to use & hassle free.  Other blinds I’ve used have made it difficult/impossible to open the window. What I love about this is you are still able to open the window as much or as little as you like. Brilliant!  Works really well as it covers the whole window – without blocking vision – and no glaring sun around the edges.  Both my children like being able to have the window open at the same time.  Also found we were able to have the windows open more often while using the Vehicle socks which was a good benefit. Good quality & value – don’t bend or break like other blinds. Or come unstuck and start hanging off! Great value for money.  Does what it says. Will last a long while.  It works better than any other blind I have purchased before.  Would recommend this product without hesitation.  Works really well. No faults. Very happy & impressed!  Very happy with the product. I have no complaints or issues with it at all. Wish Id brought one of these long ago!!  Vikki Humphries – Brayden & Joe Aged 1 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Ozluk – Daisy Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Rachel Awarded The Vehicle Socks 5/5

When this arrived thought what a good idea.  Packaging good and instructions clear with photographs, simple to understand.  Easy to use, you’d have to get out of the car to take it off though.  I  think it offers better protection because it covers the whole window.  With the traditional square blinds you could always guaratee that the sun would still be in your babys face at some point in the journey as they don’t cover the whole window.  Compared to othe similar products we have used in the past I thought this product was better, it doesn’t seem to be a thick fabric but it really keeps the sun out.  I think this blind is better than others when comparing reduction in temperature. I noticed the reduced temperature in the car after it had been parked compared to what it was with traditional blinds.  My daughter is only 15months old so us too young to comment, although I would say she prefers them because she can still see out of the window with it on because the fabric isn’t too thick.  I don’t really open the windows in the rear of the car with just having one baby but if older children or adults who were to open windows in the rear of the car, the vehicle sock would be great.  Quality and Performance good.  I have  travelled a fair distance using them and they are still intact, they’ve been rained on several times and they don’t seem to have suffered at all. Quality seems to be good.  They are on the expensive side and I’m not sure I would have bought them at that price if I’d seen them in a shop £15 is probably a better price. They are worth £15.  I would certainly recommend these to others as they are effective. It does exactly what it is advertised to do, it’s a decent quality and as far as I’m aware the best sun blind on the market.   I like this product, mainly because it covers the whole window so my daughter definitely won’t have the sun in her face, unlike traditional blnds that have gaps around the sides. It’s simple to use and it keeps the car cool. The only niggle was that it has a little tag on it which flaps a bit in the wind, but if you put it on the opposite window (so it is inside the car, this doesn’t happen) and I’ve had a lot of people ask "who smashed your window?" because the sock must look like a temporary cover for a smashed window!!  Great product and one of the best on the market.  Rachel Ozluk – Daisy Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Hutchinson – Mia Aged 3 Years 6 Months

Joanne Awarded The Vehicle Socks 4.1/5

They seem to be a very good idea.  Very informative packaging with simple easy instructions.  The instructions were so easy to follow and good pictures make it even easier. This Blind is not as easy as just sticking on sun shade however cannot be pulled off by little hands, so once in place it stays in place. This product gives complete sun protection for children in the back of the car.  A very effective sun blind and works brilliantly.   To be honest I haven’t noticed they reduce temperature in the car at all but neither have any of the other blinds I have used in the past.  My daughter didn’t express much interest however she wasn’t pleased that she cannot see as much out of the window.  By using this I did find I could have the windows opening the rear of the car more often which is a good benefit.  The quality is excellent and superb value for money.   I would certainly consider purchasing this item and will recommend to others as effective and good quality. I would have given a 5/5 my only concern however is that you cannot see very well when backing up or reversing which made life a little difficult. Excellent for blocking out sun great for having the windows downs as no need to worry about children sticking arms out or throwing things out etc my only concern was that above re: reversing and backing out of parking spaces.  Joanne Hutchinson – Mia Aged 3 Years 6 Months

I have no complaints or issues with the Vehicle Socks UV Sun shade at all. Wish I had purchased one of these long ago!!


Vikki Awarded The Vehicle Socks 5/5

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