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VENICCI Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base

TINUM is currently the lightest pram in our range, which can be easily and quickly folded – only with one push of a button! Its modern design and construction also deserve an attention – this pram is simply beautiful! TINUM has been designed with care to details, such as: metal logo placed on the leather strap, zippers with Venicci logo and stylish tags.

What’s included? Frame, Carrycot, Seat unit, Car Seat, Changing bag, Apron, Changing matt, Raincover for 1x carrycot and 1x seat unit, Mosquito net 1x carrycot and 1x seat unit, Car Seat Adapters


Price Venicci Tinum £799.00 – Isofix Base £129.00 Available, Pram World or click online to find local stockist here

This is available in Tinum Camo Grey, Camo Black, Light Grey & Grey

Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 Travel System & Isofix Base Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2020 


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VENICCI Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base Reviews

Product Tested By Matthew Sullivan – Nevaeh 12 Months

Matthew Awarded The Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base 5/5

On opening the boxes it was obvious the pushchair is high quality. The aluminium frame and thick texture definitely highlights a premium product. Unlock other products there seems to be limited plastic components which sets this apart from other pushchairs. The car seat was also the right weight, in that it was not too heavy to handle yet has enough weight to have confidence that the product will be protective. With 4 children and as foster carers we have always thought a travel system is a must for young ones especially to avoid waking the child ones asleep in the car if you need to get them out. Usually however this comes with a cumbersome product that takes a lot of manoeuvring.  However the ability to swap out all the products was refreshing.  This meant when we wanted to pack up the car we could separate the chair and cot from the frame and make it even more space efficient.  However I am equally impressed in the sturdiness of the product compared to how small it folds up and how light it feels.  Carry cots are a short lived product for children so having this be collapsible means you can always have it at hand as space it takes in the car is no longer an issue and the collapsible nature makes it easy to handle.  Not to mention the whole product is attractive and well made. The instructions were adequate and to the point.  This is refreshing as to avoid too much information which can make you miss information you need. The diagrams were needed and useful.  If ever available I always think a link to a video tutorial is particularly useful for these products to better describe the motions and actions needed.  This also adds to the premium essence of a product. The fold up mechanism is very good, once you fold the foot rest out the way the whole pushchair folds with ease.  It is great to have the handle also hidden from sight when not folded up and again adds to the aesthetics.  A real benefit is that you do not have to remove the child’s guard rail around the seat as this adds minimal size to the product folded up.  The only downsides is that the carry position and fold means the pushchair does touch the ground handle first if you carry it the intuitive way like a suitcase.  This does mean the handles could get dirty/damaged if you did not be conscious of this.  To aid this a strap to secure the product in the folded position would be beneficial to assist in handling the folded pushchair and avoiding hitting the leather handles on the floor. The car seat is easy to set into the car without the base but with the base this again is even more simple.  The base is not too cumbersome too which means it can always be kept in the car.  It is similar to the way other car seats attach to isofix bases as this is a tried and tested method that is intuitive and simple. The car seat is a well weighted product in the respect that it feels substantial enough to add protection but light enough to be easily manageable.  Our child was getting to the large size of this but yet this was easily manageable by me or my wife to manoeuvre. Our baby was very comfortable in the car seat. it is snug without being too restrictive and the child has room to grow by adjusting the straps.  The angel of tilt is just right to create a relaxing yet safe position for a travelling child. There was no movement in the isofix base despite it being used over and over to remove the car seat.  This is reassuring that the base and seat will do their jobs if required.  Additionally, it means you do not need to keep readjusting the fitting frequently. A big bonus is that you can leave the pushchair seat in place folded down to do this to avoid more complications and adding functionality to utilise the car seat or the chair.  It is great how this can be added on the top, however this does take some getting used to as the adapters add some height that I can imagine being challenging to line up for shorter users. This does need to be lined up perfectly too as if not it will slide out of position.  So as there is not much margin to line these up I would suggest it is a two person job to do this, especially if the child is in the car seat due to the added weight and potential to misaligned the car seat. The carrycot was very easy to fit to the frame as it comes in and out with great ease even with the weight of a child within, couldn’t be simpler. Having that ventilation is a must as the warm weather meant we wanted to shield the little one but not create a dangerously warm atmosphere with, this is where these do the job.  We just had to take care they weren’t being blocked by the endless cuddly toys within. Our baby was very comfortable in the carrycot, particularly as this was not rigid plastic sides it meant that little one will not hit the sides and wake themselves.  The mattress cover also adds a piece of confidence for this. It was very simple to fit wheels on and is a must for those holidays where you need to tightly pack the car.  Additionally, I remove these to clean them if the weather has been bad which means the car stays clean a little bit longer.  Having the puncture proof tyres is a must after having both air filled and solid I 100% recommend puncture free. The adjustable hood very easy to use and does not separate from the seat when pulled like most others.  Having the ability to extend the cover completely over is also perfect as if you get caught in a breeze of rain and want to avoid using the rain covers this is a great option.  Even more so as the seat lies practically horizontal so little ones can sleep with a large hood covering them from rays and distractions.  Having the peep holes also helps to keep an eye on little ones as they sleep. The harness was great by being easy to adjust and secure to hold in place.  I have also had  my 3 year old in this and the straps were quick to readjust and still fit snug and secure. The clip is also premium as it is not awkward to secure like others that can pinch the skin. Changing from front to rear facing couldn’t be simpler using the same method as switching to carry cot which was also simple.  Obviously, the child would not be in this while you do it but it can be done in seconds with no real effort.  Couldn’t be better. me and my partner are differing heights and this is easy to adjust handle accordingly.  There is one button and this is what is utilised.  The height intervals are nice providing the range required for all users.  We have this on its lowest setting when folded to again create a smaller footprint. I have had two children in this and both were very comfortable.  It is substantial enough to be snug but with a small design that doe s not restrict the view for the little ones.  The foot plate can be set for smaller or larger and this really does add a tailored fit to the pushchair for added comfort. Our baby was very safe in this due to the substantial and sturdy design.  It has a big enough wheel base to make it sturdy on all surfaces. The adjusters were secure and little one could not open the straps on their own.  Being able to choose if you want the strap between the legs is a bonus and the same for the bumper. These can all be left on when folded which is a real bonus and add extra security when being used. We have owned many well-known dedicated off road buggy’s and this can keep up.  I have used this on tarmac, grass, trails and in the rain in mud off road, The wheels are big enough to eat bumps and the wheel base wide enough to not let the pushchair tip. I was truly impressed that this could do our long muddy dog walks in a more plush smaller design that could then easily be manoeuvred in a shop.  This is unlike our previous off road buggy’s that were too large to be used in tight spaces. If going off road I locked the front wheels and steered using the back wheels with a tilt back. This truly made it great off road. The multi-position recline is very effective and as the little one is getting too big for a cot the ability to fold near horizontal is a must in a pushchair to help the little ones sleep.  It also feels secure that even when on the bumpy terrain this will not jolt the little one. Having the extra size makes this more practical and useable when walking into the sun or wind. Also having the peep hole in the sun canopy means you can check on little one. This is also ideal to take on your travels. You can select which parts you want to bring with you and which to leave at home.  The product is light and easily carried with the handle.  Additionally, you can make this smaller still by removing wheels, bumper bar or the whole seat completely.  It is very easy to transport and lies well on a flat floor.  I would like to see some protection on the handles to avoid it hitting the floor when folded up and carried via handle. The bumper bar was very easy to set up. What is best is that it does not need to be removed to fold up.  This means it stays in place all the time and little ones have somewhere to hold and store their juice behind. The raincover covers the chair fully and makes complete protection in the rain.  It uses the canopy to add support and means it doesn’t drop inwards.  It was also easy to fit and secure once attached and the wind provided no issues. The mosquito net is easy to attach and small enough to keep with the pushchair when not in use for near the lakes we walk it provide complete protection from all the flies in the warmer weather. The change bag is a nice addition and one that feels premium being matched to the rest of the system.  Great to have a dedicated hanging space on the handle bars and a good size that was not too big but enough for essentials. The change mat is great for emergencies or out and about mainly for hygiene reasons as it is quite thin and adds just a bit of comfort.  However this does mean it folds up nicely into a compact size for storage. Easy to wipe clean too. My wife initially thought the shopping basket  was a bit too inaccessible and hard to get things in or out.  However after using it the benefit is that items do not fall out and are therefore more secure.  Additionally having your items covered means that they do not get splashed or sprayed with dirt.  So we both were very happy with the design on reflection. The material of the textiles is very premium and tough wearing.  The colour is also tasteful and does not clash with any decors and would be timeless.  It is hard wearing and easy to clean.  The frame is aluminium which separates this from others by being light and very sturdy and hard wearing.  There seems to be minimal plastic on this push chair which adds to the premium feel and sturdy build. This is very easy to fold and lies flat in the boot.  This could be also placed on its side without toppling over.  Also if you place it a certain way with the handles away from you, you can hold the handles in the boot pull it out with them and the chair will assemble straight on its wheels outside the boot in one motion.  Really is well designed. I have tested this from one year old a 3 year old and a 2 month old we were caring for.  All of these ages were secure and happy in this pushchair.  The design means it is strong enough to hold the larger children but not too big where they feel lost and not snug. This was used daily during the lockdown period.  It has been used for walks around local area and the parks near our home.  We travelled to these areas in the car frequently and this came with us in the car. This was used mostly around rural areas and streets.  Including many grassed fields, gravels paths and hills and mud.  I would be using this within the school run and shopping once the pandemic has reduced. The quality is very high and you can tell from the look of the product and how well made it is from the fixtures to the stitching.  The textiles used are very stain resistant and nice to touch.  The aluminium frame and leather handles also make this a hard wearing and quality product.  You can find travel systems at lower prices but not a quality one like this.  You are getting a cot car seat fixings pushchair that is capable for off road all in one product with all the accessories you would ever require.  If you want a premium product, this is definitely worth every penny as I’m sure it would have a long life. Undoubtedly this would be kept for a long time if desired.  The quality means it will last a long time and the design means it would be functional for a range of child ages and requirements.  It also folds into a small size which means this could be put away and stored when not needed. The quality of the product I really liked it is very sturdy and well-built that also looks nice.  It is very functional and means that it can be adapted for how your child grows and still be useful.  The folding mechanism is fantastic and somehow makes a capable off road buggy packaged into a small space. This would be a good investment that would last a growing family for many years while being practical by folding up small yet capable off road.  I would recommend as above it is a practical investment that would suit many others needs with its adaptability. As all the notes above there are no drawbacks to this product.  It is a complete travel system that is practical to use with all the usable options required.  This comes in a stylish and well-made product.  It has been well designed meaning that it folds up easily and compact and can be done more so buy removing wheels, seats etc.  It is functional in that it is easy to manoeuvre and yet sturdy for off road use.  There really are no drawbacks and not to mention it looks a really nice product. Hopefully I have captured my thoughts above but I would add that I was not expecting as much of a capable off road buggy that this is. Also having options to leave the seat in place while adding the car seat are all great options that provide real time practical uses.  Everything has been well thought out from the canopy, seat adjustments, harness, fold up mechanism tyre size and overall dimensions.  All this really does make a well-rounded product that is so easy to use.  I use this and my wife and 14 year old all push this with ease and feel very happy doing so.  I have also added a buggy board to the product which was easy to do due to the horizontal lower bar and the handle adjuster meaning child’s head can go in front or behind the bar which is great for our use.  The car seat fitting to the chair is difficult but I was really surprised this was an option to do and one not many other systems provide.  We have really loved using this product and found that all aspects are so well thought out that it can be great from a newborn up to 3 with no problem, our 5 year old also had a try and he fit fine and if he ever got too tired I would have no issue in pushing him also. Matthew Sullivan – Nevaeh 12 Months

Product Tested By Maggie Goffin – Christopher 3 Months

Maggie Awarded The Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base 5/5

Very impressed, the quality and feel of the system was excellent. It like it was a top of the range product which is well made and certainly worth the price. Everything matched together and the frame was shiny and material felt high quality and certainly well put together. Love the concept of travel systems as they allow one product to last through several years making it much better value for money. The ability to attach car seat to the base allows for quick trips into places when in car easy and lovely and quick. Instructions straight forward to follow, set out what was included clearly so could see whether everything was included at a quick glance. Meant putting the base together was quick and easy, and how the set up for the different top was easy to see and to change. It was colour coded illustrations which were black with red lines for the parts relevant for the current process. There are also written instructions for extra information on safety etc. The car seat and isofix instructions were easy to follow and again with clear illustrations for aide the fixing of the base and the fitting and removal of the car seat into the base. Between myself and my husband we were able to put together the 3 in 1 and fit the car seat base quickly and easily. With the base the instructions were clear how to make sure the base and the car seat were attached correctly and safely. The one hand folding system is excellent. Used both hands to do it to begin with but once used to it  is easy to do with one hand, prefer using two but was able to do with one. The weight of the frame meant this wasn’t difficult to do at all, it just folded down and up with ease and smoothly. Felt that although it was easy to do one handed it did detract from the security of the base and was confident that when putting up it was clicking into place with ease and securely. I am new to fitting car seats to isofix bases as didn’t have bases with my previous two children but I am impressed with how easy it was for the car seat to click into place on to the base and the fasten/unfastened display meant I was confident that the seat was clicked in a secure. The base clicked into the isofix system on the car in matter of seconds. I do find the button on the isofix base a bit difficult to press and have to put some effort into it to get the seat to disengage with the base but once it is disengaged it is relatively easy to pick up the car seat with baby in and remove from car. The seat is comfortable to carry and around and certainly while baby is still young it is also quite light and easy to carry. Baby is snug and secure within the car  seat, straps were easy to clip together and they were easy to lengthen and shorten via the button and pull strap which meant fitting baby into car seat properly was easy to do, some seats can be a pain to lengthen shoulder straps to aide getting baby strapped in but these were very easy to do. Would have preferred slightly thicker shoulder pads as the ones on the seat are quite thin and I have problems getting them to sit so they look comfortable. He isn’t a fan of car seats and will more than likely cry when being placed in but overall he does seem comfortable and once the car is in motion he will stop crying and settle down to sleep or to watch the world. My baby was very safe in car seat with isofix base as it is well fitted into the car securely and the car seat attaches solidly to the base. I have no doubts that if we were to be in an accident the base and seat would do what they are designed to do and keep him safe. The car seat is nice and easy to attach to frame. Adapters slot into the base and car seat slots onto them with ease. The carrycot slots straight on with no problems at all, it clicks into places so you can tell that the carry cot is on securely. Cot is lightweight so no struggle to lift on and off. The catches are easy to release to take the cot off the frame again. The weather hasn’t been too warm here so not sure how well these would work in very warm weather but the idea behind the hidden ventilation  is wonderful as sometimes I do think that it must get stuffy in an enclosed pram. The vents are easy to uncover. My only annoyance is that the flap over the vent section stays folded up when you put the hood up so have to close it down each time to cover the vent, not sure if this would improve as the pram is used more but it is only a minor annoyance. Baby was lovely and comfortable in carrycot, the free sheet which was included in the box was very welcome and good quality, it provided a nice clean base for baby to lie on. The cover which attaches onto the top on the cot has a flap which can either be raised up or pushed downwards, baby liked holding onto it when pushed down so he could see more. The mattress was a good thickness so provided a solid base but not too thin where the under bars could potentially be felt. Wheels just clicked on nice and easily, but firmly enough that confident they were in correctly and were not going to fall off. They are simple to take off again with just a pull or push of a tab behind the wheels. The adjustable hood was very easy to use and very helpful when walking round areas where the suns position would change, very helpful to have as it meant sun could be kept out of the babies face regardless of direction walking, much better than having an umbrella which would usually not stay in place regardless. 5 point harness very simple to do up and  undo. The harness was a bit fiddly to adjust to the tightness needed for baby as he is still quite small as he is only 3 months due to the shoulder pads which have to be slid on and off which was difficult to do. Once tight enough then I felt he was secure in a lay flat position, I would only have him lying on the flattest setting at the moment as he hasn’t the strength to be in a more upright position as of yet but I feel that once he is of an age to be strong enough to be more upright then the harness would do its job to keep him secure and safe upright as well as laid flat. Very easy to change seat unit from front to rear facing.  The release catches are easy to simple to use to unclip the unit from the base and then the unit clips straight back in easily when the other way round. The adjustable handle is easy to use, able to do one handed and the button isn’t a struggle to squeeze to move the handle. The handle is able to be positioned for comfortable pushing by both myself and my husband. My seven year old was also able to push the pram with the handle in the lowest setting so this is a very useful feature for the pram to have. Baby is comfortable in pushchair but would prefer to have had a padded insert for the seat unit (not sure if this is something which would be available??) as baby is still young so looks very small in comparison and prefer a more enclosed system while he is young hence used the carrycot more than the seat at this time. I felt my baby was very safe in this pushchair, felt the pushchair was sturdy and  secure and wouldn’t collapse when it shouldn’t. Feel he is safer in the carry cot at the moment due to age but when he is older I have no  doubts he would be just as safe in the seat unit. (strapped 3 year old  into the seat unit to see how he was and he was nice and secure and wasn’t going anywhere he shouldn’t have been!). Steers well on all surfaces we went on, the wheels can be locked in position or allowed to spin. We used on pavements and roads and also in the woods and on grass. On pavements it was easy to push even one handed, it was a smooth ride and lightweight to push around. The only problem I did encounter was when the wheels were released, as the camber in the pavement meant the pram liked to go to the side with the slope. This was fixed by changing the wheels so they were fixed instead of free to move, I prefer free to move as easier to navigate corners (which we have plenty of during our walks) but the pram was still fairly easy to navigate round corners just not tight ones while wheels fixed. The camber on the pavement was easier to overcome when pushing two handed which means I could still have the wheels free moving rather than fixed but I have a 3 year old who insists on holding my hand while walking hence we locked the wheels for ease. The woods were woods with fairly nice paths with the occasional twigs and branches in the way, the pram was easy to push round and the only problem we had was due to the nature of the woods but it was easy to tip the pram onto back wheels slightly to get over any branches or roots which were in the way of the path. It coped well with the ups and downs of the paths and we had no difficulties negotiating the paths. It was easy to push along and required no more real effort than it did on pavements. On grass it was a bit more difficult to push due to the lumps and bumps of the ground but the pram coped well with these and I didn’t feel like it I would have to avoid the walk or just stick to the paths. For the woods and the grass we have the wheels released rather than fixed as this helped with negotiating some of the changes to the ground. Only used the lie flat for baby at the moment but the other positions are easy to get to using the handle on the back and it provides three good positions for baby to have. Lie flat for young babies then slight incline when older baby asleep and upright for when they are observing the world. The foot rest also adjusts easily to enable different foot support depending on the recline position of seat. Would prefer if the canopy would extend just a little bit further to provide just a bit more shelter for when baby is in flat setting but on the whole it is effective and useful. This is ideal to take on your travels.  pram is easy to push on all surfaces we have come across so far. It is lightweight which means it has been easy to navigate up and down kerbs or roots when needed. The bumper is an easy fit, can’t comment on effectiveness as not needed/used for how we have used the seat unit so far. It is however excellent quality. Two raincovers were provided one for carry cot and one for the seat until. They are both excellent quality and provide perfect coverage to both sections. My only problem with them is that they are too good a fit to them, they were a bit difficult to fit as they fit the parts fully they kept getting stuck on the frame when putting on (due to the materials) so it was actually quite frustrating to get on. If they had maybe an inch extra then they would have still been a good fit but easier to put on. We didn’t have to use as we haven’t been out in the rain but I think I would have been quite unhappy having to fit the raincover if it had been raining at the time. Didn’t use the mosquito net as not in areas where bugs are a problem but the nets fit the units very well and are easy to put on and take off. The change bag is excellent quality, it can be stored completely flat when not in use so unfolds to provide access if needed, it also has clips which allow it to be hung from the frame of the pram. These weren’t practical to use when used with the carry cot but were useful when used with seat unit instead. The bag does however fit nicely under the pram in the basket. It was large enough for our needs and fits the changing matt in well. We only needed it for nappies and changes of clothes but it was large enough to have clothes for both baby and 3 yr. old with space to spare for drink bottles for the older two. Change mat good quality, and the changing bag match the pram and seat unit material. The matt is large enough to provide a good space for baby to be able to be changed but not too big that it take up too much space. Little disappointed with the size basket. It is big enough for the changing bag but I think I would have preferred a larger basket which was lower down. It was a bit of a pain to get things into it when the carry cot was attached to the frame. The old travel system we had for my older kids the basket was lower and larger so I could fit a bit more stuff in it. The basket is generally a good size but I think previous system I had means I have higher expectations. I would have preferred a larger basket so that things were easier to get in and out of. There is a zip section on the front of the basket to allow access to the basket from the front for smaller things. Lovely material, it is excellent quality with a nice feel to it and it has a perfect build quality. It gives the impression of a top quality product. This is very easy to fold and put in car. it was lightweight which means it wasn’t a struggle to lift in and out of the boot. Didn’t remove the wheels when putting into boot as we have a large boot but they can obviously be removed for smaller boots. I agree this is ideal from newborn through to approx. 3 years. We are using for out 3 month old baby but we also have a just turned 3yr old, he doesn’t use a stroller any more as we want him to walk places now but he fits in the seat unit perfectly and if he was to be using it he would be happy and comfortable. Each way has a maximum weight recommendation for it which is clearly set out in the instructions. We plan on using the carry cot for as long as possible with baby, so until he is strong enough to be able to sit more upright in the seat unit or is too heavy for carry cot. The seat unit with its lie flat is suitable for ne born but I personally prefer a carry cot for newborns. We used this roughly 4 times a week. so roughly every other day. Mainly used this on pavements mostly around our local area. Top quality, it is a solid system which is in no way flimsy. It is a smooth ride which allows for easy pushing and the carry cot and seat components are excellent material. It will last us for several years at least until baby is 3, depending on how long he needs to be in a pushchair, hence the upfront price is well worth it. You are getting a quality product and when seen in person you can tell that it is an excellent quality product which has used high quality materials and not cut corners. This is perfect to keep and reuse or pass on to another family member when the time comes. I think that it has a good life span on the whole system. Was a little doubtful about having a grey pram but in person the grey of the seat unit and carrycot are gorgeous. The frame itself is a shiny metal which I have a desire to keep as clean and shiny as possible. It is a gorgeous looking system. I would consider buying now I have tested, I feel it is certainly worth the money you would spend on it. You can see from it that it is a higher priced system but also worth spending that amount. These ease of use, lightweight and a good size, not too big but not too small. I would recommend. It is a system that is excellent quality and I feel good value for money so would have no problems recommending to people if this is the sort of thing they were looking for. Overall system is excellent quality, it is easy to use and both myself and husband have no problems pushing it, my seven year old was able to push with ease too. You can tell when looking at it and when using that it is a top range system. The whole system together is easy to put together and to change from one mode to another (car seat to pram to seat unit) everything slots together with ease and you don’t need to force anything to get to fit or get apart. All components feel like they fit securely and will last a long time.  Overall experience is that I am impressed by this system, it shows its quality when unboxing and I was impressed with the system as soon as I was unboxing and putting together. The size of the frame itself is not over bearing and lightweight. We had no problems using the pram in areas we usually walk and even thought the basket is smaller than I would ideally like it is still a good sized basket. It was excellent that it included both raingear and mosquito nets made especially for each unit rather than a universal one. The matching changing bag and cosy toes were also an added benefit of making the whole system look top notch. The ease of pushing the pram is excellent and fairly effortless, the height adjustable handle bar makes it easy to be pushed by people of varying heights. The notches to help hold the changing bag are an excellent additional detail which helps hold the bag securely. Happy for baby to use this system until he is too big for it, it will adapt as he grows and has different needs in a travel system.  Maggie Goffin – Christopher 3 Months

Product Tested By Rhodri James – Baby Evans – 4 weeks

Rhodri Awarded The Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base 5/5

What struck me first was the build quality and overall feel that this is a premium product. It’s a very stylish design but also with considerations made for ease of use. It’s definitely a positive as it all of a similar design and due to the base unit and its easy to use you just clip on  or off the accessory you’d like to use. 3 relatively straightforward instructions but they are very brief. A quick look on YouTube showed some videos made by the company which cleared everything up. The quick hand folding system is really easy to use. We had concerns as its quite a big unit about it fitting in our smaller car. This was solved as it practically lays flat with the turn of the handle. The car seat was easy enough to fit into our car using the isofix base supplied.  This is very well built unit and as I have previously had experience fitting isofix it was very straightforward. The car seat is easy enough to lift out of the car and carry around.  It has just two clips and it lifted straight out with no jiggling! It felt very light to walk around with as its only 3kg. Our baby was comfortable in the car seat and it is very well padded and no concerns about baby working their way loose. We did feel baby was safe and comfortable in car seat. The car seat in the car is very sturdy when its locked in and all of the parents we have spoken to have advised to go with Isofix due to its safety and ease of use. The car seat was very easy to attach to the buggy frame as it just clipped in place and did not take long at all.  The carrycot was very easy to fit to the frame.  As a total novice to building a carry cot it took me less than 5 minutes to put it all together and connect it to the pushchair. Really liked the carrycot hidden ventilation as such a good feature to have and reassuring for baby to have a cooler breeze if you get caught out by warmer weather and they were becoming uncomfortable.  This is a premium carrycot and baby was definitely comfortable and safe.  The carrycot has nice lining, weather cover and mattress supplied with the whole package. The puncture free wheels were very easy to fit.  Easily click into place and are lockable when needed. Also the break clicks on really easily. The suspension also evens out slightly bumpier terrain. Adjustable hood easy to use just a matter of undoing the zips to expand the canopy. Harness is effective and straightforward enough to use, plus baby safe when secured in harness.  We really enjoyed the reversible seat unit and literally takes second to change from front to rear facing.  The adjustable handle is a great feature ideal for me and my partner and grandparent friendly too. Our baby looked comfortable at all times in the pushchair and we had no concerns as know they were safe, comfy and happy. I did not have  any concerns using this pushchair with my baby. It’s clearly very well built, sturdy but light weight. We have used it mainly on hard surfaces and it felt very light weight and easy to steer. For a larger pram its surprisingly easy to get around tight corners. The recline option was very good and easy to reposition and again no fuss. Just press the button and everything is easily manoeuvrable. Sun canopy very easy to use and gives good coverage and protection. Due to the lightweight frame this would be ideal to take on our travels as it is vert light and easy to manoeuvre. Having recently used a competitor’s product this felt far sturdier for going up and down curbs. As with everything about this set the bumper bar easily clicks into place.  Good quality raincover which is easily extendable and when at fully extended would provide good coverage from all angles. Good to have mosquito net and sure it would work really well if needed but we do not have many problems with insects and mosquitos in South Wales. The change bag supplied help all our necessities for baby and liked the fact it matched the design of the pram.  It hooks nicely over the pram handle and you can access items easily when needed. Good quality change mat supplied and easy to use and baby protected when you need to change when out and about.  Shopping basket was a good sized and I liked the small openable flap if I needed to carry anything slightly larger. This is clearly a premium product, the materials used seam very durable and well padded. Family members with similar products have also commented on the premium look. This is very easy to fold down and place in the boot of our car.  Even with a smaller car it was a simple turn of the handle to lay the pushchair totally flat. After using this totally agree it would care for our baby for a few more years to come.  We have used this every week for hospital visits, visiting family and on the sunnier days nice walks out as a new family. As new parents we found this very easy to use not having any previous experience before. I think it’s reflects well on the product that we didn’t have any difficulty getting to grips with it. The quality is excellent. Having seen friends prams and researched online this is clearly at the premium end of products.  The material the pram is made from is good quality and the metal parts have a chrome style finish so it looks very stylish.  To be honest it’s not cheap but then the adage of you get what you pay for is true with this due to the build quality and potential lifespan of the product. From the build and quality it definitely is going to last and we can see us using this again if we had another baby or passing onto someone else in the family. The overall product is very stylish and as a new dad it was also a relief how easy everything is to swap and manage. I think it could definitely be seen as an aspirational product, it would be worth the investment due to its longer life and also because it does have a very stylish look. I would recommend due to its ease of use and the overall quality. The pram is excellent quality and also has the added bonus of ease of use. There are several nice additions to the package such as the bag and quilted cot which make it stand out as a quality product. In essence it’s a very stylish modern looking system with clear thought given to functional use and practicality. My experience as a new dad is positive, it’s easy to get to grips with and the quality of the product is reassuring as it appears robust and durable. It’s also surprisingly light weight which has reassured mum she is  able to move it about easily and be able to load and unload it without any assistance. Rhodri James – Baby Evans – 4 weeks








Everything has been well thought out from the canopy, seat adjustments, harness, fold up mechanism tyre size and overall dimensions.  All this really does make a well-rounded product that is so easy to use.  I use this and my wife and 14 year old all push this with ease and feel very happy doing so.  I have also added a buggy board to the product which was easy to do due to the horizontal lower bar and the handle adjuster meaning child’s head can go in front or behind the bar which is great for our use.  The car seat fitting to the chair is difficult but I was really surprised this was an option to do and one not many other systems provide.  We have really loved using this product and found that all aspects are so well thought out that it can be great from a newborn up to 3 with no problem, our 5 year old also had a try and he fit fine and if he ever got too tired I would have no issue in pushing him also.


Matthew Awarded The Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 system Plus isofix Base 5/5

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