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Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 Travel System Special Edition Stylish Black

Explore the Tinum Special Edition of the prestigious, exceptional quality unique compact pram. Without compromise. The Tinum is the lightest Venicci to date and the included carry strap makes carrying and transporting the Tinum effortless. It fuses Italian luxurious finish and latest trends in fashion with the highest requirements of British engineering that introduced Easy-Glide® puncture-free wheels and magnificent One-Hand® fold.

The 3-in-1 Travel System is suitable from birth to 22kg and includes frame, carrycot, seat unit, car seat with adaptors, changing bag, footmuff, changing mat and rain covers and mosquito nets for both the seat unit and carrycot! The Venicci Tinum has a compact, small profile when folded and can be folded quickly and easily with the seat unit on – in either world facing or parent facing mode.

Features: Suitable from birth to 22kg. Lightweight. Pushchair can be folded with seat unit attached (world and parent facing). Large solid puncture proof wheels. Multi terrain front and rear suspension. Luxurious finish. Carry strap. Comfortable Carrycot Mattress. All-in 12 piece bundle. UV50+ Water repellent fabrics


Chassis (wtih no wheels) – 5.0kg. Chassis (inc. wheels) – 7.9kg. Carrycot – 4.4kg Pushchair. Seat Unit – 3.7kg. Shopping Basket Load (max) – 4kg

Warranty: Extended 2 year warranty. Standard 1 year + 1 year after registering here.


Price £829.00 Available Pramworld, Trendy Baby, Baby Planet, Baby Security and online

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Venicci Tinum 3 in 1 Travel System Special Edition Stylish Black Reviews

Product Tested By Kim Simmons – Alfie 1 Month

Kim Awarded The Venicci Tinum Special Edition Stylish Black 5/5

The delivery came in 3 boxes, 2 were fairly light, the third was a little heavier, but still manageable on my own. It was all easy to remove from the box. I couldn’t believe how much was included in the box, I just kept pulling bits out. You can tell straight away that it is good quality material. The Venicci is very pleasing to the eye and sturdy. The frame with black leatherette handle is stylish and adds a bit of glam. The wheels were big and sturdy ready for any terrain. The concept of the 3 in 1 system is everything you need to transport your child from A to B, be it an outside journey or a car journey. The design is seamless, The compact ability and one button fold function is effortless and the easy carry handle is practically placed for use every day. As a first time mum, this design is like gold dust, especially the car seat adaption to fit the frame so baby does not need to be woken up. The instructions only show pictures, for me, this was the most difficult part. I think if your brain works that way it would be simple, but not everyone’s does and a picture sometimes, just does not cut it. In my opinion, it would benefit people a great deal if there were written instructions instead of just pictures that were a little confusing. Fortunately, my friend was around when I received this and she has had a similar product and explained to me, it’s a ‘figure out yourself, by doing’ type of pram. Once we started putting each piece together, it all just clicked and it was so easy and simple to put together and take apart. The instructions do not label each piece, which I thought would be beneficial. The carrycot has some fabulous features and we were really impressed with. It was the easiest part to fit to the base, it slotted on and off with ease. The soft lining and the thick mattress make sure that baby has a comfy journey. The cot size, is big enough that the baby can grow but not too big that they will get lost in there. The hood is large enough to keep baby completely shaded, the integrated handle in the hood make it easy to carry baby around. This is something I will use the most until the baby is a little bigger. When summer arrives, the ventilation system will be very effective, knowing your baby is getting the circulated air that they require is another thing off of your mind. The seat unit looks to be extremely comfortable, I especially like the nice quilted cover for baby to lay on whilst in the seat. I had no concerns that my baby was not comfortable in this. The car seat adapters fitted very easily into the frame and then the car seat slotted very nicely onto the adapters, it’s all pretty self-explanatory, which I found a breath of fresh air. My baby looked comfortable sitting in the car seat, there was no crying to indicate discomfort so that speaks for itself. The car seat is a good weight in that it feels heavy enough to add protection but its light enough to manoeuvre how you need to. The safety straps were easy enough to use, making baby secure in the seat. There is ample space for baby to grow into as he gets bigger by altering the straps. There was no movement of the seat when the car is in motion. I felt confident my baby was safe in this. The reclining system is simple to use, it will be very effective in the coming years so baby can be reclined to suit his age and needs. For now as a newborn, I would not have it any higher than the first mode. Once the baby is bigger I cannot wait for him to be able to see what’s going on in the world with the adjustable seat. The adaptability to have the baby facing front or back is a great addition to the seat. For now, being a newborn he will always be facing me, but it is great to know that when he gets a bit older I can face him towards the way we are travelling so he can get some entertainment. As he gets older there is no need to worry about him undoing the harness and getting out as there is a safety barrier that you can add. The seat adjust very easily to face from or back just by unclipping and clipping back in place. The 3 position adjustable leg rest is very simple to use, and will be super effective as my baby grows, at the moment he is newborn so there wasn’t much adjustment. The adjustable handle height is a god send on this and is used constantly as there is a big height difference between me and my husband, this function is very simple to use with the click of a button. At first look, I found the harness was a bit fiddly to adjust to the correct level of security as he is still quite small as he is newborn. When I felt these were tight enough I felt he was secure in a lay flat position. As he gets bigger and goes into different levels, I have no doubt this harness will keep him safe. The hand fold system is fantastic, I generally don’t use one hand to do it but I can, which fabulous, my husband used one hand and has it up and down in seconds, this is a real big highlight of the 3 in 1 system. The fact that the seat can be folded down with the frame, is such an extra benefit, and it’s still quite compact to fit in the car when you do this. It saves time and less stress if you are in a situation where you need to get it all away quickly. This was a great element to the pram. The large wheels make the pram so easy to manoeuvre when you are out, I’ve actually never come across a pram with such big sturdy wheels and the fact they are puncture free Is a big weight off anyone’s mind. The pram steers well on all surfaces we went on, the wheels can be locked in position or allowed to spin at the push of a button, I think this is a great addition as there is nothing worse than trying to steer and getting nowhere. The shopping basket is a great size, I use it more for supplies for the journey. The basket is big enough to put a few supplies in for the day and what I will be using it mostly for is to put the rain cover and a blanket in case you get caught short with the weather. The rain cover is a really well made excellent quality material. I found it  brilliant in that it fits both the cot and the seat, usually you would have to get  2 different covers. It fit well on both and provided adequate cover from the rain, I will always leave the bottom unzipped for added ventilation, but the way it fit means that I can do this and the baby is still fully covered. The changing bag fits lovely to the top of the pram on a couple of clips. It was every easy to use and you can easily reach into the back and pick out what you need. The changing mat is great quality, and it matches the cot and seat unit material. The size of the mat is perfect, it is large enough to provide space for baby to be to be changed but not too big that it take up too much space. The footmuff was simple to add to the carry cot, its soft warm feel meant that baby was comfortable and warm at all times. The material is really luxurious as with the rest of the device . The mosquito net will be very beneficial for both the carrycot and the seat unit in the summer months, not only for summer evenings here in the UK but also taking the stroller on holiday in the UK and abroad. If baby is anything like me, the mosquitoes will love him, so this helps him not get bitten all over. The carry straps were positioned very well and made the pushchair easy to transport from A to B. The straps don’t hurt when transporting and are comfortable. The UV50+ and water repellent fabrics are extremely beneficial when travelling about with baby, it provides great coverage for those summer months when the weather rockets. The Guarantee is a great addition, especially for something so expensive. It is great to have that peace of mind that if anything were to happen you have that cover and will not be left hanging. The overall quality of the material is exceptional, you can tell this is a high-end product. The lightweight, but strong versatile material makes all the difference, after seeing how friends pushchairs are built, I really notice the upscale and luxury of this product. The stroller is so simple to fold down and place in the boot of the car. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t fit as I don’t have a big car, but after adding, I was pleasantly surprised. It folds down seamlessly and is lightweight and compact. It even folds down with the seat intact if you are in a rush.  I think the age range of this product is spot on, the carrycot is perfect for the new born and as they get bigger, the stroller will be used to no end, it’s safety features make it perfect for when the terrible two’s hit and the toddler starts to fiddle with things and investigate. I use the 3 in 1 system every day as I have to walk the dog and baby at the same time. I used the 3 in 1 system around my local area every day, when walking my dog. I would mainly be on pavement sometimes in the park. The quality of the 3 in 1 system is excellent, you cannot fault it. From the chrome bars that are sturdy and stylish to the material of each add on. When looking and touching the 3 in 1 you can tell that this is a high end product and is durable and will last a long time. This is definitely  on the expensive side and I don’t think its affordable to everyone. However I believe this product would be a good investment, I think if you work out how much you would spend on each piece over the 3 years that it lasts, it’s worth the money for sure. I think that the 3 in 1 system is the perfect product to pass on to the next child or to a family member. The quality of the product ensures that it was stand the test of time and be ready for the next child to get there use out of. There is nothing I didn’t like about the 3 in 1 system, best benefits for me personally were the easy click into and out of place for each individual part and the compactness of the folded down frame. I would definitely consider buying this product, although its expensive, I see this as a long term investment for the future of my family or family and friends if I passed it on. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends, I believe it to be one of the best on the market and covers all the areas you need being parents, I would be happy to recommend this. Overall the 3 in one system is a fantastic product, with excellent quality, the fact it is so easy to use and both myself  and my husband is a great bonus.  I am not good with this type of thing in general, but I had nothing to worry about with this product.  You can tell just by looking at it and when using that it is a high market system. The whole system with all pieces is easy to put together and to change from one mode to another as everything slots together with ease and you don’t need to force anything to get to fit or get apart. All parts feel like they fit securely and safely which is number one priority with baby. There are several lovely additions to the package such as quilted cot which make it stand out as a great quality product. It’s very stylish modern looking system with clear thought given to each parts use and practicality for parents. If you want to purchase a pushchair that comes with absolutely everything that you could need, in co-ordinating colours, with a decent build quality then this is the product. My experience with the product as a new mum has been a positive and refreshing one, the system is very easy to get to grips with and the quality of the product is  so good that it is very reassuring as new parents that the baby is safe and comfortable at all times due to the durability and the robustness. A concern as a 5ft 2 mum is that it’s not too heavy to move around and this product is surprisingly light weight which is reassuring for everyday life. Kim Simmons – Alfie 1 Month

Product Tested By Sarah Waldron – Cleo 16 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Venicci Tinum Special Edition Stylish Black 5/5

WOW!!! That’s all we could say when this arrived. I think a 3 in 1 system is the best way forward for families. Having all you need in one product is always good. The instructions were very easy and clear to follow. if I could score higher for the carrycot  I would. The mattress was really thick and very supportive. My daughter was completely comfortable. The weather hasn’t been the best to use the ventilation to its fullest. However when I did open both top and bottom parts, my daughter loved it. She’s incredibly nosey so it was a big bonus for her. I did put Cleo in the seat but she is too small for it yet. She didn’t complain about it though so I think she will be more than happy in the seat unit. It took 2 of us to lower the handle and even then we really struggled. The canopy on the seat also can’t be retracted so being black it’s very dark and my daughter hated it. The seat is well padded but she just didn’t like it. Taking it onto the pram frame was easy but to remove it was difficult. I’d hoped that I could release it in one easy move but unfortunately it was so hard to do. Occasionally the adapter came off the frame and stayed attached to the car seat. The car seat was safe but due to the cover she couldn’t see what was happening and therefore was never happy in the seat. The straps on the seat were easy to adjust and I was able to tighten and loosen them with ease. Loved the range of adjustments for the seat unit. Knowing she can lay flat to sleep is great. Having a seat unit that faces forwards and backwards is great.  I loved being able to see my daughter and her being able to engage with me is excellent. Cleo is too small presently for us to use the leg rest and adjust to her needs, but no doubt as she grows we will make more use of this aspect. My partner is 6ft 2 and I am 5ft 7. He likes the handle as far out as possible and I’m half way. My son would use the handle on its lowest setting. For all of us it makes pushing the pram so much easier. The safety harness is easy to adjust and felt very secure. But again as she’s so small I didn’t take her for a walk in the seat, just stayed in the house. The one hand fold feature has been an absolute joy. Trying to juggle a bulky pram is never fun. This is so lightweight and incredibly easy. Only used the with carrycot. I know being able to keep the seat attached and collapse will be brilliant. The wheels look amazing. They are easy to clean and knowing they are puncture free is great. We walked through the woods so this gave us peace of mind. This has to be the easiest pram I have ever used. Going from flat smooth surfaces to off road was so simple. The basket was good. Having the zip to open and give extra space is brilliant. I have struggled to work out the right way to put the raincover on  the carrycot and each time I’ve used it, I have forgotten how I did it. However once on it offers plenty of coverage and I can still see Cleo. I did find the bag slightly on the smaller size but the look of it is amazing. It looks like a handbag rather than a changing bag. The changing mat was the perfect size, soft material and easy to wipe clean. Although we have not needed to use the footmuff extensively Cleo is well protected and snuggled.   The mosquito net will be ideal for the warmer months. Being able to put your baby outside and protected from bugs yet still benefit from a breeze is great. Carry straps were comfortable to use and an added bonus. Definitely beneficial this has UV50+ and water repellent fabrics. If you are going to use this for further children knowing that the warranty is there for 2 years  is perfect. The quality of the material used is excellent and beautiful. So easy to fold this and place in boot of our car and although the carrycot is big, it didn’t take up too much room. I’m hoping that I can use it for 3 years as it’s such a stunning pram. Only used the car seat and frame 3 times as it was too fiddly on my own. The carrycot was used every day.  We used this on the school run, walking in the woods and round the supermarket.  This pram is just absolutely stunning and superb quality. The carrycot and seat unit are definitely worth the money. The car seat however is not.  100% agree this would be ideal for new arrival and to keep and pass on too (hopefully to grandchildren). I loved the rose gold. It really stands out against the black. Being so lightweight makes using the pram an absolute pleasure.  I would buy this as it is just so easy to use and beautiful. I would recommend due to the lightweight frame and ease of use.  Top marks from us as certainly has the WOW factor. I had been using the Vennici gusto when offered to test this system and I did not think anything would beat it. Opening the box and seeing such a stunning pram all we could say was wow! The interior of the carrycot and the mattress has a diamond stitch inside and it just adds to the beauty of the pram. The mattress itself is so thick my daughter instantly loved being in it. I will say I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to raise the mattress as you can with the gusto. The only thing that wasn’t too good was the suspension. There is some but when walking around the woods it wasn’t as bouncy. We did put our daughter in the seat but she is far too small for it yet. The footmuff comes up nice and high so for the winter it’s great. Also the hood of the carrycot can be opened/extended so gives more protection from the sun. I honestly loved this pram, just not the car seat!! Sarah Waldron – Cleo 16 Weeks

Product Tested By Hayley Ferchichi – Harrison 1 Year

Hayley Awarded The Venicci Tinum Special Edition Stylish Black 4.6/5

When this arrived there were a lot of boxes. Loved the design, it’s modern looking and contemporary. Instructions easy enough to follow. My son is too big to go in the carry cot but it was opened and fitted to the pram, looks cosy and safe for a baby of Birth to 6months.He loved being in the seat unit there was plenty of space he wasn’t squashed up in the chair and was happy to sleep in it too. Again my son is a bit big for the car seat and wasn’t able to use this but it’s a good size with good padding and safety for baby. I did have a play around with the car seat and it was simple to use fit and straps easy to use. The seat positioning was brilliant it laid back far enough for him to sleep comfortably in and he was happy sat up in it whilst out and about. The fact this faces forwards and backwards is nice to have although I enjoyed talking to him facing me he preferred to see the big wide world instead. The adjustable leg rest was really easy to use and effective, especially when sleeping it was nice to have the foot rest up so his legs weren’t bent and uncomfortable for him. The handle height adjustment was great as I’m short so to have it at a height for me was brilliant and again to adjust for dad and make it higher was a bonus. The safety harness was fine really simple and comfortable not in his neck or anything. The one handle fold is something I did struggle with a little but I did manage to figure it out in the end. It was OK but it did make the pram a little bigger to fit into my boot bit we worked around this. Love the wheels especially whilst out walking at the park on gravel and large stones definitely made it easier to push. The large wheels really did make this pram easy to manoeuvre on all surfaces and a lovely pram to push. Love all the space underneath especially for shopping and the boys things he needs whilst out and about. We didn’t really use the raincover yet but they seem to cover the whole buggy with good ventilation.  Liked the matching changing bag nice style and matched the whole system.  My son is a little big to lay on the change mat but would be ideal for newborn.  He did use it for he head and seemed happy. The footmuff kept him warm and cosy whilst out walking in the cold nice and thick. The mosquito net definitely would keep insects out also it gives that bit of shade from the sun. Being made of UV50+ and water repellent fabric is a brilliant idea it should prevent the buggy from discolouring and if you forget raincover then the rain from getting on the baby. The 2 year warranty is really important as I have had bad experiences with prams in the past with the seat unit etc it’s good to have some reassurance of repair especially with an expensive buggy. Lovely material feels strong and weather proof. I did find it a little heavy and bulky to get in my boot but I do have a small car. This is definitely suitable from birth onwards as the buggy is strong the wheels are big and the overall quality is great. I have not stopped using this since it arrived as it is now our every day buggy. Used this to walk to the shops and in the park. The quality of this system is excellent. The quality of the buggy it’s excellent the price for myself is a little on the high side but I’ve never purchased this brand buggy before nor have I ever seen this brand buggy advertised. Its definitely worth keeping for the next child I absolutely love it the colour the modernness of it. I love pretty much everything the colour love the rose gold touches makes such an effect the comfiness of it and sturdiness of the frame. Personally this is a little out of my price range so would not purchase.  I would definitely recommend and I would make them aware of this brand and tell them of my experience with it. Hayley Ferchichi – Harrison 1 Year








My experience with the product as a new mum has been a positive and refreshing one, the system is very easy to get to grips with and the quality of the product is  so good that it is very reassuring as new parents that the baby is safe and comfortable at all times due to the durability and the robustness. A concern as a 5ft 2 mum is that it’s not too heavy to move around and this product is surprisingly light weight which is reassuring for everyday life.


Kim Awarded The Venicci Tinum Special Edition Stylish Black 5/5

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