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Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag

A selection of Vertbaudet all season sleeveless sleeping bags. Front and back strap holes. No padding for use during the summer. Pure cotton percale with an all-over print and pure cotton jerseylining. TOG=0.86.
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Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Cruickshank – Emily 11 months

Product Tested By Helen Cruickshank – Emily 11 months

Helen Awarded The Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag 5/5
Gorgeous sleeping bag, lovely material and looked well made. Arrived well packed and suitable for item. Instructions clear and precise but this is asleeping bag so just need to know how to wash. The quality of this sleeping bag is excellent. My baby looked very comfortable in this sleeping bag and it did help her to sleep more easily. My baby enjoyed sleeping in this as the sleeping bag is longer than her other ones so she had more room to move in it. I would buy more if I could afford them but they do seem worth the money. I would certainly purchase this item. Already recommended to friends and family. Avery comfortable, good quality sleeping bag that looks cute too! Helen Cruikshank – Emily 11 Months


Product Tested By  Caprice Kesby – Silver 8 Months

Caprice Awarded The Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag 4.5/5

Looks really cute and cosy. Packaging ideal for this item. No need for instructionsthis is a sleeping bag. Very high quality.  Lovely appliqué detail, poppers seem very strong. Washes well. My daughter sleeps better in a sleeping bag as she can’t wriggle around as much or get her legs stuck in the cot spars.  And no worry of getting cold from losing blankets. My daughter seemed very happy in the sleeping bag, looked very comfortable and cosy in it. It is a lovely sleeping bag, pretty design and great quality, but price is a bit high at £38 for the 6m-2yrs size. There are often discount deals on the Vertbaudet website, so maybe if I found an offer making it a bit more affordable, I would buy the sleeping bag. I would certainly recommend. Would have been 5 if it was a little less expensive. My baby slept well and looked very cosy in this pretty sleeping bag. Caprice Kesby – Silver 8 Months


Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Soraya 8 Months

Cheryl Awarded The Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag 4/5

Lovely cute pattern, feels warm, nice and thick. Packaging was waterproof and nicely sealed. Instructions clear and to the point..  Loved the quality, it washed and tumbled dried well.  My baby moves a lot at night and if I used blankets she would constantly kick them off!  My daughter did enjoy sleeping in it but at times she would get annoyed in the night as if she moves a lot the bag can become twisted and this would wake her up. It’s a nice quality sleeping bag but felt it could be designed longer, I have a tall baby and it wouldn’t last until she was18 months more like 12 months.  I would purchase this item and recommend.  Good quality, feels thick, washed and tumble dried well.  Cheryl Nagati – Soraya 8 Months


 Avery comfortable, good quality sleeping bag that looks cute too!


Helen Awarded The Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag 5/5 

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