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Vertbaudet Tutu

Provides added volume with its 3 layers of frills in 100% polyester. Flat waistband at front. May also be worn separately with a top. Machine washable. 100% cotton satin.

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Vertbaudet Tutu Reviews

Product Tested by: Product tested by Nadine Dutton – Scarlett 4 Years

Product tested by Nadine Dutton – Scarlett 4 Years

Nadine Awarded the Vertbaudet Tutu 4.5/5


It is a versatile tutu – not too short so it can be worn to parties / going out or dressing up. A little apprehensive about the elastic waist as it was very thick and strong with not much give. I loved the longer length as my daughter is very tall and so usually struggles with this type of skirt. The netting hung well and spun out nicely when my daughter twizzled round. I wasn’t 100% happy with the waistband as although my daughter did not complain and there were no red marks, I felt it could have more ‘give’ in it. My daughter wore it to a party, wore it to the park regularly, wore it under one of her dresses like and underskirt (this looked really pretty and original)  and dressed up at home in it with fairy wings – not once did it get damaged or stained. It washed well, dried quickly and no ironing required – what more can a mum ask for! The quality was good and stitched together well. It did not damage through rough and tumble games with her cousins and washed well. My daughter did not complain but I felt the waistband did not have enough give. This skirt has been worn so many times because of the ease of laundering – even though it is white, it is not even stained yet. The white has kept its brightness and not turned dull like some white garments do. Because of the durability of the item, it represents excellent value for money. Definitely – it is going on holiday with us in the summer as it is so easy to launder (and looks very pretty too). Especially for a child who is a little taller than average as it is a little longer than usual. It is very versatile, can be dressed up or down and used as a dressing up garment. As soon as it’s washed it’s worn again – my daughter loves it, she’s quite stubborn already about what she wears so I’m very happy. Nadine Dutton – Scarlett 4 Years

Product tested by Allison Parry – Rhoslyn 4 Years

Allison Awarded the Vertbaudet Tutu 4.7/5

It’s a lovely, pretty skirt that is great for parties or other special occasions. It is very well made and has a comfortable elasticated waist with very nice banding. The waist band meant it fitted really well. Being white with net means it may not be practical for all occasions! It is very good quality. Rhos could play comfortably in it. It is machine washable and no ironing needed. It’s overall a really lovely skirt that Rhoslyn loves wearing. Good quality clothing. Clothes made for real kids! It’s not an everyday skirt being white but as well as parties etc it would be great for fancy dress (i.e. A fairy or ballet dancer.)Allison Parry – Rhoslyn 4 Years

Product tested by Caroline Timmings – Tamara 4 Years

Caroline Awarded the Vertbaudet Tutu 4.6/5

This is a lovely skirt that’s brilliant for party occasions. Tamara wanted to wear it all of the time but, the light colours meant that I only really let her wear it when visiting family or when indoors as to not get it dirty. She would twirl around in it to show it off to her grandparents. The material is very good quality and it fits very well without slipping or becoming an obstruction for walking/ playing. She wore it on her 4th birthday and other mums were asking where it was from and I recommended it to them and I recommend it to others. It’s a very pretty piece of clothing that my daughter now seems very attached to, it will be a shame when she grows out of it. Caroline Timmings – Tamara 4 Years


As soon as it’s washed it’s worn again – my daughter loves it, she’s quite stubborn already about what she wears so I’m very happy.


Nadine Awarded the Vertbaudet Tutu 4.5/5

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