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The VIP, Very Intelligent Pocket is an ingenious way of holding all the small but essential items such as phone, pens, lipstick, keys etc from falling to the bottom of your bag, it is also fantastic when one wants to change from one handbag to another but just cannot usually face it!

The larger size is great for beach and sports bags or for men in a rucksack or as a washbag as the pockets have a drawstring closure.

Made from washable nylon the pockets come in a range of great colours.

Also available is the unique magic bag, a clever fold up shopping shoulder bag which can carry up to 15kg!

Small VIP pocket measures 22cm x 15cm x 6cm with 9 pockets

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£24.95 Available to purchase online (large size is also available at £26.95)

VIP Organiser Pockets Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Carley-Macaulay – Baby Grace & Benjamin Ages 4 Months & 6 Years

Product Tested By Sharon Carley-Macaulay – Baby Grace & Benjamin Ages 4 Months & 6 Years

Sharon Awarded the VIP Organiser Pockets 4/5

My initial impression was the product sounded a very good idea in theory, but in practice would it be user friendly enough to be worth having and using? The product came very well packaged in a sort of plastic wallet/packet. From a cosmetic point of view it looked well packaged and in practice the packaging was very robust, protecting the product and keeping it clean well. I do not travel light (probably like most women) so I do find the pockets on the small size.  My suggestion would be to keep the product the same size in itself, but make some or all of the pockets expandable.  For the size of the product there is a good number of pockets – each pocket could just be more flexible in size. At the moment I have this organiser in the main in my changing bag, and find it a great addition for keeping things together and not lost between nappies. saves time too, as all those ‘key things’ e.g. keys, phone, pen, hand cream, tissues are all in the one place – and you can easily transfer them from one place to the next within seconds. My friends who have taken a great interest in this product and all agree the product is too expensive.  Everyone has loved the idea, and indeed the product itself, but all think £25 is too expensive and would not spend that amount of money on such a product that just sits in your handbag. Very practical and useful!  Could be expandable in some form, brighter in appearance, and cheaper to attract buyers…However, all that said well made and a great idea! Sharon Carley-Macaulay – Baby Grace & Benjamin Ages 4 Months & 6 Years

Product Tested By Claire Shek

Claire Awarded the VIP Organiser Pockets 3.5/5

A well presented, neat product. It had lots of pockets and I was looking forward to organizing my handbags with it. It was easy to fit into the handbag but would only stay upright in my smallest bag in any others it would fall to the bottom which made it less easy to use and not as necessary. Pocket sizes were adequate for the size of the organiser. There are a good number of pockets which helps compartmentalize your handbag and they certainly helped organise my handbag. The product is of a high quality, all zips worked well and it gives the feel that it will last a long time. I feel the price is a little high as I could not use it in all my bags and lots of handbags have a lot of pockets therefore for just a little added ease £24.99 is a lot of money. It is a good idea, but too small and too expensive for its current size. Claire Shek

Product Tested By Rebecca Wilkinson – Charlotte 3 Years

Rebecca Awarded the VIP Organiser Pockets 3/5

It seems like a good idea if you need to move the contents of your handbag into another bag. The packaging was excellent clearly allowing the item to be seen through the packaging. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. It was clear how to use the item without complication. The item fitted in ok, but it was a bit of a squash to fit in all of my bits. There was one large pocket and several tiny pockets around the edge. I didn’t really use the smaller pockets and had everything crammed into the main pocket. There was a good number of pockets available overall, but most were too small to hold the items I usually carry in my bag. I didn’t find the pocket kept my handbag more organised. My handbag has three sections and I have different things in different sections. With the pocket, everything was crammed into the pocket and it took longer to find things when I needed them. The product did allow me to switch handbags easily, but the couple of minutes time it saved, didn’t really have an impact on me. The quality was excellent. The item was made of strong and durable fabric. I thought the item was a little expensive for what it is. I would have expected more useful pockets for the price. I would recommend if someone was looking for something with lots of small pockets. If they are like me, I wouldn’t recommend. I usually use a big handbag with three sections and keep things organised that way. By the time I’d put the three sections of my bag into the main pocket of the item, it was quite full and cluttered. I found it difficult using the pocket as usually if I wanted my purse, I would open the middle section of my bag and put my hand straight on it. When I had the pocket, I would open my bag and then have to rummage through the pocket to find my purse. I just didn’t find it useful for the way I use my bag. Rebecca Wilkinson – Charlotte 3 Years

find it a great addition for keeping things together and not lost between nappies


Sharon Awarded the VIP Organiser Pockets 4/5

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