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Vital Baby Feeding Bowl Set (3)

Vital Baby Feeding Bowls are perfect for feeding your baby from around 6 months.  Each bowl has been designed to be easy to hold, whilst its unique shape and non-slip base help baby scoop their food more easily.  Our Feeding Bowls are made from safe BPA free materials and conform to BS EN 14372.

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£4.49 for set of 3 bowls - Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Vital Baby Feeding Bowl Set (3) Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Parbott – Baby Emily Aged 10.5 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Parbott – Baby Emily Aged 10.5 Months

Nicola Awarded The Vital Baby Feeding Bowl Set (3) 4.5/5

Ideal size bowls.  Had a look on the website and informative and fairly easy to navigate.  The packaging was standard and very good quality.  Size of bowls  just perfect for our needs.  These are highly coloured bowls and Emily spots them straight away, and knows its time for food.  These bowls are ideal for storing in cupboard as all stack inside each other.   These are very easy to clean and dishwasher safe which is always a winner.   These bowls also benefit from a small non slip handle which is handy.  The set is great value for money and very good design.  We will certainly be purchasing more and already told everyone about these bowls.   These bowls are perfect for meals/snacks, they are dishwasher safe which is always handy, but overall they give a great idea of recommended portion sizes for babies, highly recommended.  Nicola Parbott – Baby Emily 10.5 Months.

Product Tested By Tracy Walsh – Baby Ellie 11 Months

Tracy Awarded The Vital Baby Bowl Set (3) 4.9/5

Bright, attractive colour.  I think the website is very attractive.  I love the categories where you can shop by age or by category of item you wish to search for. It has all the information easily seen, so the pages are easy to navigate around.  The packaging is great! It allows you to see the product, yet it still has all the necessary information on it, including important points like not containing BPA, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.  The bowls feel good quality, like they will last a long time.  The non-slip base is very effective, and a definite plus over other bowls.  Initially I thought the bowls would be too small when I first saw them, but their size is deceiving, as they are actually a perfect size!  I’m not sure the colour would matter at this stage for my daughter, but I definitely love it!!  The shape of the bowl is unique too, yet very easy to scoop the last morsel of food out of!  The bowls are easy to stack, and store away between uses.   The bowl is easy to clean.  It doesn’t absorb any food staining (especially from orange vegetables), and dries easily, without any marks.  I have used them for every meal, and they still look like new!   I love the non-slip base – it has saved me many times from seeing the bowl pushed onto the floor!  With the non-slip base, my daughter can’t push it across her high-chair tray, onto the floor!!!  The lip on the bowl is ideal to keep a firm hold of the bowl too, from being picked up by little hands!  Excellent value for money, given that they are good quality and will last a long time.  The only thing I wished it had, rather than dislike about it, is I wished the bowl had a lid. I could then make up a batch of food, store serving portions in the bowl with the lid, freeze or refrigerate, and then heat in the microwave ready to eat – however, without a lid, I have to use another dish with a lid for food storage purposes, and then transfer the food into the bowl to feed with.   The shape of the bowl means you can easily get every bit of food out – much better than round bowls!  It’s a great size, and easy to take out with you.   I love the colour and shape of these bowls, and look forward to each meal time to use them again.  A bowl designed to make feeding as stress free as possible!  Tracy Walsh – Baby Ellie 11 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Knight – Baby Maisie 9 Months

Joanne Awarded The Vital Baby Bowl Set (3) 4.8/5

The first thing that struck me was the vibrant pink colour and the stylish shape.  I found the website really easy to use and colourful.  Products are listed in age groups so that you can find suitable products for your baby’s stage.  Lots of products available and reasonably priced too.  It was my first visit to Vital Baby website and I will be returning to purchase other items.  I liked the packaging because it was clear plastic – so I could clearly see the bowls inside – enough information was given on the packaging but again I think the fact that the bowls can be seen is very helpful to the buyer.  The bowls are very good quality – they have been through my dishwasher many times and are still in perfect condition.  The non-slip rim around the base of the bowl and the non-slip handle are still in excellent condition.  The size is perfect for the portions I give to my 9 month old.  Absolutely loved the colour of these bowls, very cheerful.  The design is clever too – the bowls are triangular shaped – when I’m feeding my daughter from these bowls the shape fits into my hand just right and spooning the food out is easy – the handle has a non-slip feel as does the rim on the bottom.  If you place the bowl on the kitchen worktop or high chair tray you can stir its contents without having to hold it steady with the other hand.  The bowls are very easy to store – they are stackable and take up very little space. I have put these bowls in the dishwasher after every use – no problems at all.  Non-slip handles on the bowls which I found very effective.  Also a non-slip rim on the bottom of the bowl.  I think the price is value for money – I thought they would have cost more. There was nothing I disliked about these bowls.  They were the perfect size for my baby and found that the non-slip feature which I don’t have on my other bowls is very effective. As my baby is about ready to start feeding herself I would find a suction feature very useful. I use the bowls for every meal time.  I would recommend them because of the good design/colour and how well they go through the dishwasher.  Joanne Knight – Baby Maisie 9 Months

These bowls are perfect for meals/snacks, they are dishwasher safe, but overall they give a great idea of recommended portion sizes for babies.


Nicola Awarded The Vital Baby Feeding Bowl set (3 Bowls) 4.5/5

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