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Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes

Our Award Winning super soft fruity hand and face wipes are ideal for sticky hands and faces. Their mild, alcohol free hypoallergenic formulation gently cleanses and moisturises baby’s delicate skin leaving it clean, soft and fresh. They are perfect or everyday use at home or when you are on the move to help keep baby clean. It is important that you start to teach your baby the importance of hygiene from and early age. Always clean your baby’s hands and face before and after mealtimes especially on outings and after playing outside or with pets.

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£1.99 Pack 30 wipes Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Henderson – Alana Aged 1 Year

Product Testes By Laura Henderson – Alana Aged 1 Year

Laura Awarded The Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Face & Hand Wipes 3.8/5

Attractively packaged.  Looks like a useful and functional product.   I like the website.  It is easy to navigate and I like the idea of being able to navigate for products by age group.   The product pictures are not particularly clear, but when you click on an item it becomes larger and clearer and additional information on the product is provided.  It is obvious from the packaging what the product is and what it should be used for.  I like the size and shape as they are easy to pop into my smaller bag and less bulky than usual wipes.  The words on the front of the package indicate that this is a hypo-allergenic product which I would always look for.  However, on the back in tiny writing it says to avoid contact with eyes and to rinse well with running water if this should occur.  This seems strange for a face wipe and has slightly put me off using the product. I like the plastic opening which is easy to reseal.  I don’t suppose the product is particularly environmentally friendly, but then I haven’t come across many wipes that are!  These wipes are lovely soft.  The wipes are nice and thick and one wipe is easily robust enough to clean the dirtiest hands and faces!  The wipes have a nice level of moisture and retain this even when outside the packet for a reasonable length of time.  Because I don’t use the wipes particularly often, I have left one packet open for over 2 months.  The last few wipes were still nice and moist despite this.   The wipes have good strength and have been suitable for everything that I have used them to clean.  The wipes seem to be able to clean off most things, including dried on weetabix!  As they are quite moist they are not the best things for snotty noses, which I still use tissues for.  The wipes are very good at cleaning snot and sick off my shoulder so I don’t have to constantly change my clothes!  I also use them to clean food off highchairs and furniture if necessary, especially when out and about, and they are very good for this too.  Personally I would not purchase these wipes as I found the fragrance overpowering. However this is personal taste!  As the main reason that I have used these wipes is to clean food from my child’s face, and my preference would be the non-fragranced wipe anyway as this is less likely to have an off-putting taste if she licks her lips afterwards.  Despite being a high quality product, £1.99 seems quite expensive for a pack that only offers 30 wipes.  As my daughter is currently in nappies, I carry around a pack of bottom wipes anyway.  These are usually significantly cheaper and although not quite as good for hands and faces, do the job adequately for less cost.  I would consider buying this product once my daughter is out of nappies as it is a nice size of pack to carry around.  I would look out for special offers on this pack and would be likely to purchase them if I saw for example, a two for one deal as it is a good quality product.  I would recommend this product to others whose children are out of nappies and who are looking for a good quality, nicely packaged wipe. I have enjoyed using these wipes; they are lovely and soft while being strong and robust.  They have always got even the most dried on food off fairly quickly.  They are also useful when my clothes get covered in snot, sick, food, etc!   Laura Henderson – Alana Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Karen  Box – Charlotte Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Karen Awarded The Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Face & Hand Wipes 3.4/5

A good idea – but so similar to normal baby wipes.  Website easy to navigate – like the split in stages to view relevant products at each stage.  Packaging good.  The wipes are actually quite soft and plenty thick enough to stay in one piece whilst wiping very sticky hands!  These wipes are moist and not too wet which is good.   Very strong wipes and work well.  Certainly clean well and picked up last traces of food round face.  I mainly used these wipes to clean my daughter’s hands, as did try them on her face and actually made her skin dry so just used them as effective hand wipes.  I found these fruity wipes had a very strong fragrance, even once wiped clean the fragrance would stay on our hands and transfer to other items touched.  Personally found these too overpowering, but this is a personal choice the fruity fragrance may appeal to others.  For the price of £1.99 I would prefer to buy a wipe that could be used for everything from wiping hands, face and bottoms!!  These wipes were strong and effective but not sure how it will fit in the marketplace with all purpose wipes at a similar price.  Karen Box – Charlotte Aged 1 Year 9 Months

These wipes are lovely and soft while being strong and robust.  They have always got even the most dried on food off fairly quickly.


Laura Awarded The Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes 3/8/5

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