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VTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike

Best for ages: 18 to 36 Months
A fun filled bike that can be switched from trike to bike mode! Introduces shapes, colours, driving concepts and motorbike items
Speed into learning with the Vtech 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike! Learn the concepts of driving with the fun filled activities on the front panel. Featuring two modes of play that introduce shapes, colours and motorbike items. The arrows keys teach left and right. Spin the speedometer to hear fun engine sound effects play. Spin the roller to develop fine motor skills. Switch the wheels to turn the bike from trike into bike mode to enhance balance and motor skill development. Includes a motion sensor that plays driving sound effects when the bike is moving to add to the learning fun.

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VTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Crawford – Evan 18 months

Tested By Dawn Crawford – Evan 18 months

Dawn Awarded TheVTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike 4.5/5

It was very
good, it looked very expensive. Packaging similar to other Vtech products. What
I did like was that it had a carrier handle on it which made it easier to
carry. It took 10 minutes to assemble this.
One of the quickest and easiest products to put together. Really easy to
disassemble to put into motorbike position. Evan is the ideal age. I find a lot
of the products I buy are not electronic so it was different to anything else
he has. Obviously the toy talks out loud and makes motorbike sounds. For a
while Evan liked pushing it round until he felt comfortable with it, pressing
the buttons, and listening to the sounds. I think it will help with his development
when we make it the balance bike. It did keep his attention but he didn’t like
to sit on it for long. He likes to push it round like a trolley/pram rather
than just ride on it. It is a high quality product and is sturdy; I wouldn’t
have any safety concerns regarding it. This is good value for money due to the
fact that it changes and adapts as they move through the two ages. I would
consider purchasing this. I would
recommend. In fact someone recently
asked me where I had got it from. A sturdy trike which adapts with your child’s
needs to develop motor skills and balance. Dawn Crawford – Evan 18 months

Product Tested
By Rebecca Long – Gabriella 22 Months

Awarded The VTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’
to Bike 4.3/5


Quite well
built, a little large. Well packaged and
easy to open. Did not take long at all
to set up. This is so easy to put
together and easy to follow instructions. I was not concerned at all with age
suitability as it looks very safe and sturdy in 3 wheel mode. Gabriella
loves sitting and driving around, loves the sounds and lights. Currently we are
still using in 3 wheel mode but I do feel in balance bike mode it will help her
a lot with balance. She would play with it for a long time happily. She likes to drag it around as well as ride it.
Very good quality, Gabriella will have fun playing with this for a long time. Personally I think this is a little bit
expensive. If it was on sale I would consider buying
this. I would recommend as I feel it is
a good all round toy suitable for the age range. Very fun looking toy,
children like it, seems well made, good that it changes to balance bike,
although I haven’t tried this yet. Rebecca Long – Gabriella 22 Months

Tested By Sandra Webster – Hannah 22 Months

Awarded The VTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’
to Bike 4.5/5


My daughter was so excited when this arrived, it was so easy to
assemble, took less than 5 minutes to put together and she was straight on it, it’s
now one of her favourite toys. Packaging
great. My daughter could tell what it was
by the pictures on the box. She couldn’t wait for me to open it. It
only took about five minutes to assemble the product. If honest, it was that
easy to assemble I didn’t need the instructions. The age suitability for find for the
product. My daughter climbs on the trike
and rides along making car/bike noises. If any this will develop balance as
this can be turned into a bike (two wheels) as well as a trike.
loves playing with this for long periods of time. My daughter has put her dolls on the bike and
pushed them around. This is good quality
and build. At £39.99 I
think it’s a little pricy. Would put it more at £29.99. I would recommend this as other children in
our family have enjoyed this trike/bike.
My daughter loves it, easy to assemble, but the price is slightly
expensive, which is the only thing I would suggest to change.
Sandra Webster – Hannah 22 Months




A sturdy trike which adapts with your child’s needs to develop motor skills and balance.


Dawn Awarded TheVTech Baby 2-in-1 Tri’ to Bike 4.5/5

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