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Vtech Toot-Toot Splash Boats

Best for ages: 1 to 5 Years
Highlights – Float around the bath or push on its wheels when playing on dry land! Includes lots of songs, melodies and fun phrases.
I’m a super sailboat! I move fast when the wind is blowing. Sail into the learning zone with the Toot-Toot Splash Sailboat by VTech. This fun and fabulous sailboat is perfectly sized for little hands and will entertain your child with the light-up face button that triggers fun music, realistic sound effects and songs. Float the sailboat around in the bath or push it around on its wheels when playing on dry land! Push the sailboat along for more fun reactions. Includes 4 sing-along songs and 10 lively melodies. Encourages motor skills, role-play fun, language development and imaginative play. Teaches singing, pretend play and sounds.

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Vtech Toot-Toot Splash Boats Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Simona Liliana Dobrincu Tocaciu – Milo 2 Years

Simona Awarded
The Toot-Toot Splash Boats 4.8/5

child friendly design with chunky build for little hands, the usual excellent
Toot Toot face that can be pressed to hear the recorded phrases. Wheels on the underside and very waterproof so
can be used both in and out of the bath. Packaging as always was an issue, with
a 2 year old having seen the boats and desperate to play with them, there was a
frantic scramble to try and find the scissors to cut the usual plastic straps
holding the boats in the boxes. Design
was nice but apart from a few basic details not really much about the features
of the boats – the names were a very nice touch though. No assembly required as
batteries came with the product and they worked straight out of the box and are
still working just as well now. Perfect for our little 2 year olds hands and
seemed very safe no concerns with design as it chunky durable and mainly curves
with minimal sharp corners (and I would not describe the corners as sharp
anyway). When the faces/windscreens are pressed the boats tell you what
they are and what their job is i.e. “I’m a tugboat, I will tow you to the
harbour”. They promote imagination in play and teach the duties of different vehicles
and jobs. Chunky build , my only issue
was that sometime the sailboat did not stay upright but fiddling with the sail
cannot seem to rectify this properly, but they are durable, waterproof and friendly
for toddlers excellent product all round. Milo loves the bath and these relate
to his toot toot cars which are just as good, to be able to take these into the
bath and use them on the kitchen floor is a genius touch. My son does pretend it is a phone but he does
that with everything. Certainly built to
last and very, very waterproof this was a big concern as I was cautious as to
whether they would work in the bath as it is written on the packaging but it is
not clear. Definitely value for money. I
would consider purchasing other models in this collection. I will certainly be recommending. The ONLY issue was the sailboat tipping over constantly
but otherwise an excellent toy. Happy fun filled and very wet toddler! Simona
Liliana Dobrincu Tocaciu – Milo 2 Years

Product Tested
By Lucy Wilson – Reenie 18 Months

Lucy Awarded
The Toot-Toot Splash Boats 4.2/5

A solid
product, looks like value for money and a great gift idea. Allowed you to see
what the product did whilst it was in its packaging and easy enough for an
adult to remove without tools. No assembly, it’s ready to ride the waves.
No concerns. Age appropriate. It’s a great toy. I had to look twice at the packaging as
didn’t believe at first it could be immersed in water…and float too! My daughter enjoys the singing and pressing
of the main button to make the melodies.
There’s not a lot of movement in the moving parts though…maybe would be
better if less subtle? For example the
sail moves only very slightly from side to side. If it could turn all the way round or the
pole could slide up and down it would make it more interesting for little ones.
I think it’s helpful with development, but could be better with more engaging
moving parts. At the beginning lots of interest but after a week interest did
taper off. However as time goes by
interest comes and goes. This is where more moveable parts could make it more
attractive. I guess the intended nature of the toy is to play with in the water
but my daughter enjoys being able to push the toy along the floor too, so not
restricted just to bath time play. A
little surprised that, although they are wheeled they don’t run
smoothly/fit/function via sound through the Tootoot tracking we have for the
animals and train. Quality is very good indeed. I think it does offer good
value, definitely makes a great, solid gift. Great product. I would like to see a suction held track
available as an extra to compliment the toy whilst playing in the bath; would
add to the bath time fun and possibly prolong interest. Lucy Wilson – Reenie 18

Tested By Samantha Turnball – Scarlett 2 Years 9 Months

Awarded The Toot-Toot Splash Boats 4.2/5

My initial
impression was that they looked quite cute and colourful. The packaging was
bright and colourful and clearly explained what the product was, the age range
it was aimed at and what was intended for. I had no initial concerns about my
daughter playing with the toys as they looked well-made and I know Vetch is a
quality brand. I did wonder if they may be a little young for her when I first
saw them. My daughter certainly enjoys playing with them out of the bath as
well as in but only for a certain period of time. She loves the music but I
think the use for pretend play may be limited. I think the toys do help with
development but only to a limited stage at my child’s age. They are quite
chunky and there is not a lot of opportunity to develop fine motor skills with
them. These toys do hold my child’s attention for a limited amount of time.
During bath time and she has enjoyed playing with them for 5-10 minutes at a
time out of the bath. She has enjoyed pressing the buttons and listening to the
music when not in the bath. The toys are of high quality and well made. I think
a slightly lower price may be more suitable. Maybe around the £7 mark. I would consider
purchasing as a gift for a younger child.
I would recommend them as a cheerful fun bath toy. I think they are
lovely bath toys that are well made and fun. I think they would appeal more to
younger children so maybe the 0-5 age bracket is a little wide. I think 0-3
years may be more suitable age group to aim these at. Samantha Turnball –
Scarlett 2 Years 9 Months

Definitely value for money. I would consider purchasing other models in this collection. I will certainly be recommending.  An excellent toy. Happy fun filled and very wet toddler!


Simona Awarded The Toot-Toot Splash Boats 4.8/5

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