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Vtriker Elite

The Vtriker Elite is the great new way to keep kids active while having fun! We all know an active child is an happy child. With the new Vtriker your child will be active due to the movements of the body to make the Vtriker an exciting pedal and battery free ride. We have all grown up and seen scooters, bikes, roller blades, skate boards and the list goes on, many of which have made great come backs time and time again. Could this be because no one as brought out anything new or as exciting as the Vtriker Elite?
comes in FOUR different colours – Black, Pink, Blue and Green! …So whatever your taste, there’s a Vtriker Elite for you! With the unique design of the Vtriker, you have far more than just another scooter. And it’s not just another V Shape scooter that moves from side to side – the Vtriker’s unique design lets the user simply push their feet together and apart. Your feet stay on the platforms and away the Vtriker goes!     

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£69.99 Available Amazon,, Internetshop UK or click online to find local stockist

Vtriker Elite Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 7 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 7 Years

Kerry Awarded The V Triker Elite 5/5

I was really excited when this arrived and knew straight away that Cameron would love it. It arrived safely boxed up and wrapped in black plastic with an image of what was inside. It took no time at all to open and assemble the scooter. This was great as I had a very excited 7 year old watching me. The instructions are very easy to follow. I had no concerns with Cameron playing with this scooter. Cameron found this a lot easier to use and get mobile compared to another branded scooter he has tried. Using this does keep his attention as he has to concentrate on moving and watching where he is going. He loves to ride it to school and back and take it to the park. It definitely helped with his development. It helps with his co-ordination and sharing too. We have just used this for the intended use. The quality is excellent. It does offer value for money and is a similar price to other scooters on the market. I would definitely consider buying this. I have already recommended it to friends with children about the same age. Cameron has also told his friends at school about it. I think it is a great scooter that is easy to use, fun and a great way to keep children active. I have just asked Cameron what he thinks about it and he said "I love it Mom”. Kerry Baldwin – Cameron 7 Years


Product Tested By Magdalena Simms – Karina 8 Years

Magdalena Awarded The V Triker Elite 5/5

This looked amazing when it arrived, totally different to any other scooter we have ever seen. Karina could not wait to get started. It arrived well packed and was kept safe in the post. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Took us no time at all to set this up ready for Karina to try out. We also checked online to ensure we had all the information on how to get started and how to use this. This is in a V shape and your child just places one foot on each foot plate and moves legs together and apart to propel themselves forward. Such a unique way to travel around. This was the ideal item for Karina’s age group and safe to use. Karina mastered this in no time and was having fun getting about on her V Triker. She absolutely loved it. She now uses it to go to the local park and we also use this to get to school some mornings. This is mesmerizing and certainly keeps your child entertained, active and fit too. This helps with fitness and balance. This has been an absolute godsend for us this summer and I personally think it is fantastic value for money. We have all had a go on this and it is so much fun. This is a fabulous design, great to get about on and a real hit with all of us. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Comes in a range of colours for boys and girls and a ‘Must Have’ for the summer holidays. We just loved it. Magdalena Simms – Karina 8 years


Product Tested By Bobby Daniels – Christopher 9 Years

Bobby Awarded The V Triker Elite 4.8/5

Looked a well thought out design and something different. Christopher was keen to try this out, and lots of excitement in our household when this arrived. Was well protected in the post. Very easy to assemble as instructions very clear. No concerns about Christopher using this scooter as ideally suited for his age and also his sense of adventure. This certainly captured Christopher’s attention and he was using it every day. He now uses this to go to school, round to his friends and for trips to Local Park. He is begging us to take this on holiday with us. We are going to Devon later this year so will certainly bring this with us as will keep him entertained. Helps with balance, co-ordination skills, sharing and also building confidence. Christopher has mastered using this and no doubt he will be performing tricks soon enough. A superb well designed scooter that is so easy for children to use and get mobile and keep active. Great value for money. We would purchase and we have had so many people ask us where we got this from. Christopher has been showing all his friends so recommended to everyone. Great product, superb quality and the ideal scooter for Christopher. Bobby Daniels – Christopher 9 years


I think it is a great scooter that is easy to use, fun and a great way to keep children active. I have just asked Cameron what he thinks about it and he said "I love it Mom”.                


Kerry Awarded The V Triker Elite 5/5 

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