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Walk ‘n Ride

This ingenious baby walker is like no other as it encourages independence at an early age as children have the space to wander freely with the reliability of a strong, stable structure to support them. What’s even better is when they have mastered the art of walking, the Walk ‘n’ Ride turns into an incredibly addictive ride on.
Suitable for children who can sit up unaided and will go up to weight of 120kg (max)

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Walk ‘n Ride Reviews

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Product Tested By Kirsty Lambkin – Rowan 18 Months and Jack 3 Years

Kirsty Awarded The Walk N Ride by Kind toys 4.7/5

I really liked this product when it first arrived. The packaging was great; a compact box, easy to carry.  All parts were protected well inside the box too. Hardly any rubbish produced from packaging and all recyclable. This toy needed minimal assembly that took me about 5 minutes to do. I only needed a screwdriver for 6 screws. The instructions were very easy to follow and worded/illustrated well.  At first I thought it would break easily as very light and plastic looks thin in places. I  was proved wrong as has happily withstood two energetic boys riding it together at times. My three year old looked too big but loves scooting around and gets some great speed up at times. The playable context is great; for my boys who are both walking they used it just as a ride on and loved it. It is light so easily moved by them. The bike is colourful and fun and has been decorated with the selection of stickers provided. The seat is large enough for them both riding it together so no fighting over whose turn it is next. This can be used for babies to help learn to walk as well as teaching them the co-ordination of moving their feet to move the ride on. This keeps my just 3 years olds attention more than my younger son as he is able to scoot around the house faster and avoid furniture etc.  Although it looks flimsy this toy is well made and has rubber wheels but can mean it does slip on laminated floor. Good quality overall.  Some stickers are peeling and hard to remove if needed. Although this ride on is a favourite toy I would not buy one at the full price. I feel this is overpriced compared to other ride on toys available on the market. If it was cheaper then I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. My children really enjoy playing on this ride on. It is great that the age range means they are both safely able to use it. It is easy to take out with us as really lightweight. Only downside would be the price. Kirsty Lambkin – Rowan 18 Months and Jack 3 Years


Product Tested By Laura Ritchie – Jack 2 Years

Laura Awarded The Walk N Ride by Kind toys 4.5/5

I loved this as soon as I saw it, and so did my son. The packaging was great. It did take me a while to assemble it as the instructions were a little confusing; but they were ok. I had no initial concerns with Jack playing with this toy. The playable context is really good and Jack loves it. It did keep his attention; he always goes back to play with it. I am confident that he is safe whilst using this toy; he knows exactly what to do. The overall quality is really good but I don’t think I would pay the price for it. If this was lower then, yes, I would consider buying one. I would still recommend it to family and friends. The product is good and my son enjoys playing with it ands till uses it all the time.  Laura Ritchie – Jack 2 Years


Product Tested By Jennifer Smith Lucas 11 Months

Jennifer Awarded The Walk N Ride by Kind toys 3.8/5

When I first saw this product I thought this was a great concept, though perhaps not sturdy enough for a strong child! The packaging was sufficient. Nice use of decorative stickers for the toy which would probably be more fun for an older child to put on. The instructions were simple and straightforward to follow, unfortunately 3 of the screws we were provided with were damaged – 2 had rounded off heads and one had a piece of metal stuck in the head of the screw meaning that we were unable to use a screwdriver with these screws, My husband replaced the broken screws with new ones in order for us to assemble the item. I had no concerns with my child playing with this toy. When the product arrived my son was just beginning to pull himself up on things so the product was not ideal as it wasn’t really strong enough to be used in this way.  Now he is beginning to walk the item is more appropriate for his age, though as of yet he does not understand the concept of sitting on the toy to ride it; he simply prefers to stand up and push the toy using the handle. My son was initially very interested in this toy though now tends to overlook it to play with his interactive walker which has lights and sounds. Maybe when he gets older and understands the concept more it would be better for him. This toy definitely helps with my child’s development and has assisted him in learning to walk. Whilst the toy itself appeared safe, I did not feel that the item was sturdy enough for a child who is just beginning to walk; whenever my son lost his footing the toy tipped over with him whereas with his other walkers he is able to steady himself without falling. He is also able to lift the toy completely off the ground which again suggests that it is very lightweight. Whilst I understand that the item is designed to be easily moved by small children, it was just too lightweight for our child. It is a good concept but you do not appear to get a lot of toy for your money and unfortunately this toy did not keep my son’s attention for long enough for me to consider buying it. I was initially very excited to see my son’s reaction to this toy. We did not get off to a great start regarding the damaged screws when assembling the toy but we didn’t let that put us off.  My son appeared to enjoy the toy in the first instance though he could not manage to move himself around when sat on it (I don’t think he has the motor skills for this yet). He did like to stand up and push the toy using the handle on the front but due to the toy’s lightweight nature he spent more time picking himself and the toy up off the floor rather than walking anywhere with it. Now my son is a bit older and is getting better at walking, he tends not to choose to play with this toy anymore, instead opting for his other walker which is more interactive for him with various lights and sounds which hold his attention for longer. That one is also sturdier and I believe this influences my sons preference for it as he is able to use it to help him get wherever he wants to go which he could never seem to manage with the ‘walk n ride’ toy due to it sliding away more quickly than he was comfortable with, and the fact that it tipped over a lot of the time. To summarise; an ‘ok’ product, good concept but overall I believe you can get as good, and probably better toys of a similar nature for the same money or less on the current market. Thank you forgiving us the opportunity to trial this product. Jennifer Smith Lucas 11 Months

 My children really enjoy playing on this ride on. It is great that the age range means they are both safely able to use it. It is easy to take out with us as really lightweight.


Kirsty Awarded The Walk N Ride by Kind toys 4.7/5 

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