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Wall Word Designs

Wall Word Designs can bring a room to life quickly and easily. They have a wide variety of unique and original designs available for the nursery or kitchen that will be a sure talking point for any of your guests.

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Wall Word Designs Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Howgego – James 21 Months

Louise Awarded the Wall Word Designs 4/5

The packaging was plain, but was fit for its purpose as it kept the wall art in place until I was ready to use it. The product was extremely easy to understand and it wasn’t hard to apply the wall art as the instructions were very clear. I am very happy with the quality of the stickers, the colour is fantastic and it sticks out well on my son’s wall! I love the overall effect of the wall art; I would maybe buy some of the wall themed pictures for my other son’s room as I think they look great. I have had lots of friends asking where I got it from and have recommended them to the site. It’s a special product that adds a personal touch to any room in the house; it can be quickly and easily applied too. Louise Howgego – James 21 Months

Product Tested By Kayleigh Barratt – Maria 5 Years

Kayleigh Awarded the  Wall Word Designs 5/5

I loved the look of this! It arrived safe and sound with no damage. The instructions were very simple and I had applied the wall art to my girl’s room in no time! It was quick, easy and once finished it looked fantastic on her wall. She loves it and I think the quote on the art is lovely too. The price is great and I would like to buy these as gifts because they are very special and unique. Thanks so much! Kayleigh Barratt – Maria 5 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Hargreaves – Amanda 4 Years

Rachel Awarded the Wall Word Designs 4.7/5

I absolutely love this and so does my little girl. The quote is so lovely and the quality of the stickers is fantastic. I was a bit worried that I might apply them wrong but they were very quick and easy to do and I had no trouble with them. They stay stuck on and don’t look tacky at all. Amanda loves that she has her own special little sticker and I am very pleased with them. It has brightened up her room very well. Great value and will thoroughly recommend! Rachel Hargreaves – Amanda 4 Years


adds a real difference to a room at great value. I am really pleased with the art.


Louise Awarded the Wall Word Designs 4/5

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