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Wallbook of Nature

The What on Earth? Wallbook of Nature tells the complete story of natural history from the formation of the Earth to the latest breakthroughs in evolutionary science. A3 in size and comprising a remarkable 2.4 m long, fully illustrated timeline, it can either be read like a book or unfolded and stuck on a wall.On one side the 4.5 billion year timeline presents a unique illustrated guide to the past, linking subjects together from asteroids to algae. More than 700 species, beautifully illustrated by Andy Forshaw tell the intricate story of the evolution of life on Earth.Streams of colour represent key themes, including the land, sea and sky, and provide a backdrop along which all the major events of natural history unfold. On the reverse side a second timeline identifies the people behind the science and highlights key moments in the understanding of natural science from Aristotle to the present day.Perfect for younger readers but also relevant to all ages, this comprehensive, accessible and versatile wallbook is the first ever attempt to illustrate the entire history of nature and natural science on a single piece of paper.The What on Earth? Wallbook of Natural History is a publishing collaboration with The Natural History Museum. Suitable for 5yrs+ 

Height: 43 cmsWidth: 31 cmsDepth: 0.5 cmsLength (when fully unfolded): 2.4 metres

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Wallbook of Nature Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Kerry Wordsworth – Poppy 5 years

Awarded The What on Earth Wallbook of Nature 4/5

This looked like a lovely product full of
useful information and really colourful. We were excited to get it put up and
start looking at it. The book was of lovely quality with colourful
illustrations. At first my daughter was
excited, but to be honest she lost interest shortly after. The illustrations
were lovely. Unfortunately she seems too
young for this, she cannot read it herself, and so needs us to explain it all.
She found it hard to follow. I think 8 would be a better age to introduce this. This is not really a story book more
educational and helping children to understand about nature and animals. As a book this is stimulating but I feel it
will be more suitable for my daughter in a few years’ time. I loved this book and think it is a great
idea. This is good value for money, as
it is well made and a good size. I would
purchase this when the children are older.
I will show it to my friends and once we put it up and use it we can
tell more people about it that it may be relevant to! Lovely product but not
age appropriate. Kerry Wordsworth –
Poppy 5 years

Tested By
Joanne Yu – Maggie 6 years

Awarded The What on Earth Wallbook of Nature 3.5/5

It’s very big but the book is interesting. This is made to a high quality. My daughter
was interested at first but I think even though Maggie is bright for her age
and loves to learn new things, it was a bit too old for her. The illustrations
were produced to a very high standard and informative. She lost interest after the initial reading
as I think it was too much information in one place. This was not really a story book more about
nature and animals. Would be great for
older children if it was not as big. I think the size/format is good for a school. Personally I feel the price is high. I think this is a versatile book as book and
wall hanging and more suitable for older children as educational aid. Joanne Yu – Maggie 6 Years

Tested By
Lisa McNeil – Hugh & Elidih – 5 & 4 years

Awarded The What on Earth Wallbook of
Nature 4.2/5

My first thought was that there may be little
content in the book that will be of interest in a religious household. There
was enough general scientific information to interest the children without compromising
on beliefs. I wasn’t sure how this would work as a book and a wall hanging, but
I was very impressed with the quality of the book overall which made the dual
functionality possible. A little big for small hands, but since it was a book
and a wall chart then the bigger size is best. I think it encourages parental
interaction due to the size and content of the book. The illustrations are big,
bright and very colourful! Although the story itself was linear, the
illustrators dotted the images well over the whole area of the book and
therefore the relevant information was in tiny snippets and great for little
minds. The images were real looking enough to be accurate, but cartoony enough
to draw the children’s’ interest. I think the
size of the book meant that it was something that the older children would look
forward to doing with an adult which they loved. There were not very many words
that they could identify themselves, but we had a good giggle at pronouncing
some of the names. I explained to the children that some people believe this
happened but since they already have a grasp on God creating the earth and that
the animals we have today came from the Ark it was a difficult story for them.
In the end, we went with the idea that these animals didn’t make it onto the
Ark, but some of their cousins did. This pleased them more and they even seemed
more interested in the animals after this. They enjoyed the pictures and funny
names and it led to some great conversations with them about the earth. We
looked at animals and said which animals they looked like that they kids were
familiar with. Good quality and dual purpose book with a wealth of information.
The dual function and quality of this book adds to the value. The volume of
information contained in its pages is the real value of the book. I would
purchase if the nature of the book was a little different. I would not hesitate
if it were a Bible story done like this. Although the nature of the story was
not the best fit for my family, I would recommend it to others and would even
buy it as a gift for another child. Informative and quality book with the added
possibility for a wall hanging. Lisa McNeil – Hugh & Elidih – 5 & 4

I would purchase this when the children are older. I will show it to my friends and once we put it up and use it we can tell more people about it that it may be relevant to! Lovely product but not age appropriate. 


Kerry Awarded The What on Earth Wallbook of Nature 4/5 

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