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Weeride Kangaroo Seat

Kangaroo Seat– unique centre mounted bike seat that attaches to nearly all bikes. WeeRide centre mounted bicycle carrier is an award winning design, engineered to a higher standard and makes cycling with your child safer and more enjoyable. WeeRide enables you and your child to share the adventure and enjoyment of cycling by enhancing the riding experience through superior control and comfort for both you and your child. The WeeRide mounts on almost any bicycle by way of an ingenious independent steel support bar that attaches between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. The seat is designed for ages 1-5 years, and officially up to 18kg.


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Weeride Kangaroo Seat Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Woodall - George Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Rebecca Woodall – George Aged 3 Years

Rebecca Awarded The Weeride Kangaroo Seat 4.2/5

Was looking forward to opening the Weeride because the seat was for the front of my bike which I have never seen before.  To assemble the bike I could not do on my own as there was a lot of nuts and bolts to assemble and you have to take it all apart first.  However with the 2 of us it was a lot better and we got it fixed together in no time.   Putting my son into the seat was easy to do once he was in he was very secure and he felt very safe, he even thought he was riding the bike.  Having my son at the front was so much better because he could talk to me and I could intereact and chat to him without stopping.  Quality of this product is superb, just a bit fiddly to fix on your bike.  We really enjoyed riding around together and I knew George was safe and comfortable.  I think this is superb value for money and would certainly consider purchasing one.  Very happy with our Weeride and we shall be enjoying more bike rides in the future now as a family.  Thank you.  Rebecca Woodall – George Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Cliare Brandwood – Henry Aged 3 Years

Claire Awarded The Weeride Kangaroo seat 4.8/5

Henry is 3 and he loved the seat. When we took it out of the box, we thought it looked small. But he fitted in without a problem and we know it comes with a guarantee that children of 4 will fit the seat, so we didn’t worry. I am not good with instructions, so I had a look on the official website at, and fitted the bar easily in about 10 mins. I was worried it wouldn’t fit a ladies bike, but it comes with its own bar and they say fits to all bikes. It certainly wasn’t a problem on mine!The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the bar and seat were which made me feel as if Henry couldn’t be more protected. Then when we started riding and I had my arms around him, the penny dropped on why these seats are sopopular.Henry giggles all the way round and we chatted and pointed things out to each other. He even used the headrest as a steering wheel, though I read it is actually where younger kids rest their head when they doze off. He was way too excited to consider sleeping and is probably past that age. This seat is expensive, but I suppose you get what your pay for. I think the only way they could make this seat better would be to make it bigger. And the only thing for me is I wish I had bought 2 years ago! – Claire Brandwood – Henry Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Stacy Hargreaves – Holly Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Stacy Awarded My Weeride Kangaroo Seat 4.8/5

I think this product is a great idea. My partner always wants to take Holly out on the bike, but I didn’t like the idea that he couldn’t see what she was doing while watching the road as well. My partner put it together but I read the instructions out and they were clear enough for me to understand and him to follow. It is a very sturdy and safe product, it feels like it is good quality, something you feel safe using with your child. Overall attaching it was very easy. It didn’t take long at all. We did have to make a minor adjustment to make one part fit as the bike part was thicker than the attachment would allow, but it was still very secure. Holly loved the thought of going on something new, and it was just like strapping her into her highchair. It took a bit of riding round the garden to get used to the extra weight, but once that was mastered, it didn’t really make much of a difference. However, my partner is a well practiced rider, I didn’t feel as confident. But I think if you are used to cycling it shouldn’t be a problem. She was happy and giggly as soon as she was in it, and didn’t want to come out!  She would not have stayed in it if she wasn’t comfy so a 5/5 from Holly. I think this product is definitely good value. It is great being able to take your little one out, and let them see everything without a hampered view.  We would certainly consider buying this. I have been telling everyone what a great idea it is as it is a brilliant product enabling you to spend even more “fun time” with your baby in a safe, secure way!  Stacey Hargreaves – Holly Aged 1 Year 5 Months

We are very happy with our Weeride and we shall be enjoying more bike rides in the future now as a family. 


Rebecca Awarded The Weeride Kangaroo Seat 4.2/5

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