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Weight Watchers Wraps

All the flavour of white wraps with the fibre levels of wholemeal wraps – Added wheat fibre – High in fibre – Low in fat – Suitable for vegetarians – Mexican style wraps made with wheat flour.
These Wraps: Contain all the flavour of white wraps, with the fibre levels of wholemeal wraps. Have added wheat fibre. Are high in fibre. Are low in fat. And we’re constantly reviewing the fat, sugar and salt levels in all our Weight Watchers foods. About Weight Watchers® – Our food range is just part of what we have to offer. We also run thousands of friendly meetings across the UK each week, or you can follow our plan step by step completely online.For more information, call 08457 123 000 or visit Be Inspired For great free recipe ideas, money off coupons and information about new products in our range, visit
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Price £1.50 pack 6 Available to purchase Asda, Morrisons, Ocado & Waitrose or click online for local stockist

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Weight Watchers Wraps Reviews

Product Tested By Gill Robinson

Gill Awarded The Weight Watchers Wraps 4.6/5

I thought I would give it a try as an alternative to bread. The wraps tasted as I expected them to. They didn’t taste any different to the non-weight control wraps. They’re an alternative to bread which does seem to bulk out on me. I’m not sure on how the nutritional breakdown compares with non-weight control wraps though. The packaging was nice and bright and recognisably Weight Watchers. I had to cut the packet open, but this meant that the wraps stayed fresh while unopened. It was handy to be able to keep them in the cupboard as they have quite a long life. Especially as an emergency item if you forget to get the bread out of the freezer for example. However, I did find that it took longer to make my lunch as I found myself grating cheese and generally filling it with more and taking more care than I would with a sandwich. I did enjoy the wraps; they made a pleasant change to bread for lunch, and were surprisingly filling. They were a good quality wrap, in that they didn’t rip when filling and wrapping it up. They are good value for money as one is enough for each sitting. Not really sure if you could improve the flavour as they are after all just a plain wrap. Perhaps introduce flavoured versions? I would consider buying it. Not necessarily as a weight loss product in itself, but just as an alternative to bread. I would recommend them to family and friends. I enjoyed using the wraps. They made a tasty lunch, however you need to make sure you have something in to fill it with, such as salad,cheese etc. Gill Robinson


Product Tested By Lesley Holbutt

Lesley Awarded The Weight Watchers Wraps 4.9/5

These looked nice. We couldn’t wait to try them. The flavour was ok; they tasted a bit floury to me. These are very good for a diet product as they are low in carbs. The packaging was great; clear to see what they were and I liked the logo too. These wraps are so convenient just to add a filling and wrap it up.  Me and my daughter both enjoyed them. The quality is excellent; they tasted great for a diet product. They do offer excellent value for money; I find I end up paying more for diet products but these are similarly priced compared to other wraps. I will buy these again now. I already have recommended them to my sisters and they have both tried them. I was very happy with testing this product. This is a delicious, easy to prepare snack with appealing packaging and very reasonably priced! Lesley Holbutt


Product Tested By Tina Fellows

Tina Awarded The Weight Watchers Wraps 5/5

I was looking forward to trying these and having a break from using bread all the time. I really liked the taste and according to the details they are really good for you. I filled mine each day with various different fillings and I really enjoyed all of them. The packaging was great; it kept them fresh the whole time of them being open. These wraps are convenient to have as they last longer, date wise, than bread. I enjoyed all of the different wraps I made with these. I was probably more adventurous with these as I am with bread. The quality is excellent and the value for money is excellent. I know in our supermarket they do different flavoured wraps, not Weightwatchers but other branded ones; like garlic and herb etc. Flavours like this would be great in these to give them something else. I would buy these again. I have already told friends about them. I really enjoyed these and will definitely be buying of them when I go shopping. Tina Fellows



I would recommend them to family and friends. I enjoyed using the wraps. They made a tasty lunch.


Gill Awarded The Weight Watchers Wraps 4.6/5

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