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Weleda All Purpose Balm

Made with nourishing organic sunflower and avocado oils, luxurious cocoa seed butter, protective candelilla and carnauba waxes, infused with skin-caring calendula extract. Suitable for redness, chafing or dryness – from dribble rash to sore noses.Try it on the upper lip to soothe skin irritated by the constant nose blowing of seasonal sniffles. Or apply a little balm around the rim of each nostril as a barrier to help trap dust, pollen or other allergens.The fragrance-free honey-coloured product has been dermatologically tested for suitability on highly sensitive skin, and is recommended by midwives:

All Purpose Balm -For babies:
To soothe chaffing of babies’ delicate skin, for example where straps can rub. To protect against dribble rash when babies are teething. To comfort and protect dry or chapped cheeks against the cold and wind. To intensively nourish, soften and smooth dry or rough skin and lips. To lock in moisture and prevent moisture loss. To soothe minor rashes such as grass rash. To provide a protective barrier under children’s face paints. Travel friendly moisturiser for use on the go.

For adults: For dry, chapped lips. To soothe parched or reddened skin around mouth and nose following a cold. To put around nostrils during hayfever season to catch pollen. For any minor chaffing on face or around ears from wearing a face mask. Makeup artists can mix it with lip tints or colour cosmetics, to create bespoke blends/tones. Makeup artists can use it to soothe skin after removing SFX makeup or fake tattoos. Extra nourishment for cuticles. To tame unruly eyebrows. To instantly disguise any flaky or scaly skin such as heels or elbows.

Made with organic ingredients including biodynamic calendula from Weleda’s own Demeter-certified herb gardens
NATRUE-certified natural formulation
Minimal packaging (FSC cardboard made from at least 85% recycled fibres) and recyclable aluminium tin
Suitable for vegans

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Price £7.95 Available Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Natural Products online and online

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Weleda All Purpose Balm Reviews

Product Tested By Andrea Kemp – George 13 Months

Andrea Awarded The Weleda All Purpose Balm 4.7/5

The product came well packaged and when opened look bright and colourful in good packaging. I think the concept is great I love the fact that the balm can be used for multiple uses and comes in a very handy tin. The product didn’t really have to many instructions but it doesn’t really need them it is very self-explanatory. The balm is very easy to apply it is very smooth and a little goes a very long way. I found it did absorb well although there was still a little greasy feel to it which did make me feel like I needed to wash my hands after applying but I think I am just very fussy with this type of thing. I love a good lip balm so was excited to try this product. I found it applied well and felt smooth on my lips, you only need a small amount at a time which means the tin lasts longer, I would love to see some tinted balms or some with a slight natural fragrance. The balm helped me by adding a nice layer of protection under my nose which stopped me from wiping it dry and making my nose sore. I didn’t really use to blend into other products as I don’t usually keep many lip care products other than the balms themselves so would be great to make some that come tinted already. I love a nice pamper on my nails and tried this on my hands but I just felt it left a bit too much residue for my liking. I am very particular with things and need products to fully absorb or I end up washing my hands a lot and although the balm was great for lips, nose and chapped skin elsewhere I didn’t find it great on my hands. I didn’t use this product on my eyebrows but imagine it would give them a very shiny look and maybe matte them together a little just by the texture and application. I suffer with really dry knees from always being on the floor with the children and I can honestly say this balm added a lovely cover over them to help them from being massively dry. I have tried many creams before and this balm is definitely one of the best I have found. I now apply it frequently to my knees and has made the world of difference. I used the balm on my knees very frequently and on my nose when I had a cold. I usually use it for my lips frequently as they get bad in the colder months. The balm is always in my changing bag and comes everywhere with me just in case i need it I have mainly used the balm for my knees as it has worked wonders with how dry they have become over the years in my job looking after children as well as my own children. It is also a great lip balm I would just love to have more colour choices and fragrances. I would say for lips and nose etc. you see an improvement very quickly after applying it my knees it took a few days but the difference is great. I used the balm on my little one during teething and although it was a great product to put on his saliva was horrendous so most of it probably ended up wiped off very quickly. He did have a rash with his teething from the dribble and when the saliva calmed down, I applied the balm and it helped to calm his skin down. I feel that this balm adds a great little barrier to small little cheeks in the colder months I apply it when it’s really cold and windy and I find his cheeks do not look as red and aggravated by the elements. This is great for applying to babies dry skin and lips George has very dry skin on his arms and this seems to help keep the dryness to a minimum and also help with any scratching. It is such a small layer you need to apply but seems to be doing a great job. When I apply it to his lips he tends to just try and eat it thinking it’s food but he does that with most things. George has very chunky arms and unfortunately some of his bibs can be a little tight at times around the side of the neck and around his arms/wrists which can leave small imprints of the bib. I have put a small layer of the balm on after this has happened and it does seem to calm the patches down quickly. I think it definitely makes a difference on the dry skin patches it seems to keep them to a minimum and stop them from getting any worse. We used the balm on the dribble rash after the saliva had calmed down from teething so badly and we also used it on the bib marks and it does seem to have a calming effect on the area and make it less aggravated and red. George has not been for a face paint yet as I fear what it will do with his delicate skin but when I feel confident enough, I will add a layer of the balm first to make sure he is well protected. I would say it’s not quite the same as a moisturiser but does act as a great barrier balm as well as a soothing balm but I would use it for this purpose more than an everyday moisturiser. With a moisturiser i feel it’s more liquid like and you need it in a bigger size e.g. pump bottle for the application but the balm is great for smaller patches like dry skin on arms, nose, lips etc. I have used it alongside our normal moisturiser but agree that it is perfect travel size and would act as a great product to use. I use the balm when I feel it’s needed so on his arms more frequently and then i use it on his little face when we are out and about in the cold and wind as it does add that protection for him. I used the all-purpose balm mainly on Georges arms and face as I feel these can be his problem areas and it seems to work amazing. I think the balm worked straight away on keeping his face protected and then with his arms it was very quickly improved as well as they do get super dry and pimply but the balm helps to keep the dryness at bay. I love the fact it comes in a handy small tin so you can keep it in your changing bag and take it everywhere with you so if you need it it’s right there. I also really like the fact its quick working and adds such a great barrier and relief. I think this balm is definitely ideal and safe for all members of the family to use, It’s a very delicate balm that is made from organic ingredients and has no harmful additives in it so you know it’s safe for all delicate skin types. I’m not too sure how I feel with products being vegan as I don’t like things being tested by animals but I don’t really have any other reason. The quality of the balm is great and a little goes a very long way as you only need a very small layer each time you apply it. I did feel it left a slight residue but nothing major and could just be my fussiness. The balm is amazing value for money it comes in a small tin but yet it will last for a considerable amount of time meaning you will not have to buy another for quite a while. The price is very good for what you get. This product has been amazing for both myself and my little boy and has made some great differences in our dry skin and also providing great barriers for colder weather and when you also have a cold. I would recommend the product to friends and family i think its a very well thought out product made with organic ingredients that is great for all family members and can be taken everywhere and anywhere. I think this is a great product with great value for money and has become a staple in my changing bag it never gets left behind and is so handy to just grab out the bag and apply as and when needed. The Weleda all-purpose balm is a great product with many helpful benefits to using it. I used it when I had a cold and it helped me to stop making my nose red raw, it has also helped massively with George and my dry skin adding a great layer of protection and providing relief from itchy dry skin. It’s a great lip balm for all members of the family but would love to see different tinted ones and it also creates a great protective layer on my little boys face when we go out in the colder and windy weather. The product is in a tin that fits into your changing bag or even your coat pocket so you have it with you at all times and can be used for so many things it will become a great staple product that you use on a frequent basis. The price is amazing as a little goes a long way and it’s definitely a winner in our family so would definitely recommend it. Andrea Kemp – George 13 Months

Product Tested By Catherine Egleton – Jack 3 Years

Catherine Awarded The Weleda All Purpose Balm 5/5

It was smaller than I expected for the money. I like the concept of it and have used similar things in the past. Instructions were good. Very easy to apply and it smells nice. Once rubbed in correctly it absorbed well. I used it for my lips and it smelt nice and felt soft. I used around a red nose and it did seem to help soothe the irritation and redness. I did not mix this with any lip tints or cosmetics. I did try on my cuticles and would try this at night and it absorbed well. I did not try this on my eyebrows but I can imagine it working well. I didn’t try this but I did try on my daughters eczema on her arm and she liked it.I kept it in my handbag and used to top up my lips and my sore nose regularly. I noticed an improvement when using within 24 hours. I used on my sons red chin and it helped take the redness away. I have not used this as protective barrier under children’s face paints but I think this is a great idea. I used it more myself but that’s because my son does not like too many creams on his face. I used it on my son about 3-4 times. Mostly used on his chin redness (dribble from dummy/colds). This improved within 24 hours of application. I liked the smell and how it absorbed quickly. I do agree this is ideal for all the family and certainly gentle enough to use on newborn. Not important to me this is ideal for Vegans. Quality good and seemed a good product. I feel it justifies its price but it is not something I could regularly afford for its purpose. I would buy if on offer or a gift for a new baby. I would recommend as a gift for a new baby, I did not get as much use out of it for my son. Top marks from me based on quality and fact the whole family can use it. It is a good item to keep in the handbag for a multitude of things, I mainly used on myself but would use more if I had a younger child. Catherine Egleton – Jack 3 Years

Product Tested By Conor Raynor – Baby Due January 2023

Connor Awarded The Weleda All Purpose Balm 3.7/5

Was a bit confused at first, as the product has multiple languages on the front. It also looks like it could be some sort of medicine. It is a good concept, as it says it uses natural products. We did not find any instructions for this product. Easy to apply and no residue left on finger. It isn’t very viscous which is good, but you don’t know if you’ve applied too much or too little. This absorbed into the skin very easily. I used this for my lips as they get dry during winter, especially for dog walks. We did not use this for parched or reddened skin around mouth or nose after a cold. My partner did not try mixing this with lip tints or other cosmetics as we weren’t award of this. Did not realise this could also be used to nourish cuticles. Did not need to use on unruly eyebrows. We did use this for flaky skin on lips. We would use this twice weekly. Mainly used for dry/chapped lips. Noticed and improvement within 2 weeks of use. Our baby is not due until January 2023 but can see the benefits of being able to use this on our newborn. I liked that it was easy to apply, didn’t really have a smell or taste, and was not greasy. Agree this is ideal for all the family and safe to use on newborn. We are not vegans however it is always a benefit if it doesn’t impact animals. This is good quality but could do with some guidance on what it can be used for. Maybe a bit expensive when you have cheaper alternatives off-the-shelf. Especially with today’s economy. Personally we would not buy this as it is a good product but the price is too expensive. I would recommend as it does a good job clearing chapped lips. Good product and easy to apply. Needs instructions on what it can be used for. Looks like a medicine (hay fever medicine due to flowers) and is slightly overpriced. Would not pay more than £5. Good product, would not normally buy something like this, but it did help with dry lips. Don’t think it worked any better than cheaper products, but it is easier to apply. Conor Raynor – Baby Due January 2023

It’s a great lip balm for all members of the family but would love to see different tinted ones and it also creates a great protective layer on my little boys face when we go out in the colder and windy weather. The product is in a tin that fits into your changing bag or even your coat pocket so you have it with you at all times and can be used for so many things it will become a great staple product that you use on a frequent basis. The price is amazing as a little goes a long way and it’s definitely a winner in our family so would definitely recommend it.


Andrea Awarded The Weleda All Purpose Balm 4.7/5

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