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Weleda Kids 2in1 Shampoo and Body Wash

Sweet, creamy bathtime fun for little grown-ups. Mild and gentle 2in1 cleansing for delicate skin and hair – especially developed with kids, for kids. No synthetics, just sweet bathtime fun in a tube.

No matter how chaotic life is in your household, one thing is certain – your child is growing up fast and learning how to conquer the world without help. Although your child is getting more and more independent each day, your child’s skin still needs extra protection. The skin of a child is thinner than an adult’s and not fully developed, so the ideal form of skin care is a certified natural product. With WELEDA natural care you cannot make a wrong decision, as our products are super-gentle to your children’s delicate skin and even mild to the eyes.Our 2in1 Shampoo & Body Washes have built-in “I want that!”. We developed the range with our team of little grown-ups, all advising skincare experts how to make a natural bathtime fun. The result: caring ingredients, super- mild cleansers and child-friendly, natural fragrances in a tube designed for fun. With WELEDA quality, you can feel good too, and your child can discover a new caring routine of their own.Suitable for vegans.
Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2018 Baby Bath Toiletries Category

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£5.95 150ml Available online and independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide

Weleda Kids 2in1 Shampoo and Body Wash Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett 4 Years 10 Months

Tested By Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett 4 Years 10 Months

Awarded The Weleda Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash 5/5

I thought it was a good size and I was keen to test it. The design on the tubes is smart, professional and kid friendly. I
thought the instructions were easy to read and understand. They were written
clearly. The tube is easy to open and stands up nicely on the shelf in a way
the product will run down to the opening as it gets used up. It is a good
design. Really simple to use just squeeze it out, lather up and rinse. The consistency was perfect and it
lathered up well. This worked really well. It lathered up nicely and rinsed out well
leaving my child feeling clean. Her hair is very long but I didn’t need to use
too much to give it a good wash which was good. After using this body wash her
skin certainly felt soft and smooth. Her hair was certainly clean and on the
whole smelt nice but there was an underlying medical smell which I’m not so
keen on. Aroma pleasant but I think the medical smell overpowers it a
little. The lime and orange was our favourite aromas. I don’t think the vanilla
smells very much like vanilla. My daughter has enjoyed choosing which one to use at bath time each time and the suds
never hurt her eyes when washing her hair. This product did suit
her skin no problems and it was even
fine for my toddler’s skin who although didn’t use it on her directly, sat in
the same bath and had no problems with her skin (which is very sensitive). We
would use this 3-4 times a week. A
product being natural is important to me because I don’t like using lots of chemicals
on my children’s skin.Very good quality as it does the job well. This is
good value as it is natural and you don’t need to use a lot of it each time. I really loved how it lathered up well and
didn’t affect my child’s skin.I would buy this as I am always searching
for natural products that are suitable for my children’s skin. I would
definitely recommend. I have friends who
also like to use natural products as they have children with skin
conditions. Overall a great product. The
vanilla aroma needs working on but I still think the range deserves a 5. No problems,
great for little ones skin, lathers we’ll and leaves hair and skin clean and
fresh. Samantha Turnbull – Scarlett 4 Years 10 Months

Product Tested By Wayne Clarke – Sydney 2 Years

Wayne Awarded
The Weleda Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo &
Body Wash 5/5

Nice and simple product design looked like a product an adult would
you.The packaging was nice but the lid was
difficult to open at times and with a little one in the bath it should be
easier to open and close. Instructions simple like any other product we’ve
used for our little one. Tube design good but the lid was difficult to
undo. The product itself was very easy to use. As a
shampoo I liked the smell and the texture was thick which I thought would cause
problems when rinsing but it didn’t. Normally our daughter struggles to have
her hair rinsed and the shampoo bubbles never seem to disappear but this
product was easy to rinse off so we were all very pleased. I sometimes put body
wash in the bath to make bubbles if we have no bubble bath and this product was
too thick to make any real bubbles so we didn’t do that again. As a body wash
and shampoo the smell and thickness was nice to use.This worked
well as a body wash and we liked the smell and the way it helped some dry skin
behind our daughter’s ears. Our daughter had some dry skin behind her ears
and after a few applications of the body wash it was gone. I
especially liked the orange as it reminded me of a sherbet sweet from my
childhood! Her hair smelt nice in the morning after her bath. Really
liked the orange, the vanilla wasn’t a strong smell to the person bathing our
daughter but from someone outside the room you could smell it. Our
daughter enjoyed using this because washing her hair was much less hassle! If
anything did get in her eyes she didn’t make a fuss unlike other products we
have used. Our daughter had no problems
using the product and it made bath time a lot easier. We’ve used the product every other day when she has a bath.Not
overly important products we use are natural before but now we have used the
product I think it is something I’d look into with other products. It
was a lovely product and we’ve liked using it. Slightly more
expensive than what we would normally pay for a product like this however I
will be considering buying it when it runs out. I really liked the
texture and how it didn’t make too many bubbles in our daughter’s hair so it
was easy to wash off.We would consider purchasing more as it has
made bath time easier especially washing her hair. I would recommend to friends
with children with sensitive skin or who want to try something that’s not the
usual common products. We’ve enjoyed using this
product and the only fault was the lid. Thank you for letting us test it out!
We would happily try other products if they do more than body wash/shampoo as
our daughter does need to use conditioner sometimes to help her hair. If they
did a conditioner to go with the shampoo we would purchase both.Wayne
Clarke – Sydney 2 Years

Tested By Caroline Duncan – Lily 4 years

Awarded The Weleda Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash 4.4/5

It was
really well packaged with the tubes, leaflets and brochure. It looked
like it was from an experienced professional company. I actually could not find
any instructions on how to use this product. The design of the tubes is fun
with the different animals. They made my daughter really want to use
them. The colours are very gender neutral too. The tubes are really easy
to use. The lid has a good amount of resistance. Not too much that it’s
difficult to open, but not too loose that it falls open. They are also
easy to squeeze, without the cream coming out too quickly. They have a
really thick consistency, which is good for using on a cloth or sponge. It also
diluted well when ran under the tap, resulting in a consistent milky coloured
bath. Both the shampoo and the body wash work well. Although the body
wash works better as a cream on a cloth rather than added to the water under
the running tap. The shampoo makes my daughters hair really soft and shiny; the
knots just fall out with it. After using this as a body wash her skin felt soft
afterwards. After using as a shampoo her hair felt cleaner than before it was
washed and also much smoother, as it was then tangle free. Her hair smells of
the cream afterwards and she likes the smell. Personally I’m not a fan of the aroma
as they all smell like TCP to me. However, my daughter loves the
fragrances and says they smell fruity. Although she is unable to guess the
correct fruit to the name on the tube. My daughter really likes all 3 of the
body washes and has chosen these every time over her previous brand shampoo and
bath wash. My daughter’s skin has been really soft after her bath. My one
year old has also had her legs washed in the bath with one of these creams and
had no adverse reactions or problems. At the request of my daughter, we are
still using these. She is bathed every second night, but uses it as a
shampoo only once or twice a week. For my little ones I’m more wary of the
ingredients, so like that this is certified as natural. The quality is good as it has a thick
texture and works really well. I
would say it’s a bit pricey, especially as they are small tubes. I loved the
fun packaging with the animal pictures. They really made my daughter want to
use them. I personally would not buy these due to the smell and it being quite
pricey. For the price I would like it to smell nicer. I would recommend it to others as it
works really well and is all natural. It is a great product and
works well, without irritation to the skin and detangles hair. It has fun
and appealing packaging and comes in a useful size tube for travelling or using
at home. However, the price per ml is quite expensive, which when
considered with the lemon/TCP aroma makes it less appealing. Caroline
Duncan – Lily 4 years

I would definitely recommend. I have friends who also like to use natural products as they have children with skin conditions. Overall a great product. The vanilla aroma needs working on but I still think the range deserves a 5. No problems, great for little ones skin, lathers we’ll and leaves hair and skin clean and fresh.


Samantha Awarded The Weleda Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash 5/5

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