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Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion

This calming and soothing lotion contains organic coconut and jojoba oils to provide a richer, thicker lotion that protects and comforts reactive and easily irritated skin. The fast-absorbing lotion was developed with dermatologists to deliver long-lasting moisturisation, and bears the ECARF allergy-friendly quality seal. Its fragrance-free formulation contains no essential oils, and just leaves the subtle scent of coconut oil on the skin. The lotion is NATRUE certified natural, with 76% organic content.

88% confirmed: skin feels relaxed and relieved; lotion soothes my skin; lotion is quickly absorbed*
*33 subjects after 4 weeks, once or twice daily product application

Immediately calms and soothes
Gentle 24hr moisturising care
Reduces feelings of itchiness & tightness
Developed with dermatologists
Skin tolerability and efficacy dermatologically proven
Contains no essential oils, and just leaves the subtle scent of coconut oil on the skin
Suitable for vegans

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Price £12.95 Available Holland & Barrett, Body Kind, Boots, Waitrose, and online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Women’s Skincare Category

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Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion Reviews

Product Tested By Tracy Boyd

Tracy Awarded The Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion 5/5

Packaging is nice and simple and the product is a nice texture. The concept is great I’m always looking for things I can use on my daughter whose skin breaks out easily. The bottle makes it easy to get the lotion out and the texture is easy to apply. It is too thick or oily so sinks straight into skin. It worked on both myself and daughters. It soothed my youngest daughters skin after a breakout when she was dry and itchy. It felt lovely on my skin. My youngest daughter has sensitive, reactive skin and she enjoyed a massage with this and her skin felt nourished after. I would use this twice daily. Noticed improvement in skin straight away and our skin felt soft and calm. With sensitive skin it’s good to know that the ingredients are natural and organic. Fragrance free is also great. It was not only kind to my skin but also my children who suffer from allergies and breakouts. I loved that the whole family could use it even my youngest whose skin is the most sensitive. It is important it is suitable for Vegans. We are all trying to do our bit for the environment and knowing it’s vegan also means it’s cruelty free. Great packaging is recyclable as sustainability is important. The quality is lovely. Just the right texture. It is a little expensive because it’s quite a small bottle but I suppose you pay more for natural organic ingredients. I will buy this again. It’s a lovely product that works well. Anything that works on me and my daughters I’d recommend. Lovely body lotion the whole family can use even the most sensitive skin types. I really liked this lotion. My youngest daughter had also just had an allergic reaction to something she’d eaten so her skin was very red and sore. This lotion seemed to calm the redness and keep the skin soft. It was also great for any dry patches of skin. Tracy Boyd

Product Tested By Claire Froude

Claire Awarded The Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion 4.2/5

Recognisable Weleda packaging, simple packaging and design, maybe looks a bit dated. Having got sensitive skin this was a great concept, product was easy to apply, scent was a little bit plain but sometimes it’s nice not to smell of lotion as well as perfume etc. Easy to apply, went on smoothly and easy to rub in, need to use quite a bit if you suffer with dry skin. This did absorb but left a bit of a sticky feeling afterwards on the surface of your skin. Not as intensive as what was expected, didn’t feel any left on the skin the next morning after use. No reaction on skin which is sensitive, was used by myself and my mum. My mum has had reactions to Weleda creams before but she had no reaction to this moisturiser. I used this every day after bathing or showering. No improvement seen against other moisturisers. As this is for Sensitive skin you would expect it to be fragrance free, it makes you think it is more natural if it is not full of perfume and fragrance. Great is has the allergy-friendly quality seal as commented above my Mum used this and she often has reactions to other creams and moisturisers and had no flare up with this cream. I liked it is suitable for sensitive skin, and fragrance free, you don’t end up with a fragrance that clashes with your perfume. Being suitable for Vegans is not really important to me as I am not a Vegan. It is good that it is recyclable, it is always good to be able to recycle everything that we can. Quality is good. Expensive against other moisturisers that are on the market. However Weleda is a higher quality brand so you would expect to pay a bit more. I would not buy this due to the high price, I currently use Nivea which is a lot less expensive. I would recommend if they have sensitive skin. Nice moisturiser but high in price at £12.95. A lovely product, but expensive for an all over body moisturiser against other products in the same category, a nice everyday moisturiser however I wouldn’t class it as an indulgent moisturiser, more an everyday product for sensitive skin. Claire Froude

Product Tested By Gemma Monaghan

Gemma Awarded The Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion 4.6/5

I really like the shape of the bottle and the colours (pale pink/white) fit with a sensitive body lotion, but the packaging isn’t something I would select from an array of products. The feather gives me the impression that it’s more of an ‘intimate’ product. Really good, and I think hitting such a reasonable price point makes it really attractive. The lotion is a lovely consistency, not too heavy and application was really easy. I would prefer a pump bottle for ease of application. Absorption is really quick and it doesn’t feel like there’s a layer left on your skin after, so you can dress immediately without thinking/feeling lotion is going onto your clothes. My skin felt smoother and more moisturised. I would consider my skin to be normal, with the occasional dry patch (typically at my elbows and knees), and it isn’t overly sensitive. I see this lotion as a great moisturiser, but not necessarily calming for me. I think where I see this more practically was when I used it with my daughter, as it helps ease her red/dry patches of eczema, and therefore helped calm her. I used this every day after a shower. I would say by the end of week 2, the dry patches on my elbows no longer suffered from the intense dryness. Personally, I would have preferred a scent associated with a lotion. Using a scented lotion can prevent the use of other products (such as a perfume), and I prefer to use less products. Something that fits with the product, such as coconut or lavender would be really nice. This is kind to your skin. I think more could be made of the allergy-friendly quality seal. Perhaps the market for the product could be widened to include babies. My daughter suffers from eczema and it helps soothe her redness and level of itchiness, even though intermittent application. My favourite thing about this product was the consistency and rate of absorption. Some previous products I have used coat skin and almost ‘rub off’ over time, whereas this lotion absorbs immediately on application and helps skin feel instantly soft. Not important to me personally suitable for Vegans. Absolutely very important recyclable. It’s becoming more important to recycle goods given the current climate change challenges so, as a family, we are seeking products where we can reduce use of non-recyclable items. I think the product quality is extremely high, but I personally am not drawn to the packaging and do not think I would pick it from a full shelf of products. This rates so highly because of the level of absorption and moisturisation provided by the product, which means that the quantity used, for me, is typically less than other lotions. Likely No, because of the lack of fragrance; however, if this had a calming, fresh scent, then I would definitely buy the product. I have recommended this product to friends that have young children with dry/sensitive skin and also friends who I know apply fake tan, so they can ensure their skin is well hydrated and they won’t get dry patches with their tan application. As mentioned before, the things I would personally change would be the packaging (both moving to a pump and a brighter aesthetic) and adding a scent. I will continue to use this product on both my skin and my daughters. It’s really easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and eases the irritation my daughter experiences from her eczema. If I had a buy a new product, I would be drawn to brighter packaging and one that has a scent and is applied using a pump, as I find this is easier to apply multiple applications easier. Gemma Monaghan

Product Tested By Lucy Jenkins

Lucy Awarded The Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion 4.7/5

Attractive bottle, compact, ideal for travelling, very secure bottle with no leaks. I liked the concept – providing intensive moisture to sensitive skin, with clear accolades to authenticate the claims. It was quite thick so I needed to tap/shake the bottle – a pump dispenser would have made application easier. It quickly absorbed into the skin and I could get dressed after only a few minutes. Although thinner than body butters I normally use, this still delivered intensive moisturisation and made an immediate difference to my skin. I do not have sensitive, reactive skin so cannot comment on the effects for this skin type, but it certainly felt calming and soothing to me. I use this most days after showering. I noticed an improvement in my skin condition immediately after first use. I like the fragrance free element as it means my husband or children could use it. Very kind, it did not cause any reaction at all. I would happily use this on a young child’s skin due to the gentle formula. I love that such a gentle formula can provide effective moisturisation. I am not a vegan so do not consider this important, but it does mean it appeals to a wider audience. The fact this is recyclable is so important these days. I recycle as much as possible. I cannot fault the quality, I am very impressed with it. I think the product is rather expensive for the relatively small size bottle. If I had reactive, sensitive skin I would consider this an investment and worth the money, but for those with no sensitivity issues, I believe this is rather overpriced. I would consider buying a larger bottle if it was available as I believe it may be better value for money. I would certainly buy it if it was on offer, but I would not pay full price. I would certainly explore more items from this range. If a friend or family member was suffering from sensitive skin I would definitely recommend this product to them as it is so gentle. I am very impressed with this product. It does have a slight fragrance, but it is very minimal. Quite a feminine looking bottle, my husband would probably prefer a more neutral colour. I trust the brand and would happily use this on my children. Lucy Jenkins

I will buy this again. It’s a lovely product that works well. Anything that works on me and my daughters I’d recommend. Lovely body lotion the whole family can use even the most sensitive skin types. I really liked this lotion. My youngest daughter had also just had an allergic reaction to something she’d eaten so her skin was very red and sore. This lotion seemed to calm the redness and keep the skin soft. It was also great for any dry patches of skin.


Tracy Awarded The Weleda Sensitive Body Lotion 5/5

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