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Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

For dry and very dry skin
Pamper your skin all over with luscious, intense moisture.

Harnessing the powers of Weleda’s original and well-loved Skin Food, our fragrant body butter imbues your skin with a unique combination of botanical extracts. Pansy, calendula and chamomile help to soothe dry skin, while organic shea and cocoa butter leave it intensely nourished and petal-soft. The fast-absorbing butter leaves a non-greasy skin feel while providing lasting hydration. The all-natural fragrance carries a touch of lingering sweet orange, aromatic lavender and balsamic benzoin. Let the luxury soak in, for supple skin. Suitable for vegans.

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Skin Care & Organic for Mum Categories 

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Weleda Skin Food Body Butter Reviews

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney & Mrs Devaney – Annabelle & Sam 5 & 3 Years

Mr. & Mrs Devaney Awarded The Weleda Skin Food Butter 5/5

I think the simplicity of two colours works great. It’s a lovely trademark green and clinical white. The tub design is very simple. There is a good amount of information but it’s not at all too much. However I do think that all products which are organic should display a large logo stating so. And Weleda products are Natrue certified also. I think that the Natrue logo should be much bigger too.  Easy to follow instructions you can’t go wrong.  Easy to use as you just apply when you feel you want or need to. This absorbs into the skin within seconds of rubbing in, it begins to settle in and lose the slippery feel. The skin doesn’t feel greasy at all. This product works great to iron out working hands, over washed hands, and to smooth out the soreness of the day. Our hands become dry from working, from washing dishes, from gardening, from martial arts gripping, from car maintenance, from general daily chores and activities and as of late with all the hand washing, they have become particularly dry. This cream has been brilliant for helping with this and both me and my partner, and the kids have enjoyed testing this out. We have applied this cream quite regularly. We also missed some days when we went away and left it at home. We then realised how much this skin cream works on the hands and arms. We would use this couple of times throughout the day and here and there just because it’s nice. We noticed an improvement with our skin within a few days. I think we developed an enjoyment for having a moment to apply some body butter. With a week I think you can feel a difference. It feels more comfortable. Like your hands can stretch more. I must admit it seemed strange to me at first. Lavender and orange. It didn’t smell gorgeous to me. It was ok. But as time has passed, it seems to smell more lemony at times and sometimes of chocolate orange. I think now that it’s a fresh and clean smelling product. I like it a lot now. I believe that the criteria to be Natrue certified is great. However if you are not aware of Natrue, it will take a small amount of research to learn about it. Having said that, the logo is very small. I do think it should match the size of the organic logo at least. This product is long lasting, smooth, delicately and beautifully fragranced, and full of natural ingredients and works great. I think in comparison to some competitor products, Weleda Skin Food is very fairly priced. I’ve come too really like the smell actually. It’s different but really fresh and just lovely. I’ve already looked into other products in the range and we would all choose to continue using Weleda products. We like their ethics as well as how their products feel, smell and look.  I’ve recommended it to both my mum and Nan. I would recommend it to anyone. We like this product a lot. We can’t fault it. I’m not a big user of any product except the essentials. Neither is my partner or children. We have experimented with some this last year, of course including the Weleda Skin Food. This product is at the top of our favourites list. It’s on our continue to use list. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using the product, and we have learned tons about the Natrue certification process. It’s a great product and a great company and we will stock this in our house from now on. Anthony Devaney & Mrs Devaney – Annabelle & Sam 5 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Louise Lamb – James 3 Years 6 months

Louise Awarded The Weleda Skin Food Butter 4.4/5

Simple and does what it says. It’s unlike other cream products so would stand out. Instructions are simple but initially I couldn’t find them as I was expecting them on the side, until I noticed the info inside peel label on the lid. Very easy to use.  It does absorb and makes skin soft. Usually my skin is ok but in winter it suffers a bit. I keep this by my bed and put it on before sleep. Keeps skin from going dry. This was great at keeping my skin soft and moisturised.  Especially now with all the hand washing. I use this daily.  After first application skin felt moisturised and continued to feel moisturised while using it. Smells nice, thought it smelt like oranges then realised it has orange in the ingredients.  The quality is very good.  It’s very creamy and works really well on very dry skin. I think if you have really dry skin it is worth the money although I’m not sure my skin is dry enough for the speciality of the product.  I loved the smell as this is usually the first thing to turn me off a product. I am not sure my skin is dry enough if it was very dry then yes would buy this. I would recommend it for those with very dry skin.  Great product smells lovely and keeps skin soft and moisturised.  Louise Lamb – James 3 Years 6 months

Product Tested By Julia Smiles – Jennifer 10 years

Julia Awarded The Weleda Skin Food Butter 4.6/5

Arrived well packaged and liked the simplicity and style of the tub.  Very easy to keep handy in bathroom or by bedside table. Easy to follow instructions. Very easy to use and easy to access what you required due to design of the tub. This absorbed into my skin so quickly I just loved it. I used this on my legs and arms and hands and it was amazing.  Just worked so well and loved the way if left my skin feeling so soft and smooth.  I do not have very dry skin, but it does need to be moisturised regularly and this is a great cream to use.  I used this every day when required.  I would say after the first couple of days using this I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin condition.  Worked really well for me.  A really nice smell not what you would normally expect but I loved it. You could smell the orange and lavender which I love.  I was not aware of the Natrue accreditation but good to know as means this is natural. Quality is excellent.  Even my husband has been using this cream and my daughter has sneaked some when I was not looking as she likes it too.  She says it makes her hands feel lovely and smell great.  I loved everything about this body butter.  I would not buy this regularly as bit expensive, but every few months just to give my skin some well-earned TLC.  I have already recommended to my mum and my sister.  A beautiful cream that works so well and makes your skin feel amazing.  Julia Smiles – Jennifer 10 years

This product is at the top of our favourites list. It’s on our continue to use list. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using the product, and we have learned tons about the Natrue certification process. It’s a great product and a great company and we will stock this in our house from now on.


Mr. & Mrs Devaney Awarded The Weleda Skin Food Butter 5/5

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