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Wellkid Baby & Infant liquid

As a mum there’s nothing more important than the health and nutritional wellbeing of your baby or young child, and looking after your child’s nutritional intake when they are young can help safeguard their long term health. From the makers of Pregnacare® Wellkid® Baby & Infant liquid has been developed especially for babies and infants from 3 months to 5 years to provide a safe and balanced comprehensive range of 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Wellkid® Baby & Infant liquid also contains Swiss Alpine malt as a natural energy source; making it a great taste your little ones will love. Wellkid® Baby & Infant liquid formula includes essential vitamins such as A, C & D (supplementation of these vitamins is recommended by Government experts, from the age of 6 months). It also includes B vitamins and vitamin E as well as the minerals, iron and zinc to help safeguard your growing infant’s nutritional intake and help maintain energy release and a healthy immune system.

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Wellkid Baby & Infant liquid Reviews

Product Tested by: Alice Bignami – Francesca & Julia Aged 4 Months & 2 Years

Product Tested By Alice Bignami – Francesca & Julia Aged 4 Months  & 2 Years

Alice Awarded the Wellkid Baby Liquid 5/5

The external packaging of the product looks very appealing. The dark glass bottle which houses the liquid supplement has a very good safety cap. I thought the instructions were thorough but they did not state if you can add the Baby Liquid to fruit juice or not. In my opinion the formula is very good because it includes most vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  It is not easy to find such a complete supplement suitable for babies. In comparison to other supplements that I have tried, this formula is definitely more complete. I was not previously aware of Wellkid before I tested this product. I think the quality of the product was very good but my children did not like the flavor of the supplement so I had to add it to a drink (Fruit Juice), and I am not sure if doing this makes the efficiency of the product work less. The product itself seems to help my children recover more quickly than usual from bugs and provide them with a bit more energy. I also think the product offers good value for money. I think the design could be improved by upgrading to a plastic bottle as this would be better for safety. Now that I have tested this product I would definitely consider buying it and recommending it to other people to try.  Alice Bignami –Francesca & Julia Aged 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Archna Jani – Dylan Aged 11 Months

Archna Jani Awarded the Wellkid Baby Liquid 3/5

The packaging of the product was average because it didn’t look very appealing. The instructions were easy to read and simple to understand. The formula seemed to work well but my Son didn’t like the taste very much. In comparison to other products I think the taste definitely let it down. I have heard of Vitabiotics but have never used them in the past and before testing this Wellkid product I had never heard of them in the past. I think this product offers average value for money and if the taste could be improved then would be a good product to use. Archna Jani – Dylan Aged 11 Years

Product tested By Karen King – Baby Brian 4 Months & Ellen 2 Years

Karen Awarded The Michelle Wellkid Baby Liquid 3/5

My first impression of this product was that it looked fine and I was eager to try this out.  The packaging was good,  informative and attractive. Found the instructions were clear and easy to understand.  Unfortunately both my children did not like the taste, so initailly it was not easy to give to them. In the end I would place the formula in a drink to hide the taste.  It seemed to keep them healthy, but I would suggest a big improvement on the taste front.  A reasonable product, fairly good value for money but need to improve the taste.  I must admit I had not heard of the Wellkid brand before, but was interesting to see their website and find out a bit more about the brand. Karen King – Baby Brian 4 Months & Ellen 2 Years 

The product itself seems to help my children recover more quickly than usual from bugs and provide them with a bit more energy.


Alice Bignami Awarded the Wellkid Baby Liquid 5/5

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