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Westlab Kids Dead Sea Salt 500g

From the depths of the Dead Sea, these genuine salts have been renowned for their therapeutic benefits since ancient times.Unrefined and cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals or bleaching agents, Westlab genuine Dead Sea Salts soothe itchy skin and are suitable for use on skins prone to Eczema and Psoriasis.Softening and balancing with a high Magnesium content, Westlab Dead Sea Salts help relax muscles, replenish essential minerals and support natural skin healing.

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Westlab Kids Dead Sea Salt 500g Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested ByVictoria Huntingdon – Zoe 3 years

Victoria Awarded
The Westlab Dead Sea Kids Salts 4.5/5

Really liked the
packaging certainly colourful and eye-catching.
Looked a good product and my daughter suffers with Eczema so will try anything
to try and soothe the itchiness. The
instructions were clear and easy to follow.
The bag we were sent did not last that long as you do use it up quickly. I was not sure if this would be effective,
but as I am willing to try anything new we did go out and buy a few more bags
so we could really give this a good test.
I used this twice a week for 3 weeks.
I must admit I was sceptical but it did seem to soothe and calm the
itchiness for Zoe. It certainly helped
improve the Eczema and calmed the inflammation down which was a bonus. It would have been great if we had been
supplied with enough to review for a month or more as would give me a good idea how effective
this would be. Value for money difficult
one, if it works then yes. Anyone with a
child with Eczema knows how much it distress’s your child as itching all the
time and you have to smother them in creams which are also expensive. So if this works for you then yes good
value. I already purchased more to give
this a good review. It helped calm her
skin down and the itching was not so ferocious and seemed to calm the inflammation
down too. I would purchase more as a
nice natural product to use on Zoe which did have an effect and noticed her
skin was smoother. I would recommend to
others who have children with the same skin condition. It worked for us and will have some to use
when we need it as natural and helped heal and calm itching. Nice she could just use in her bath. Victoria Huntingdon – Zoe 3 years

Product Tested ByKatie Easby – Lydia 4 Years

Katie Awarded The Westlab Dead Sea Kids Salts 3.5/5

Looked good when arrived.The
packaging is strong and bright and eye catching. The instructions were very
clear and precise, giving you a minimum and maximum dose for using the product.
The quality of the product seemed very good. I would say that the product
doesn’t quite offer value for money as if you use it at the maximum dosage, it
would mean using the whole 500g packet in one bath and as it says on the
instructions it is best to use it a couple of times in a week. My Daughter
suffers from dry skin and during the week of using this product I wouldn’t say
it particularly helped dehydrate her skin, although we didn’t use the maximum
dosage in her bath as we wanted to be able to test the product over a period of
at least a week. I think to get the best results you need to use it in a very
shallow bath and use a good quantity of the salts unfortunately doing it this
way would mean using at least two packets of salts a week which would then work
out quite expensive. I most likely wouldn’t recommend this product as I haven’t
seen an improvement in Lydia’s skin after using this product. I think in order
to fairly test the product and to see any results you would need to use a few
packets and over a longer period of time, unfortunately the cost implications
of doing this would far outweigh the benefits for me personally and no doubt
for others too. There are other products on the market that although may be
initially more expensive do the same or better of a job and would last a lot
longer. Katie Easby – Lydia 4

Tested By Jenny Quinn – Martha and Mary 2 years

Awarded The Westlab Dead Sea Kids Salts 4.4/5

to see if this had any effect. Packaging
bright and appealing and good information on the packet. Instructions clear and simple to use. The quality is good and natural product to
use on my children. They both do have
outbursts of dry skin which they tend to scratch. They came out of the bath and once dried I
did notice they were not trying to scratch the dry skin patches so much. Also I
did notice improvement in skin and felt softer and smoother and the dry patches
did start to disappear. After using for a few weeks seemed to calm skin
condition down a bit. I liked the fact
this is a natural product and can just pop in the bath. Would like to review over a longer period of
time to really see the full effect.
However, based on our experience so far will purchase more and maybe use
once a month as nice way for my twins to have a lovely bath and know this
product is helping. If anyone asks about
this I would tell them seems to be effective and worth a try. All skin types are different so can work for
some and not others. It is reasonable
prize and would buy again to use occasionally.
Good quality and did help. Would
like to see this available in a much larger pack which would last a month or
more as would make it more cost effective.Jenny Quinn – Martha and Mary 2 years

It worked for us and will have some to use when we need it as natural and helped heal and calm itching. Nice she could just use in her bath.


Victoria Awarded The Westlab Dead Sea Kids Salts 4.5/5

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