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‘Wet Brush Lil’

Choose the superb Wet Brush Lil for trouble-free grooming on both wet and dry hair. This mini version of the classic Wet Brush is fierce on knots and tangles but gentle to scalps. Its IntelliFlex™ bristles ensure snag-free brushing as they bounce back to their original form after every brush stroke.You can now turn those five minutes of daily detangling into a mini relaxation session thanks to the SofTips™ on the ends of the bristles that gently massage your scalp to stimulate circulation. The Wet Brush Little can even be used on extensions and wigs, so what are you waiting for?

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Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2015

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£11.99 Available online cult beauty & wet brush or click onto to find local stockist

‘Wet Brush Lil’ Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Leah Gaines – Zoe, Rachel & Kate – 6, 4 & 3 Years

Awarded The Wet Brush Lil 4.3/5

good, seems fairly robust and like it could hold up to some abuse from my
girls. Plastic box was a little TOO sturdy and hard to get into! But it kept the brush from getting wrecked in
transit, and wasn’t an excessive amount of packaging, which was good. Instructions
were fairly straightforward. It is a
hairbrush, after all! Once I took it out of the box, it had a lovely premium
feel to it. I think £11.99 is very expensive for a hairbrush, especially one
this size. I probably wouldn’t consider buying it
as it is pretty expensive for what it is.
At the same time, I’d love to try the bigger sized brush but can’t
really justify the high price. I wouldn’t have any issues recommending it as it
is a nice brush. It’s a nice brush and seems to work fairly well but
unfortunately loses marks for being too expensive. It worked very well
in my 3 year old’s fine, wispy hair. My
4 year old has very thick, straight hair and initially it seemed to work very
well for her. However, if there were any
tangles in her hair, the bristles just seemed to slide straight over them and
not even make an attempt at getting them out.
I had to abandon using it on her hair altogether. My 6 year old has curly hair and is notorious
for complaining when I’m brushing it.
She loved this brush, found that it didn’t hurt her, and loved brushing
her own hair with it. We’ve had a few
complaints and reverting back to the old hairbrush, but she uses this maybe 70%
of the time. So, overall, it wasn’t
quite the silver bullet I’d hoped for, but between it and the cheap £1
tangle-teaser-equivalent, we manage to keep everybody neat and tidy! Leah Gaines – Zoe, Rachel & Kate – 6, 4
& 3 Years

Tested By Rachel Dicks – Grace 2 years

Awarded The Wet Brush Lil 4/5

packaged, nice there is a good choice of colours. Visually appealing. Packaging
was good. Had good info on it and not overly packaged for a small product. Instructions
are fine. This is a good quality hair
brush. I think it’s quite overpriced if
aimed at children. If it was larger and an adults brush then perhaps it would
be on par with a tangleteeze. Whilst on first impression daughter didn’t mind
me brushing her hair with it, she prefers the tangleteeze and whilst we offer
it at every hair brush she resists. What I will say is she likes to brush my
hair and toys with it (and occasionally her own!) – It’s an excellent size for
little hands should be noted my daughter has thick hair – if thinner than it
may not be so tangled to brush! I can see it has its place and would be better
if a child doesn’t have thick hair. It has also encouraged my toddler to brush
her own! Sadly, we’ll probably stick with the TangleTeeze however I’m sure it
will continue to have its place so she can continue to attempt to brush her
own, mine and her toys hair!! Definitely a good product just not for us and couldn’t
compete with the tangleteeze which causes minimal upset at hair brush / after
bath time. Rachel Dicks – Grace 2 years

Product Tested By Donna Caldwell –
Elizabeth 5 Years

Donna Awarded The Wet Brush Lil 3/5

was a good size for travel and for at swimming.
Packaging was suitable for item. It had a blurb on the product but no
instructions. It’s a hairbrush, it doesn’t need instructions. It doesn’t seem
to work well in really fine hair and the bristles at the bottom are quite sharp.
Maybe it works better on thicker hair but it wasn’t great for my daughter’s. I
preferred to use my own brush; it was a tidier style when using my own. My
daughter was very excited when she first saw it but having to stand longer to
have her hair style had her asking me to revert back to the brush we usually
use and the bristles were sharp when trying to clean dead hair from them. Donna Caldwell – Elizabeth 5 Years




My 6 year old has curly hair and is notorious for complaining when I’m brushing it. She loved this brush, found that it didn’t hurt her, and loved brushing her own hair with it.


Leah Awarded The Wet Brush Lil 4.3/5

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