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Wheelgate Family Theme Park

An amazing family focused All-Weather park near Mansfieldset in 30 acres of beautiful countryside near Sherwood Forest, packed full of thrilling attractions and massive indoor action!
Open Daily from 10am – Closed on the 25th, 26th December and 1st January.


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Family Ticket £45.96 (2 adults, 2 children) book online

Wheelgate Family Theme Park Reviews

Product Tested by: Gillian Trickett – Caitlin & Ella - 3 Years 8 Months & 15 Months

Product Tested By Gillian Trickett – Caitlin & Ella – 3 Years 8 Months & 15 Months

Gillian Awarded The Wheelgate Family Theme Park 5/5

First impression when looking online looked inviting. Easy to find, we came off the A1 & followed the road past Clumber Park until we arrived at the roundabout where the park is. We were shown where to park by a parking attendant & were close to the entrance. Quick process to get into the theme park, although it wasn’t very busy when we attended so no long queues. This theme park is Child friendly, safe, clean & inviting. There were lots of rides for my 3 year old to enjoy. There was only the horse carousel ride that my youngest Ella was allowed on other than the play areas & farm area. My toddler was happy just to roam about and have freedom to explore so she didn’t mind and we took it in turns to go with Caitlin on the rides. There was plenty to do and we were there 6 hours and didn’t quite do everything so it was a good full day out with plenty to explore. My children had a wonderful day; they were both exhausted after a fun family day out. As a family this is something we all love doing together as a great day out for all of us. We took a picnic as we attended on a lovely sunny day but there is a cafe which sells chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc. they didn’t have a massive selection of food to choose from but it looked reasonably priced, as we didn’t have a meal there I cannot comment on quality or value for money though. We did however have ice creams and they were reasonably priced. The toilet facilities were basic and nothing to get excited about but they were clean enough and served their purpose. We obviously kept a close eye on our children but felt it was safe to let them explore at their own pace without having to keep control of them. They were able to roam around at their leisure and set the pace. As far as family days out are priced this is reasonable. I wouldn’t want to pay any more as family days out can cost a fortune but there was plenty to do once in the park and if you don’t want to spend any more money once inside you can just take everything you might need with you. They are opening a new waterpark in the summer so we will definitely be going back to explore that. I already have recommended no one had heard of it as it isn’t advertised round where we live (West Yorkshire) but plenty of my friends are now keen to visit. Brilliant family day out! Highly recommend especially for families with children aged between 3 to perhaps 10 years old (minimum height restriction for most rides 95cm).Very happy to have been selected to trial this family park. We are looking forward to returning next year. Gillian Trickett – Caitlin & Ella – 3 years8 Months & 15 Months


Product Tested By Alia Wiley – Simon & Lorelei – 3 & 1 Year 6 Months

Alia AwardedThe Wheelgate Family Theme Park 4.2/5

We were really excited about going along. I had a look at the website before to check where it was and what was there that the kids could do and it looked like there were plenty of good quality things to enjoy. We travelled by car to the park. We checked the location from their website and used a printed map. It was easy to find the park and once in the area it was sign posted. Parking facilities were good. We were quickly guided to a spot by a very enthusiastic member of staff. There was overflow parking area too. From the position that we were parked in it wasn’t immediately obvious where the entrance was. The paying gates weren’t large but there were a number of them, so we got into the park quickly. Staff at the paying gate didn’t freely offer lots of information about the park, but once asked they were very helpful and answered questions about the things that our children would be able to go on. Once we got into the park we were able to find our way around easily. The park was clean and the different activities/areas are well spaced with areas to eat outside, and good clean toilet facilities. We felt that the park itself lacks a sense of awe; it does feel like a collection different things which happen to be in the same place, and doesn’t make you go wow. The park has a number of different rides, slides, mazes, play areas both indoors and outdoors, and a farm and animal section. There is variety of attractions for different heights and ages and they are of a good quality overall. The main indoor softplay area (Land of the Pharaohs) was particularly good for older children with big slides and plenty of room to run about, although it appears that the theme is there as a label / face rather than something that it outworked fully so it’s successful. The soft play for younger children is limited however, and although there is a distinct area for little ones there is a restriction to parents going up to the next level, and as that is a larger area with older children we weren’t happy to let our older boy go up there on his own, particularly when we also had a younger child with us. This meant that he was limited to a ball pool and a few puzzles when he desperately wanted to go on the slides! Thankfully the weather was fairly decent that day so we could enjoy the outside activities more. The animal adventure zone was good. The animals appeared to be well cared for, the workers were knowledgeable and the areas were clean with plenty of reminders about washing hands etc. The falconry area was really nice, and although we didn’t see the display we did see the birds were on display for us to see as we went through to the Robin Hood zone. This was an adventure playground, which is cleverly put together and was enjoyable. The ‘Alien Galaxy Zone’ had a good alternative for under 5’s, with some fun air ball game stuff, nice soft play blocks and arches, large pleasing musical instruments and some clever ride on toys . My children particularly enjoyed this area. The staff on each of the rides/activities were clear with the height restrictions, but I would recommend measuring your child’s height beforehand and checking online what they can do so you’re not disappointed. We didn’t end up trying out everything, we had wanted to go on the small train that loops about the park, but we didn’t seem to ever catch it at the station, and there’s no indication of when then next train ride will be, so we didn’t want to end up waiting a long time with two children wanting to run about and see a number of other things in the area. One of the activities is a ‘pillow’ – an open bouncy castle that smaller children could go on, that was fun, but you can’t go on together which I think our children would have enjoyed, and if it’s been raining in the last few days then make sure that you have some spare socks with you as it’s surrounded by sand which by its nature is super at holding moisture. You can buy socks in the gift shop, but that doesn’t stop the soggy feet/shoes issue and the tears as you drag them away to buy them! I loved the big slides… couldn’t persuade my little ones to join me on them, but they had a few giggles watching me! Overall our children enjoyed their time at Wheelgate. They had a go on a number of the rides and play areas; some of which they hadn’t tried before. My children love interacting with animals and seeing the smaller animals and reptiles, so that was a highlight, especially as they appeared to be well kept and the keepers were well informed and generous with their time and answers to our questions. We enjoy time out as a family and try to make days out like this a special occasion. We put effort into our trips out to make sure that we enjoy them. The facilities that we used were good. The food was freshly prepared for us and brought over to us by the staff. The toilets that we used were very clean and I felt confident with my children using them. We went into the gift shop and this is attached to the tropical zone but it wasn’t placed like some other attractions so that you have to go through it to leave. I felt very safe at the park, and confident that my children would be safe on the rides and in the play areas. I think if your children are old enough/tall enough to go on all the activities (so on a fair weather day too) then this would offer better value for money. There are a number of alternatives to this attraction in the area that cost a similar amount which cater for younger children more effectively. Making use of the discount offered for online purchases would improve this also. I would consider going again in a couple years’ time when our children are a little bit older and able to enjoy all of the attractions without restriction. I wouldn’t go if either of our children had no interest in going on rides or slides and only wanted to go to see the animals as I do think that other attractions would cater for this at a lower cost. I would recommend this park to friends with children of an appropriate height or age (I’d say up to 8-ish). A single adult with children of differing heights which may restrict access to different activities may find themselves not enjoying themselves as much as they hoped. I would only recommend it to them if their child enjoys rides and is confident with this type of thing and if the weather was decent. Although there are indoor things, there are anumber of cheaper indoor alternatives close by. A decent day out but let down by its lack of a wow factor or theme to bring it all together. The park is well looked after and clean, but for the ages of my children there are other attractions that would cater for them better at a lower cost. We enjoyed our day out at Wheelgate, and have some happy memories of our visit. Alia Wiley – Simon & Lorelei –3 & 1 Year 6 Months


Product Tested By Leanne Fletch – Isabella & Toby – 3 & 5 Years

Leanne Awarded The Wheelgate Family Theme Park 4.8/5

We checked this out online prior to our visit and looked to have lots on offer and we were all excited about going to this Theme park. The instructions on how to find the park were good and easy to find using Sat Nav and then saw the signs for the park. Parking good had attendant showing us where to park and not far to walk to the entrance. Quick and easy to get into the park. This theme park has lots on offer and a lovely family theme park for younger children. Both our children enjoyed the rides which cater for younger children. They both loved the farm area one of their favourites. This park certainly has lots on offer to keep 2 children entertained and we did not manage to do everything we wanted to so will be going back again. Isabella and Toby had a fantastic day and wanted to stay! We love going out as a family and these sort of parks are ideal for us with 2 youngsters.  The food facilities are good but we did bring our own food and found a nice placeto sit and each our sandwiches and nibbles. The food on offer is the norm for these sort of places and prices did seem reasonable. The whole park is very family friendly and children had such a great day out. The toilets are the norm for this type of place and they were clean. We always keep our children close, but they did feel they had the freedom to roam around and explore which they loved. For a fun packed entertaining day out this is value for money. Our children loved the Alien Galaxy Zone, Animal Adventure Zone, real fans of Robin Hood Zone, Wet & Wild Land, loved the Sheriff’s falconry show and enjoyed the pony Rides. They were happy, entertained and thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day. We loved this park and have highly recommended to friends and family and we will be going back again in the Summer Holidays. Leanne Fletch – Isabella & Toby – 3 & 5 years



Brilliant family day out! Highly recommend especially for families with children aged between 3 to perhaps 10 years old (minimum height restriction for most rides 95cm).     


Gillian Awarded The Wheelgate Family Theme Park 5/5 

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