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Widgey Nursing Pillow

The Widgey® Nursing Pillow is a feeding aid for nursing mothers with a firm filling and removable cotton covers. Uniquely designed to hug around the mother it removes the need for the mother to clasp both the child and the pillow whilst breast and/or bottle feeding. Widgey® Nursing Pillowsare the brand leader in the UK!  This product is a lifesaver for Mums and anyone feeding baby!

Product details:

 ·         Widgey® Nursing Pillow offers comfort and support for mother and baby

 ·         Assorted covers: Animal, Cow Print, Blue Gingham, Pink Dotty, Green Dotty, Red Fossil, Blue Fossil.

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£28.95 Available nationally from, Mothercare, John Lewis, Boots, Toys R Us, Asda, Tesco and Amazon.

Widgey Nursing Pillow Reviews

Product Tested By Jo Hodson – Baby Henry 8 Weeks

Jo Awarded the Widgey Pillow 5/5

This is very well made and there are other products on the market very similar to this, but this is the best I’ve seen or used so far. It’s very easy to remove the cover of the pillow and wash it. This really does help when feeding baby! Baby could be rested on the pillow during feeding, which alleviates the strain on mums back. My 10 year old son also used it when he held the baby to ease the strain on his arms. I wouldn’t say it helped to latch baby on, but I did use it to support his head whilst I used my hands to get him into position. It does take up a bit of space, but is not too heavy and can be taken anywhere, although I never thought to take it with me on holiday as I had too much other stuff in the car. Would definitely recommend this. I have already been asked where I bought it from, as someone wanted to buy one as a gift for another new mother after seeing me using it. Fantastic product, that is so versatile. Can be used during pregnancy and long after birth. Alleviates achy backs, arms and necks. Looking forward to getting more use from mine when baby is big enough to sit in it to support him. Definitely worth the money as it has so many functions. Jo Hodson – Baby Henry 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Louise Ramsay – Baby Callum & Daniel Ages 6 Weeks & 3 Years

Louise Awarded the Widgey Pillow 5/5

This is very good quality and it really makes feed time more comfortable. I haven’t tried to wash it yet but it looks easy enough to do so. This allows me to feed a lot easier because there are no strains and it also gives you a free hand. When breast feeding this helped me to keep Callum in the right position. I personally think it’s too big to be easily portable but this is my personal opinion. Very happy with this product can be used with both breast and bottle feeding, have also found it handy so when my 3 year old daughter holds the baby he is still supported without being heavy obviously supervised! Louise Ramsay – Baby Callum & Daniel Ages 6 Weeks & 3 Years


Product Tested By Kelly Campbell – Riley 10 Months

Kelly Awarded the Widgey Pillow 4/5

This is very well made and quite reasonably priced. The concept was good but the thought of wandering around town/ supermarket with it didn’t appeal to me at all. It’s very easy to launder; you can take the cover off and wash as normal with baby’s clothes. This really helped to reduce the strain because it takes the weight of the baby off your arms and supports them instead; I was also able to relax more. With regards to feeding it was fine for me as I am not big chested. However if you were then I feel that it could cause problems as it could hinder correct positioning and attachment by raising baby too high when the breasts are quite low.  Ideally you should attach and position first then support with the widgey. The Widgey it’s great for feeding, help supporting baby while sitting and also for me in bed, wedged in-between my knees! A great product. Firm, supportive, versatile and well made. Just be aware if breastfeeding, you don’t NEED the widgey to latch baby on but its great support once baby is latched. Kelly Campbell – Riley 10 Months


Definitely worth the money as it has so many functions.


Jo Awarded the Widgey Pillow 5/5

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