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The reusable static-cling Window Blockout is a window cover-style blackout blind for babies – the perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep and dream the night away. A completely dark room during sleep will help stimulate melatonin production (that magical hormone that helps regulate sleep/awake cycles ), be comforting for your baby, and help prevent early waking or late settling during summer and daylight saving.

The Window Blockout is made from 3 layers of material with a completely opaque inner layer to block 100% of sunlight from rooms. The outer layers are white to seamlessly and stylishly blend in with your child

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Price 2pk – £30.95, 3pk – £40.95 Available to purchase online

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Window Blockout Blinds Reviews

Product Tested By Kirstie Jones-Newton – Roxie 11 months

Kirstie Awarded The Window Blockout Blinds (2 Pack) 4.3/5

They were adequately packaged and appeared very straightforward, unfortunately I have quite large windows in my daughters room and needed to try and patch the strips together to cover the whole window. I liked the cutting lines on the back of the product as it made it easier to keep my lines straight when cutting. I’d have probably preferred a nice pattern or a bit of colour on the blind itself as it’s quite plain. Instructions were very clear and straightforward (basic but sufficient). I did find them tricky to put up on my own however that could likely have been because I have a large window so used most of the roll in one strip rather than being able to put it in small sections like in the pictures on the box. The blind itself attached very easily however it fell down two nights in a row (unfortunately waking my daughter!). It did however go back up without a problem so was very easy to detach/reattach and use again. This did work at first but fell down twice, also it bizarrely shrunk whilst it’s been up on the window thus letting light in through the sides/edges. Additionally it’s not wide enough to cover my whole window and so I’ve had to patch it up. In my experience all 3 of my children have always slept better (and gone off to sleep better) if they are in a darkened room – blackout blinds make this significantly easier to achieve. When the blinds first went up they did completely block the sunlight from the room, unfortunately as they shrunk the light was then let in through the sides/edges. It did blend in with The white walls of my daughter’s bedroom however as her window frames are grey it didn’t blend with the frame. This would have been interesting to try out if regulate the rooms temperature during the peak of the summer heat – the temperature of my daughters room is generally fine though as we are a new build. There has been no marks left on the window after removing the blind which I do really like. Rolled the left over product straight back up and popped back into the box for whenever we next need it. Perfect!! I have had this product permanently up in my daughter’s bedroom as we are awaiting getting a fixed blackout blind fitted. I used this product in my 11 month old daughter’s bedroom. Item was easy to use, fuss and mess free and is generally a good quality item that’s ideal for temporary and longer term use – I will take the roll with me when I visit family at Xmas so we can blackout her bedroom window there!! I liked the ease of use and that it can go up and come back down without using adhesive that will mark/damage the windows. it’s okay value for money, admittedly I could buy an inexpensive fixed blackout blind for this amount however it’s ideal if you are going away or can’t fix items to the wall. I would consider this product if I was going on holiday and needed to block out the sunlight in hotel/villa rooms – would barely take up any luggage space and is an ideal solution in the peak of summer holidays! I would recommend if they needed a temporary solution or were unable to fix a blind to the wall this would be perfect. The item is easy to use and works suitably – would have given 5/5 if it was wider and hadn’t shrunk over time. As said above, the item is a perfect temporary solution and if it hadn’t fallen down and then shrunk I’d be giving it a 5/5. Luckily I also have curtains so that was able to help block out a bit of the light. It’s very easy to put up and took a minimal amount of time. Provided the windows are small this is easily a one person job – if the windows are larger it would be easier to fit if there are two people holding it in place.  No residue left on the windows and they come off without any issues. Would be ideal  if the blind came in different widths as this size wasn’t wide enough so I had to patch two lengths together which looks a little untidy. In all it does block out significantly more light than curtains alone so I’m pleased to have been able to trial it. Kirstie Jones-Newton – Roxie 11 months

Product Tested By Habiba Begum – Hanna 9 Months

Habiba Awarded The Window Blockout Blinds (2 Pack) 4/5

They arrived well packaged and looked like a great idea. Didn’t think it would make a difference in my baby sleeping better but was excited to try it out. I think the design is great as I had never previously come across the idea of having reusable blinds before. It is also great for anyone who wants to avoid making holes and damaging their walls to install a actually blind onto their window. The instructions were easy to read and understand. However  it can be a real hassle and quite messy to put the blinds up. You need to have a spray bottle ready to fill up with water but I did not have one ready to use at home. Also it is difficult to completely get rid of all the bubbles that would form underneath the blind after putting it up and sometimes we would notice more bubbles had formed over time. This didn’t bother us too much but it’s something that others may not like. The bubbles weren’t that noticeable for me unless you were close up and paying close attention to them. Also it can be quite messy as water would drip to the bottom when you pressed down to smooth it out. Therefore it would require cleaning up the water after every use with a cloth. Due to all of the above hassle I would try to avoid taking them off as much as I could and would leave them on throughout some days to avoid the hassle of putting them back on the window. It is particularly difficult when you have a crying baby that needs to be put to sleep straight away and you don’t have the time to put up the blinds. Also it wasn’t easy to smooth out the bubbles even with a card. Sometimes the card would get caught on the bubble bumps causing damage to the blind by making creases in it that did not smooth out again even when reapplying it on the window. You had to make sure it was lined up properly to make sure the whole window was covered and no gaps were left on the sides. It was more difficult as we had to use 2 separate pieces for our window as it is wide. It might have been a bit more easier if we had a smaller window as having a wider window meant we had to go through the hassle twice as well as make sure both pieces were aligned. It takes some skills and patience to get it right to avoid damaging the blind. Luckily I’ve had some previous experience putting up window signs using the same technique with water spray and a card at work as some of my colleagues really struggled with it. Even then it wasn’t always easy and it would take a few goes to get it straight and in the right place as well as get as much bubbles out as possible. So it does need a lot of practice. They did secure on easily and didn’t come off however the corners would very slightly come off letting little light through but this wasn’t too much of a problem for us as it was still effective in keeping most of the light out. The corners were easy to stick back on with some more water. I believe these blinds did help my baby sleep better and longer. Specially during daylight hours which I am most happy about. It has worked really well for my baby so I completely agree these blinds help stimulate melatonin production (that magical hormone that helps regulate sleep/awake cycles), be comforting for baby and help prevent early waking.  My baby woke up less during the night and she woke up later in the morning. Everything any parent could ask for. I also think it helped me sleep better too. These blinds did keep out majority of the light therefore it does what it’s supposed to do. It only let very little light through where the corners had come off the window which wasn’t a problem for my baby and it could be stuck back on with a bit more water. This colour went well with the room as white is a very neutral colour and can usually look great with any colour someone might decorate their room with. It went well with my white furniture. I feel as though white is a colour that always brightens up a room so it was perfect for me. I did not notice any difference when these blinds were on the window regarding helping to regulate room temperature. The water does help it stick on and stay on. I did have to make sure the water was sprayed all over the window and specially on the sides and corners to avoid these areas coming off and letting some light through. But I was able to use it over and over again without it losing its stickiness. It was easy to put away and store. I used the paper roll it was stuck on to roll it back up and I would put an elastic band around it to make sure it would stay rolled up. I have used these almost every day and would use the blinds mostly during the night as that was when I needed my baby to sleep better so that I could get better sleep myself. Also during the day I would use it when she had naps as it allowed me to get on with some house chores if she slept longer. These blinds were used in the bedroom where we slept as we share a room. It did get damaged a little with a few small creases from trying to smooth it out as mentioned previously. Nevertheless I think it was made well as the blind felt thick and durable. However I was very careful when taking it off and putting it on to avoid tearing it or causing any further damage. I like that they actually worked well for my baby. Also the colour is definitely something I would have picked out had I bought them myself. I feel like for the price there could be some more improvement where there’s less hassle in attaching the blind to the window as well as better ways to remove the bubbles. Also maybe include a spray bottle to use for application as I did not have this at home. It does require a little kit to use with the blinds which could be included to make it better value for money. I probably would buy it if I was really struggling with my baby’s sleep pattern but I still think for the price it could maybe be less of a hassle to put on specially when sometimes the corners come off and the bubbles form. I also think maybe they could include all the necessary item needed to put it up. Like a good cloth that picks up the excess water and a tool to get all the bubbles out better as well as a little spray bottle to use for the water. I would recommend to anyone who’s struggling to keep their children sleeping longer and sleep better through the night as I believe anything is worth a try for better sleep as it is very important to get all the rest you need. As explained previously there was a few struggles putting it up which is why I have had to mark it down but it’s definitely something I will continue using as it worked well for my baby. Overall this is a great product as it does what it supposed to and blocks out the light with very minimal light coming through on occasions. However I think the price could be slightly lower or maybe it could include the few extra products I mentioned above that may make it more worth the price. However regardless of this it works and that’s the main thing for me and I would definitely recommend it to others for this reason. I’m glad I got to try this product out as I didn’t know something like that existed so now that I’m aware of it I can inform and recommend it to others specially those who want to avoid installing actual blinds. But I also think for all the hassle of putting them up every time you want to use them you may be better of just installing some actual black out blinds which would be quicker and easier to use each time your baby needs to sleep. Using theses blinds has taught me the importance of having total darkness during sleeping hours. Habiba Begum – Hanna 9 Months

Product Tested By Suzanna Bannister – Lucas 5 Months

Suzanna Awarded The Window Blockout Blind (2 Pack) 4.6/5

Nicely packaged and informative packaging.  Liked the design, plain and simple and neutral colour so will fit anywhere. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Once you got the hang of putting them on the window was easy enough.  Bit tricky at first but soon got the knack. This did attach easily enough but one night it did fall down, but was so easy to put back up again.  Not an issue as after this worked well enough. Good to be able to take off and attach again when required. My son has not really got into a sleep pattern at the moment so I need his nursery to be as dark as possible and these really helped.  Once up kept light out and we have enjoyed some good nights sleep (giving us a rest too).  I just found if no light came in during afternoon naps and at night (we have street light right outside his window) then he did sleep more calmly and did not wake up every 3 hours. I will also be using these during the summer months too. They are a neutral colour so blend in with any décor. I think in the summer months I would be able to fully test the fact that the outward-facing side will reflect light away from window. Loved the fact no marks left on window when put up so that was a bonus and can use in other rooms if required. Great you can roll up and fold away when not using and easy to keep safe as will be using more in the summer months. I have used this regularly in Lucas’s nursery. Quality is good and like to fact you can roll up and take away with you too, so ideal when travelling to family and friends for a break or a long weekend. After initial first attempt not working as well, I got the hang of it and these were easy to use and take down when not required.  Like you can roll up and save to use when needed. These are a good idea just think they are a little expensive for what they are. I would consider buying more for the summer when I will get a lot more usage out of these.  Like the idea, like the ease of use, no mess and they work well so have already recommended. Worked well for us and liked how you could take down with ease and transport to another room.  Good idea just feel the price should be a little bit lower. Suzanna Bannister – Lucas 5 Months






It’s very easy to put up and took a minimal amount of time. Provided the windows are small this is easily a one person job – if the windows are larger it would be easier to fit if there are two people holding it in place.  No residue left on the windows and they come off without any issues. Would be ideal  if the blind came in different widths as this size wasn’t wide enough so I had to patch two lengths together which looks a little untidy. In all it does block out significantly more light than curtains alone so I’m pleased to have been able to trial it.


Kirstie Awarded The Window Blockout Blinds (2 Pack) 4.3/5

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