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Wipe-able Food Diary From Maxine & Teddy

Can be used to keep track of milk feeds, the weaning stage and the introduction of new foods.  Suitable for one child, twins or siblings, separately or at the same time! Useful for allergies and food intolerances, for children who need their consumption closely monitored.  Handy for the grandparents or the nanny! Ensure a wide variety of foods are included within the daily diet. Enough pages for 2 months.  Pencil included.  £2.50 P&P.

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£10 + £2.50 P&P - Available to purchase online

Wipe-able Food Diary From Maxine & Teddy Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Bowyer – Baby Edward 10 months

Product Tested By Lisa Bowyer – Baby Edward 10 Months

Lisa Awarded the Maxie & Teddy Feeding Diary 3.8/5

Clear and self-explanatory. A good idea – especially useful for parents who are trying to work out what a child is intolerant too. I was surprised how much the children were eating. The book is quite large and I didn’t find it practical to take out with me. I tried to record food eaten to write in when we got home, but sometimes forgot. Also we lost the ‘special pencil’ for a few days – a spare would be a good idea. I think its quite expensive for the type of product. We didn’t really have battles at mealtimes so this section was not relevant to us.  A good quality product. whilst it’s a good product I think £6.99 would be a more appropriate price. I also think a spare pencil – or a way of attaching the pencil to the book would be a good improvement. I think this is an expensive item and too large to carry around with you, so limited to using at home only.  This book did offer peace of mind and was well made. A good product that offers peace of mind, but could be improved and available at a cheaper price.  Lisa Bowyer – Baby Edward 10 Months

Product Tested By Nikky Powell – Baby Violet Aged 3 Months

Nikky Awarded The Maxie and Teddy Feeding Diary 4.5/5

Lovely shiny book with wipeable pages and its own pencil. No packaging as such, but a good sturdy book with good wipeable pages. Simple clear instructions, with the first page of the book filled in as an example.  Foolproof! A very good idea if everyone involved in feeding is prepared to write everything down.   I’m not sure if Violet was already at nursery whether they’d have the time to do it.  It’s been very helpful in the first couple of weeks weaning Violet.  I’ve been able to keep a clear record or what tastes she’s enjoyed or not! and what milk she’s still getting.  As I’m breastfeeding, I wasn’t able to put the ml of milk she’d had, as in the example, but I put down the length of the feed, and from which side she’d fed.   It would have been very useful in the early days to keep a record of her milk feeds.   Yes, I kept it with me either in the kitchen or in my changing bag.  No, I’ve never seen a similar product.  Yes, it had space for just the correct amount of information when you are keeping a feeding record.  As were only just weaning, it’s not been a battle ground as yet!   But I imaging in the future it would be very useful.    At the moment, it’s useful for finding out her likes and dislikes.  Excellent quality!  Lovely thick card pages and wipe clean.  The price on the back of the book, £15.00 seems quite a lot!  Yes, I would consider buying it despite the price, as I’ve found it very useful – I’d have loved something like this when Violet was new and I was struggling to remember when I’d fed her, and from which side!  Simple to use record book, to help my non-existent memory!  Nikky Powell – Baby Violet Aged 3 Months  

Product Tested By Yvonne Crook – Baby Luke 4 Months

Yvonne Awarded The Maxie and Teddy Feeding Diary 3.7/5

Very good, easy to use, wipe clean pages and a good reminder of how much milk baby has had or what baby food has been given/eaten so can be used from birth right through weaning.  Item was well packaged and undamaged when it arrived.  Very simple to use – no instructions needed really as the pages are self-explanatory.  Very simple but could easily be done writing on a calendar, in a notebook etc. Although it is useful to have it all written down in one place so you can easily identify growth spurts etc. Helps you keep a more accurate record of what baby has had rather than trying to keep a running total in your head throughout the day but it doesn’t contain any feeding guides/amounts so you still don’t really know if your baby is getting enough.  It would be useful to have a couple of pages at the front giving ages/weight of baby/how much milk they should take etc. It only takes a minute to write in the time and amount of milk baby has had.  I was not aware a product like this existed. I was still worried my baby wasn’t taking the recommended intake of milk each day and it was my health visitor who reassured me rather than the product as the product doesn’t actually contain any information.  Although this is a way to record feeds, and you can always talk to your health visitors regarding other issues.   Well made and good quality feeding guide book. This is a very expensive product for what it actually is – you could buy a notebook and it would do exactly the same thing.  If it was more reasonably priced at around £5 then yes but I wouldn’t consider paying £10 for what essentially is a notebook.  To justify price I would personally expect to see feeding guide lines.  A very easy to use product but for the RRP I would expect it to contain feeding guidelines and more information.  Yvonne Crook – Baby Luke 4 Months

Product Tested By Hana Kostrunkova – Ben Aged 2 Years 7 Months

Hana Awarded The Maxie and Teddy Feeding Diary 4.3/5

I thought this was a great idea to help parents who wanted to keep record of foods given and at what times. Design very simple and simple to use – just book with wipe-able pages and wipe clean pen. For us we wanted to see what exactly are Ben’s allergies. No packaging which is good.   Instructions are simple and clear.  It says to wipe away with a cloth. I found it easier to wipe away with paper tissues as cloths smudged a lot and left the pages dirty.  The concept of monitoring what, how much and when your child eats is a good idea. I used it also to find out what other food allergies/intolerances that Ben may have in addition to those we are aware of. This book is very versatile. Not helped feed more confidently, but reassured me that what I am giving to my son is right.  Did not use this all the time, as found it a bit time consuming, as we are a busy family. But I tried to catch up in the evenings.   I was not aware that a product like this existed at all. Keeping a feeding record for Ben definitely helped as my son has food allergies/intolerances and this product helped me identify what foods he reacts to. No effect in preventing mealtime’s battles. Don’t se how this could help.  It is a good quality product. One suggestion would be to make a holder for the pencil as I kept loosing it or misplacing it. When accidentally dropped, the pencil lead brakes and I have to keep sharpening it.  I feel that £15 for this product is too much money as you need to buy a pen/pencil when the one provided is finished. But would most probably buy it for £10, price advertised on their website.  Yes I would consider buying it, as it is very versatile product. Not only  can you  keep record of food you can use it to put notes such as nap times, nappy changes, medicine, … You can record whole day time routine. I would recommend this product to friends and family, as there are many ways to use it.  Good quality product, which can be used from when baby is born right, up to the toddler years and will be used again, again and again.  Hana Kostrunkova – Ben Aged 2 Years 7 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Fiddler – Baby Bayliee Louica Fiddler 8 Months

Kelly Awarded the Maxie & Teddy Feeding Diary 3.8/5

A very good and practical idea. I think it’s very well presented. The guidelines are very easy to follow. My baby is fussy but with this product I can keep track of what and when she’s feeding. I was consistent, because, my little one hadn’t really got a feeding pattern and this helped me to get one. It was very good for keeping records of what my child had for the doctors. I think it is very over priced. I feel you could do a similar job with a note pad? Price lets a very good product down.  Kelly Fiddler – Baby Bayliee Louica Fiddler 8 Months

Product Tested By Joanne Pierrepont

Joanne Awarded the Maxie & Teddy Feeding Diary 3/5

I liked the idea of this as a record of what I fed my daughter and how much she ate as she was not putting on as much weight as she should have.  It was handy to have sat next to the table so I could write down as she finished exactly how much she had and then show the health visitor.  If I am very honest though I think it is expensive and had I been more organised then I could have just written it down in an ordinary notebook for the fraction of the price.  Good quality, easy to use and nice idea to have to keep a feeding record.  Joanne Pierrepont

A good product that offers peace of mind.




Lisa Awarded the Maxie & Teddy Feeding Diary 3.8/5

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