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Prince Lionheart – The Wipes Warmer pop takes the chill out of diaper changing! Featuring the patented Ever-Fresh System, the Wipes Warmer keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration. The Patented Ever-Fresh® System helps keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe your Baby’s delicate skin. This Patented System works 4 ways:
Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2009

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Wipes Warmer pop Reviews

Product Tested By Vikki Douel – Zak 18 Months

Vikki Awarded The Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer 4.4/5

I did think that this was a product that I didn’t think was needed or required by many people. There were clear pictures on the packaging showing what the product looks like; nice complementing colours used. The instructions were clear and easy to read. The wipes were very easy to insert into the wipe warmer, just open out of the packaging and place inside on top of the basket and feed through the opening. The two brands of wipes that I have both fitted perfectly well. I did not notice any dryness or discolouration of the wipes but I did make sure the pillow inside was kept plenty wet enough. Id o not feel like my son noticed the difference between using a regular wipe and a warm wipe although it has been tested in hot weather. If I were to test this in the winter I may notice the difference. The quality is fantastic; good sturdy product, easy to use but not keen on the flickering light as although it was not flashing it also wasn’t still and was not too pleasant to look at as it was slightly flickering. I think the RRP is slightly expensive. I don’t think I would consider buying this; although it may be a good idea in theory and some people may feel they have a use for it my son didn’t seem any different when using a warmer wipe to using a normal temperature wipe. I would recommend it to family and friends; especially for anyone who knows their child is sensitive to the temperature of a wipe from a packet then I think this would be a great product. I think it is a good well-made product that is easy to use but I would be concerned about having to have this product turned on all day and night. If your baby is sensitive to cold wipes straight from the packet then this is a great product to use but for me it is not really necessary as my son did not seem bothered by what I used on him. Vikki Douel – Zak 18 Months

Product Tested By Kirstie Awan – Daniel 23 Months

Kirstie Awarded The Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer 3.8/5

A product that after reading up on the internet made lots of claims but I did not really see the need for the product. The product was quite large on opening the box and I had to re-arrange my son’s room in order to have a plug nearby and somewhere safe to stand the item. There was no internal packaging to protect the product from being damaged inside the box, the images on the box were very dull and the product would not grab my attention in a shop. The instructions were easy to understand although extra details at some points would have been useful. The wipes were easy to put into the product, but it was very annoying when they ran out mid change, you could not see easily how many wipes were left. I only use Huggies pure wipes and these seem to fit ok. I did not really notice any difference in using the wipes from the warmer, there was no noticeable difference in moistness, Huggies wipes do not tend to dry out in the packet anyway and the warmth did not make any difference to me. The last 10 or so wipes had started to very slightly discolour at the edges but this did not affect their effectiveness or moistness and they had been in the product for a while as I do not change my son in the same place all the time. My son did not really react any differently to the use of the warmed wipes compared to un-warmed ones. I can see how new-borns and especially pre-term babies may benefit from the warmed wipes but my son was not bothered at all and I used good old fashioned warm water and cotton wool when he was tiny. The product looked to be of good build quality and sturdy if not a little bulky. I don’t think it offers value for money; especially not for an older child. The need to change the sponge would add to the overall cost in the long run. Multiple products would need to be purchased if you do not always change your baby in the same place, and if your child became used to warm wipes what would you do when out and about. It could be made less bulky and more child friendly in decoration, we added stickers to ours. Due to the size and nature of the product it could not be kept on the changing table like the packet of wipes normally is.  We stopped using it for every nappy change after a few days as it did not bother my son at all, and during the hot weather the un-warmed wipes seemed to be quite enjoyable for my son. We used it more before bed after my son had his bath. Kirstie Awan – Daniel 23 Months


Product Tested By Rebbekka McCullough – Ollie 19 Months

Rebbekka Awarded The Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer 4.2/5

At first hearing of this product I was a little sceptical about how well it would work and whether it would ruin my wipes by drying them out. I was excited to try this product out as it isn’t something I would have personally bought and I do not know anyone who has owned or even heard of a baby wipe warmer. The product is well packed in its packaging although the packaging is a little boring an unappealing on the eye. If this product was on the shelf next to a similar product in brighter packaging, my attention would be automatically drawn to the product in the more appealing packaging. The instructions were very easy to follow. The product itself doesn’t need an expert to assemble and it is very straight forward to do so. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. The wipes are very easy to get in to the warmer. The lid opens and the wipes fit in. The hardest part about loading the wipes in to the warmer is trying to get them out of their original packaging without them unfolding! I must admit when it comes to using products on my son’s skin I don’t swap and change between brands. From birth my son has used Huggies pure wipes and he continues to use that brand today. His wipes fit well in the warmer with space surrounding them. I presume other brands of wipes would fit into the warmer but I only use Huggies so these are the only wipes I loaded into my warmer. I noticed a slight difference in the temperature of the wipes. I’m not sure that my son noticed the slight difference. I feel that if a portable warmer would be available this would be more beneficial.  My son was a Christmas day baby so on days out in the winter months his wipes would become cold and slightly uncomfortable to use on his skin. He didn’t show a great interest in the temperature of the wipes between the warmer ones or the packet. Drying out or dis- colouring was my original query when reading about the wipe warmer. I didn’t understand how wipes would stay warm without drying out or turning a yellow colour. The wipes stay moist and warm and their original colour which deserves huge thumbs up. My son didn’t notice the difference in the temperature of the wipes. On several nappy changes I used a wipes from the warmer one then one from a packet. My son didn’t notice the difference between the different temperatures of wipes. The product is well built and has survived many tumbles to the ground where my son has attempted to remove the wipes himself. The lid is solid and secure which I am surprised as it is a plastic lid. It doesn’t feel flimsy or that it would break if the user was too heavy handed. I personally wouldn’t pay the RRP for this product. I feel that it is an item of baby equipment that parents may buy expecting miracles from. If this was a portable product and I was due a winter baby then I would consider purchasing a portable version. The product has been well designed and the added night lightis a great addition to aid the night-time nappy changes. It is a compact product that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. Although the product works; it does what it claims to do, I personally wouldn’t buy one. There has never been an occasion where my son has found the temperature of his wipes uncomfortable, except when he was new-born and we had been out all day in the cold temperature which as a result caused his wipes to become cooler than usual. This product wouldn’t have aided us as it relies on a plug socket which is hard to find when out and about in the countryside. The product itself I like although I wouldn’t recommend it. I feel that the money spent on this could be better spent elsewhere. I have enjoyed using this product and being able to answer my question of whether the wipes would dry out or become discoloured. If a portable option became available I may consider purchasing depending on the time of year my child would be born/new-born. Rebbekka McCullough – Ollie 19 Months



If your baby is sensitive to cold wipes straight from the packet then this is a great product to use                


Vikki Awarded The Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer 4.4/5

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