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Wouldn’t it be nice to introduce our children to a safe world whilst having fun – to take them on a journey through everyday life, testing their knowledge on everyday situations? Using the WiseUp Children’s Safety Board Game and the 6 TC Kids characters in this Children’s Safety Game, you will be able to educate your children on a whole range of children’s safety issues and help them learn how to live and play safe both inside and outside of the home. The game has been tried and tested in several primary schools around the UK and is now available to the public. WiseUp the Children’s Safety Game includes 250 questions on:-Fire Safety -Road Safety -Stranger Danger -Roller Skating -Emergency Services Information -Basic First Aid -Safety Related Statistics -Disability Awareness -Bullying -Water Safety -Electrical Safety -Firework Safety -Internet Safety -Cycling – Skateboarding -Nutrition -Drug/Solvent Abuse -Safety Signs -Sporting Interests -Racism -Chemical Awareness And many more…The Children’s Safety Game includes:- 1 x folding board
4 x pack of 50 question and answer cards -1 x pack of 50 risk cards -1 x 50 signs sheet -4 x pawns -1 x dice -1 x 1 dice shaker
1 x pencil.

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£19.95 Plus P&P - To Order Email [email protected] or [email protected] - Or Call 0845 2307 505 for futher information - Will be available to purchase online April

WiseUp Board Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Miquila Lauchlan – Naithan 7 Years

Product Tested By Miquila Lauchlan – Naithan 7 Years

Miquila Awarded the Wise Up Game 4.7/5

I liked this, very structured and factual. This game made me think about some issues that we hadn’t discussed as a family and did bring up some areas that we didn’t think needed any more education given. The rules of the game were easy for me to understand and I also read them to Naithan a few times just to make sure he understood. The quality is great, no concerns here and I feel that Naithan has definitely learnt a lot from this, and also me too! Some of the questions are hard for him to understand but this will be great for when he is older! I think the rrp is quite high for a board game, regardless of the education factor. But it’s a good educational game that will surely benefit your child. Miquila Lauchlan – Naithan 7 Years

Product Tested By Kirstie Wass – Shay 5 Years

Kirstie Awarded the Wise Up Game 4/5

A very educational game, with nice packaging. The rules are clear and simple to understand, we had no trouble at all and the contents of the game are good quality.  I played this game with my 5 year old; however I feel that he was a bit too young to understand some of the safety messages in the game. He did develop his skills a little with using this game and he understood some of the easier questions. I have to say that I would not pay full price for this, it is well made but I think the price is a bit excessive for a board game. Good quality product, however I feel it is more suitable for slightly older children. Kirstie Wass – Shay 5 Years

Product Tested By Moira Landry – Abigail 5 Years

Moira Awarded the Wise Up Game 4.2/5

I liked the nice and clear packaging; this is always a good start to impressions on a game. Took a few minutes to read through the instructions and then had to refresh the rules as we played to make sure that we understood. Good quality game/pieces, although the illustrations were a bit basic. I thought it was a good tool to learn through play and teach my child safety issues without it being too nagging/boring. My daughter really enjoys playing this game and wanted to keep going round the board! My daughter is only 5 so I was a bit unsure of some of the questions, they seemed a bit geared towards older children, but I just either chose a new card or re-worded the question. As an educational tool it is ok value, but quite expensive as a board game compared to games on the market. Good learning tool for children, my daughter enjoys playing this and learns some valuable lessons whilst doing so. I can teach her about safety in a fun way. Moira Landry – Abigail 5 Years

A good educational game that will surely benefit your child.


Miquila Awarded the Wise Up Game 4.7/5

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