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Wonders of the World By Tactic Games

Wonders of the World. Name different wonders from all over the world, and try to place them on the right continents!
If you get stuck, you can ask for a clue, but the more you know, the more points you will score!

The player, who has placed the most wonders on the right continents at the end of the game, wins!

£12.99 Available online

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Wonders of the World By Tactic Games Reviews

Product Tested By Francesca Holden – Molly 8 Years

Francesca Awarded The Wonders of the World Game 5/5

The box looked a bit dull for a children’s game so I was pleasantly surprised once we opened the box.It’s brilliant, great for those who love their geography and even the adults can learn a few things.Instructions very clear and easy for everybody to follow. It’s a simple game, easy setup and you can get straight into it.Even the 8 year old didn’t need reminding of how to play this game. This is definitely age appropriate. Even a child who doesn’t know anything about world wonders or geography will be able to learn lots and can easily go exploring an atlas for their next game. My daughter found this easy to play and she absolutely loved it. Molly loves to learn and find out new things so this is her idea of the perfect game. Definitely a great educational game. Even us grown-ups learnt a few things! It’s full of facts and even if you don’t have a clue you can have a quick Google for further research. Mum, dad and Molly all played, she’s even taken it to school to play because she wants her friends to have a go too. We played it about 4 times over 10 days, not sure how many times they’ve played at school. Very good quality as it’s not flimsy paper as I expected it to be when I opened the box.It’s a very good game but considering it only takes 20 minutes or so it’s expensive and I imagine the facts could get a bit repetitive. We loved the geography facts, I was amazed at what everybody learnt, and I thought it would be easy for the grown-ups but it wasn’t. I would buy this game. It’s so educational and is something you can get out with friends and family, everybody can learn something. I’d recommend to those with similar aged children with an interest in geography, children will love the variety of facts. Overall a good game that serves its purpose perfectly. Everybody enjoyed the game; it was educational for everybody, grown-ups included. Wish it was slightly longer or had more interactivity rather than just being a factual card based game but for the game itself 20 mins is a good length of time to play as any longer some children may get bored. It would be great with a big family! Francesca Holden – Molly 8 Years

Product Tested By Jocelyn Halligan – Marsha 10 & Tom 8 Years

Jocelyn Awarded The Wonders of the World Game 4.8/5

The box looked interesting and gave you an idea of what the game was all about. Certainly a good idea for a game as helping you to learn lots as you play and covering knowing continents and major world wonders. Instructions were a bit difficult to follow, but once me and my grandchildren had a few attempts at the game it was easy enough to play. The contents were good quality and suffice for the board game. Once we had played together a few times we found the game easy to play and enjoyable. Both my grandchildren enjoyed the game and learnt a lot too so I would say age appropriate. They did find this entertaining and amazing what they remembered too. Made them more inquisitive about the world. A great educational game that the whole family enjoyed. We played with their parents, and they also took this home and played with their friends. They both found it interesting and enjoyable to play. However, we are a family that love educational games and this was right up our alley. We played this a few times each week, and know they have played a few times with friends. For the price certainly good quality. Also good value for money as many of the games I buy for them are over £25 Plus. Good value in my books. I would purchase as a gift for my other grandchildren now we have played this. Already recommended as we all enjoyed the game and even at my age learnt a bit more.You are never too old to learn. A good entertaining game helps you learn more about geography and the world and have fun while learning. We all really enjoyed the chance to review this game. Jocelyn Halligan – Marsha 10 & Tom 8 Years

Product Tested By Sara Airoud – Benjamin 8 Years

Sara Awarded The Wonders of the World Game 4/5

The product was nicely packed, the box size was good, and it’s a nice size for easy storage. It interests my son to see what was inside. My son did find it a little confusing, and didn’t understand the game very well. The instructions were good, it did tell you all you need to know. Easy to set up and easy to use. Both myself and my son found it quite hard to understand the rules of the game. This is aimed at 8 Years+ but I feel it should be designed for older children. He found it quite difficult to play and got bored after a little while. He was really interested at first but after a little while he got confused and just wanted to go off to play.It’s a very educational game yes. The idea is great, helps children to learn however I feel it can be adapted a bit to put a bit more fun into it.It was just myself and my son who played this game. We tried it twice but it’s not a game my son would firstly want to play. The quality of the product was really good. I think a bit more bright colours would be more of an advantage. As an educational game yes good value. You don’t get many games on the market for that price. I really like the concept of it. I like it being very educational. I personally would not buy this as feel more suitable for an older child. I would recommend this game, but leave it up to them if they decide it is right for their family. Although I stated I wouldn’t necessarily buy this product it had some very good points. It was a good product to test. Very educational, just quite hard for an 8 year old to understand. Was packaged well, nice and compact. A bit more colour and introduce a fun element to the game and this product will be amazing. Sara Airoud – Benjamin 8 Years


Francesca Awarded The Wonders of the World Game 5/5

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