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Wonderworld Eco House

Wonderworld Eco House is part of the new eco series of toys that educate children how to save the environment through play. Includes 3 figures, bedroom, kitchen & bathroom furniture. A bicycle, recycle bins, trees, solar panel on roof and a wind turbine. All energy renewable features.

Suitable for age 36mths+

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Wonderworld Eco House Reviews

Product Tested by: Sadie Broadhead - Millie Aged 6 Years

Product Tested By Sadie Broadhead – Millie Aged 6 Years

Sadie Awarded The Wonderworld’s Eco House 4.2/5

It looks quite impressive, in a big box with pictures of the house once built up, showing the dolls and contents in various poses. The website is bright and shows lots of different toys, Millie really wanted to look at all the different toys on show, there were lots of unusual toys and things you don’t often see in the shops. Unfortunately the website did not show any prices and said to ring or email for more information.  I probably wouldn’t do that but would look for the same products elsewhere. The box was very sturdy and looked attractive, the individual pieces were well packaged inside the box. It took me about 40mins to set up, but some of that time was spent finding a screwdriver. The instructions were picture based and not that helpful but the pictures on the outside of the box were very useful and once you’d got the first couple of pieces together the rest of it was very easy.  This is a good size and two or three can play with it at the same time.  The open sides on the house make it easy to play with and there was a good selection of furniture to go in the house. There was no furniture for one of the rooms and there are 3 beds but only really one bedroom, the shower unit does not really fit in the house without being across a window, however I should say that these are things I have noticed, I don’t think Millie noticed any of that and certainly it didn’t affect her play. She has played with it a great deal and friends who have come to play have really enjoyed playing with it too.  It is big enough that they can all play at once and not end up fighting. Millie is 6 so I didn’t have any concerns at all, it is recommended from age 3 and I suppose with younger children you would have to be sure it was flat on the floor as it is quite heavy.  I think it would be great for the recommended age as it is very robust and you would not need to worry about your child not being careful with it.  She has played for quite long periods of time making the dolls sing and talk. The most played with part of it has to be the electric scooter.  I’m sure it would do for younger children, although I have seen some lovely sharing going on when she has played with it with her friends.  Some of the ‘Eco’ features have enthused Millie to spark up a converstaion about solar and wind power and why houses might use water butts. It has done very well at keeping her attention, she has played with it using lots of different dolls and making other dolls come to visit, she loves being able to move the staircase and change the rooms around. She enjoys playing with the electric scooter on its own away from the house and she has put other dolls inside the house. The wheelie bins seem to be great fun. I personally think £100 is quite a lot to spend but if your child really wanted a dolls house I think this one is very good, you get a lot of accessories with it which I think is unusual and it is very good quality, you need not worry about it breaking or your child being too heavy handed for it. I was surprised by how much play we’ve got out of it, she loves it and plays with it very independently for longer periods than I expected. I really like this toy, its not as ‘pretty’ as some dolls houses but it has real playability and all the children who have seen it here have gone straight to play with it.  It would make a great toy for a nursery or a childminder as it is so well made and we have found that both boys and girls have enjoyed playing with it.  The wonderworld ‘Eco’-House is a robust and well made toy, it presents a great introduction to some ecological concepts, is attractive to look at and has real playability. Sadie Broadhead – Millie Aged 6 Years


Product Tested By Wendy Hutchinson – Hannah & Connie Aged 41/2 & 21/2 Years

Wendy Awarded The Wonderworld’s Eco House  4.9/5

Looks beautiful, and very different from the average dolls house.  Some really lovely and unique toys available online. Made from wood and they look beautifully made. The packaging was damaged when we received the house, but the contents were fine. There was one spelling error on the packaging though. It only took me 45 minutes to put the whole house together and this was taking my time. The instructions looked very complicated but actually once you looked at them properly, were quite easy to follow. I only went wrong once, and this was easily corrected.  A nice size, both my 2 girls could fit around it together and play at an end each. The accessories are very nice. The bins, trees, beds etc my girls found they really enjoyed playing with but the best bit for my 4 year old was the bike that the man could really ride and for my 2 year old it was the toilet that was the best bit!  Kept the girls entertained for quite some time. They made up different games and scenarios.  No concerns, it is for 3 years and up but my 2 year old enjoyed it just as much, the only thing is that both the children had trouble getting the people into the positions that they wanted them, i.e. sitting on the chairs or standing up, which the 2 year old did find frustrating.  Great toy for imaginative play.  Helps with co-ordination, imagination, sharing (when in the right mood!).  It is a simple toy that doesn’t frustrate them, but lets them play out there own ideas and thoughts.  Really great.  My 2 year old likes to fill the bins with money and she likes to do the house work in the dolls house!  Excellent quality, really well made, the wood is beautiful, the furniture really pleasing to touch. The only down side is that we have found that the door section does come out easily when the children are opening the door and then needs to be refitted.  It is a wonderful dolls house and defiantly worth the money.  Wonderfully made house, that the children loved playing with and really sparked their imaginations, and got us talking about the world in general because of the eco theme. Wendy Hutchinson – Hannah & Connie Aged 41/2 & 21/2 Years


Product Tested By Julie Florey – Emily Aged 4 Years

Julie Awarded The Wonderworld’s Eco House  4.7/5 

Excellent different to other dolls houses as it opens up your child’s mind to issues today.  Found the site a bit hard to follow, didn’t really tell me as much as I wanted to know about the products.  Packaging good and featured very good pictures which made it look very exciting.  This was very quick and easy to put together.  I think the size is OK, maybe could have been a bit bigger.  Excellent entertainment value and my children have enjoyed playing with this dolls house so much, even our 6 year old has joined in the fun. I think the recommended age is just right but it will be played with for many years to come.  My two daughters love playing with this for ages at a time, and just recently our own recycling has changed so they are enjoying role play using recycling bins. They have been using their other dolls as extended to the family that comes with it.  My Childs co-ordination is already very good but I can see that it would help with those children where it isn’t fully developed yet.  My daughter loves it so much; it’s hard to remember what she played with before. She uses it as a dolls house, summer holiday home. I think it is very good quality and can see that it will last a long time.  I thought £100 was a bit pricey but then you see the time spent playing with it and I think it is worth every penny.  Would definitely consider purchasing this dolls house and would recommend as it has provoked an interest in greener issues.  An excellent product that has started an interest in how we can live a greener lifestyle.  Julie Florey – Emily Aged 4 Years


The wonderworld ‘Eco’-House is a robust and well made toy, it presents a great introduction to some ecological concepts, is attractive to look at and has real playability.


Sadie Awarded The Wonderworld’s Eco House 4.2/5

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