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Wondrous Ink Personalised Book

How our wondrous book works…
Our wondrous book is tailored to a child’s name, and has boy and girl versions to suit those special little ones in your life.

Our wondrous book uses the letters of each child’s name to show them why they are so special and unique in the world.
During the adventure, they help a host of colourful characters in different ways, discovering something new about their own characteristics with each interaction.
Until at the end they realise those same characteristics actually spell out their very own name!
Bizziebaby Gold Award winners 2016 

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Wondrous Ink Personalised Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa McNeil – Hugh 6 Years

Tested By
Lisa McNeil – Hugh 6 Years

Lisa Awarded
The Wondrous Ink Personalised Book 5/5

The book has a nice weight and feel and the quality pages are perfect
for little fingers to turn without fear of ripping them. The matt finish of the
pages is great because as well as being a fun book it helps parents see what
the child is reading and makes it easy to see the words to help them along. I
think the quality is excellent. You can see and feel the quality in the pages.
The quality of the book does not decrease because a child happens to have a
longer name. I feel that it makes the personalisation that much stronger
because a quality personalised product is far superior to a non-quality
personalised product and can even ruin the idea of the personalisation. This
book is amazing quality for the price. The wonderful thing about
personalisation is that children, even before they can read, can identify their
own name and having their name on the front cover makes the book extremely
interesting to those who can read and those learning to read. Hugh loved that
the book included his middle name and was excited to start reading. The note at the front of the book as though
it really was written for him made him grin with glee and he could not wait to
read the book. The colours in the book are bright and enticing without being
garish and it was good that he looked quite like the little boy in the story
which was even more appealing to him. I liked the illustrations and I felt as
though the emotion of the story was displayed excellently through the facial
expressions of the child and the personalities of the animals he meets shine
through in the illustrations. Even on
matt paper the illustrations hold their own. Hugh liked the illustrations- the
colour and the characters. He liked that the boy in the story looked like him.
I think the book would be even more special to other children if in addition to
name personalisation hair colour and possibly skin tone could be personalised. First
of all, the story is about him so he enjoyed that alone. The book was great as
I could use it as a way to remind Hugh at bedtime why he is so special but the
story is so extensive we could spend lots of time discussing things that popped into his mind as
we read (yetis and snow and so on). The language was perfect for him. Most
words were fine for him to read but there will still words (like ravine) that
he needed help with but I think that adds to the book because when he can read
the whole thing on his own he will not only enjoy the story again but remember
just how much he is loved and how wondrous he is. Hugh is 6 and has younger
siblings. To have something that was just about him was perfect for him and he
is at the age of realising how big the world is with all the other children in
school and I think he really appreciated the confirmation of his uniqueness and
the one to one story time. He liked that ‘book Hugh’ went on an epic adventure
and helped lots of animals out. He liked that the book ‘knew’ he likes to help
people and how he also is inventive and creative like ‘book Hugh’. The book has
such a great story and there is so much for Hugh to want to talk about more.
The animals were less common than you would find in some story books so there
was so much to learn and the introduction of new words and vocabulary also. An
interesting and stimulating read. I cannot rave about this book enough! I love
the quality of the print and the length of the book for the price. The story
and illustrations are excellent. The best part is how personalised the book is
and is positive affirmation of uniqueness for the child and gives parents the
opportunity for quality bed-time. The best time to tell your child how special
they are is before they go to sleep and this book makes it so easy and can help
introduce this affection or help cement what is already there. A must for every
child! This book is value for money. I
certainly was not expecting such quality based on the price and was very
pleasantly surprised. I would absolutely consider buying this book as first and
foremost it is personalised which is a nice touch. The quality of the paper is
also excellent and the images are colourful and appealing. I would recommend
this product to friends and family. I cannot fault this product in the
slightest. A quality and child friendly personalised story book with positive
affirmations of individuality essential to healthy development of children
whilst remaining entertaining and appealing throughout. Lisa McNeil – Hugh 6 Years

Product Tested By Aaliyah Keegan – Haidar 3 Years

Aaliyah Awarded
The Wondrous Ink Personalised Book 5/5

Good quality lovely picture and personalised. Very good quality paper
and a lovely story. He asks me to read it again straight away and at least once
a day. Beautifully illustrated. Haidar loved the pictures and spoke about them
making his own story to go with it. I had to read it to him and he copied me. Haidar
loves that he is in the story and says it’s about him. I think it is a stimulating book as he makes
stories around the original story and speaks about it after. I really enjoy
reading it to him and think it will help him how to spell his name. I would purchase as a gift. I would definitely recommend. A lovely personalised story. Aaliyah Keegan –
Haidar 3 Years

Product Tested By Clare Sturgeon – Son 5 years

Clare Awarded The
Wondrous Ink Personalised Book 4.7/5

Very good
quality suitably impressed. Love the
fact it is personalised as made it special for my son. Quality excellent. Makes the whole story more appealing as they
feature in the story and something to cherish and keep always. My son loved this book and have been reading
it to him daily. The illustrations were bright and colourful and added impact
to the story. A well written
personalised story which captured my son’s imagination. It is stimulating as he wants to learn more
all the time as he is featured in the story.
Helps with words and spelling.
Superb value for money. I would
certainly purchase more and have already recommended. I was not expecting much from a personalise
book, but this was one of the best I have had and will certainly be purchasing
more from this company. A lovely
captivating story which included my son and he loved it. Clare Sturgeon – Son 5 years


A quality and child friendly personalised story book with positive affirmations of individuality essential to healthy development of children whilst remaining entertaining and appealing throughout. 


Lisa Awarded The Wondrous Ink Personalised Book 5/5


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