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Woobamboo Kids Toothbrush

Woobamboo Kids Toothbrush – twin pack

Woobamboo “Sprouts” are small child’s or travel sized brushes with Super Soft bristles. Sprout Kid’s brushes were designed for little ones, from ages 1 – 8 (Although some adults use them as travel brushes!). Each pack conatins one blue/green brush and one purple/pink brush

Woobamboo toothbrushes offer a natural and biodegradable option that works just as well and last just as long as a conventional toothbrush. The handle is made from sustainable and organic moso bamboo which is panda friendly (not the bamboo that they eat).  The recyclable bristles are Dupont Tynex, arguably the best quality and most trusted bristle available. So when you’re done using your Woo Bamboo toothbrush, you could literally pull out and recycle the bristles, and throw the handle into your compost where it will gently biodegrade. They’re “Dentist approved, Mother Nature recommended!”

All packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.   Big changes happen if we all make small steps, and these products serve as an inspirational reminder that a small step has been made towards a cleaner planet!

Eco-friendly! Eco-awesome!

Price: £5.99 for Twin Pack available Revital, panacea, John Bell & Croyden, Amazon, all good health stores and pharmacies


Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Baby/Children Toothbrush Category

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Woobamboo Kids Toothbrush Reviews

Product Tested By Kirsty Mollart – Teddy 19 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Woobamboo Toothbrush 5/5

Two colourful toothbrushes packed in good but minimal packaging. I really like the idea of a fully recyclable toothbrush.  As we are moving away from using plastic the woobamboo toothbrush is a good alternative. My son liked the brightly coloured bristles. It was easy for him to hold on to with his small hands. We found that he didn’t struggle as much with having the bristles brushing against his gum as he has with others previously. We are currently trying to become as plastic free as possible, so a bamboo toothbrush is helping to achieve this. A toothbrush that can be recycled is very important to us as well as helping to maintain our planet. We would use this twice a day. This is great to take with you on family holidays and weekends away.  It is a sturdy and well-made toothbrush.  Very good quality, well-made and sturdy. Having two in the packet makes this very good quality for a non plastic toothbrush. I liked that the toothbrush was not plastic and that it feels like it gives a good clean, even when the child is a bit uncooperative. I would buy these.  The toothbrushes are good quality and plastic free which is what I look for when buying toothbrushes for my family.  I have recommended it to several friends who are also trying to reduce their plastic consumption. Good quality, colourful bamboo toothbrushes. Saving the planet from plastic damage while still maintaining a quality product. My son likes his woobamboo toothbrush; it was gentle on his sore gums while still effective at cleaning his teeth. I like that it is a plastic free product and can be easily recycled. Kirsty Mollart – Teddy 19 Months

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Saffy 3 Years

Adeela Awarded The Woobamboo Toothbrush 5/5

It looked a lot better than I expected. The packaging was nice. I like the concept and am up for anything that helps save the planet. We all liked the appearance of the toothbrush as looks really smart and modern.  Saffy found this very easy to use.  My child did not complain when using this brush. It cleaned her teeth well.  Being designed to be biodegradable is important.  Also I have since read up about this and it is great knowing that we are using biodegradable products.  Everything about this toothbrush is eco-friendly and sustainable, helping protect the planet for your child’s future.  All these factors are important when looking to purchase a toothbrush as it is a great way to teach our younger generation to look after the planet.  This was used daily. This is ideal to use at home and perfect to take on holiday or trips to family and friends.  The quality is great and very good value for money. They last as long as other toothbrushes- to know that they are good for the environment makes me feel better as well. I liked that they are environmentally friendly- bio degradable. They are excellent toothbrushes I would definitely buy them once this pack runs out.  I have already recommended to my mummy friends.  This is an excellent product, well packaged, biodegradable and good for the environment. Adeela Hussain – Saffy 3 Years

Product Tested By Elisa Miles – Oliver 3 Years

Elisa Awarded The Woobamboo Toothbrush 4/5

The packaging looked professional and eye catching. I love the idea of the woobamboo toothbrush as we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and doing it small steps at a time. This is something we hadn’t changed yet and have been delighted to try it. Oliver liked the toothbrush and was happy to use it but not as bright as his usual ones. He did find it easy to use but did drop it a couple of times when using it but I think this is because the handles on his usual, plastic toothbrushes are much thicker and rounder. Oliver used it happily and it seemed to clean his teeth well. We are going eco-friendly one step at a time and things like this are becoming more what we are looking at when buying new products to replace old ones. It is important as we replace items around the home, when needed; these are the kind of things we are looking for to purchase.  This was used every day. Also great to pack away for family holidays and weekend trips away. The quality seemed very high and it looks nice. I think the price is a pound or two too high compared with plastic toothbrushes which you can get 2 for 1 or 2 pounds so I think this would put people off especially when children chew them so get through them quicker. I loved the eco-friendly aspect of these toothbrushes. I would consider buying it but would look at other similar brands due to the price. I would recommend as it did the job of a toothbrush whilst helping the environment.  A nice looking product but I think Oliver prefers his brightly coloured ones. This product it packaged nicely and looks nice, the bristles are soft and do the job. We loved that it was eco-friendly as this is something we are striving to become more open to. Oliver liked using it despite the smaller handle, when he got used to it and stopped dropping it. I do think he would have liked it to be brighter coloured as that is what attracts kids, especially mine. I felt the price was a bit steep but have found this with a lot of eco-friendly items as they are not main stream yet. I feel if the price was a little lower it may encourage more people to switch. Elisa Miles – Oliver 3 Years








Good quality, colourful bamboo toothbrushes. Saving the planet from plastic damage while still maintaining a quality product. My son likes his woobamboo toothbrush; it was gentle on his sore gums while still effective at cleaning his teeth. I like that it is a plastic free product and can be easily recycled.


Kirsty Awarded The Woobamboo Toothbrush 5/5

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