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Woobie Wear hats are a one-of-a-kind pattern – exclusively made for Woobie Wear, Inc., crocheted by hand and the sequins and ribbon are put on by hand.  Woobie Wear flowers are all uniquely designed on clips, making them interchangeable and versatile.

Woobie Wear is also an active supporter of several charitable organizations which work to help families fighting pediatric cancer.  I was drawn to this cause due to a response I received from a customer whose child was going through chemotherapy.  Woobie Wear donates to any customer, upon request, whose child is battling cancer.  We also give our hats to our local hospitals and recently to Shizuoka Children’s Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

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Woobie Wear Hats Reviews

Product Tested by: Mary Slater – Kezia 6 Years

Product Tested By Mary Slater – Kezia 6 Years

Mary Awarded the Woobie Wear Hat 5/5

The Woobie wear hat is a fantastically versatile item.  It is bright, funky and extremely eye catching and my daughter loved wearing it. The hat is size adjustable with a beautiful ribbon and the hair band is elasticated which makes it comfortable for my Daughter to wear. The flower attached to the hat is very tasteful as well as being vibrant. The hat on its own looks lovely and it is nice to be able to dress it up for a special occasion. Kezia often wore the hat to school during the week without the flower on and then added the flower at the weekend. A number of people commented on the hair band with the flower attached as they hadn’t seen anything quite as special before. I wasn’t convinced I was going to like the product when it arrived as it was just a bit ostentatious for my taste but on it looks very different. We will continue to use this hat as it will fit my daughter for a long time to come and she loves being seen wearing it. Mary Slater – Kezia 6 Years

Product Tested By Zana Creed – Maisie 5 Years

Zana Awarded the Woobie Wear Hat 5/5

This three piece product is absolutely gorgeous. Each part of the set is an accessory on it’s own but can be teamed up in a number of ways to make it an extra special accessory and a very versatile hat. My daughter just loved to wear the head band with the flower attached and she would spend time repositioning the flower during the day and sometimes she would wear the flower on its own. She also attached the flower to some of her other hair bands too when she didn’t wear the hat. The headband and hat are fully adjustable making them suitable for all sized heads. The crochet hat looked lovely on with or without the flower and would be suitable to be worn either in the winter or the summer making it very versatile. The quality is very good and I would imagine that it will last my daughter a fair few years. What I particularly like about this product is that my daughter can accessorise herself. She can put the flower where she wants it and wear it on the hat if she chooses. The versatility of the product makes it good value for money and you can also buy other accessories to attach to the headband and hat or use some that you already have. Zana Creed – Maisie 5 Years

Product Tested By Alice Millet – Natasha 4 Years

Alice Awarded the Woobie Wear Hat 4.5/5

Initially I did not like the product at all. But once the hat was put on my Daughter, it did begin to grow on me because it looks a lot better when on than when off. Lovely quality and design it can be worn seven different ways and they all look lovely on. I would not say that the product kept my Daughter’s head noticeably warmer, but she likes it as a fashion hat. It’s very comfortable for my child to wear and did not cause any irritation. Very easy to launder and is great value for money because you get seven hats in one, for one single price! With this hat it does not look great off but once your child has it on it looks so adorable and cute. Lovely hat I would definitely buy one again. Alice Millet – Natasha 4 Years

It is bright, funky and extremely eye catching and my daughter loved wearing it. 


Mary Awarded the Woobie Wear Hat 5/5 Top Marks!

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