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Wooden Shopping Trolley Toy

Transport all your groceries in this stylish wood and printed fabric shopping trolley!

The fabric bag pulls tight with an elasticated drawstring and can be removed for washing.

Made from sustainable rubberwood, coloured with a soft non-toxic waterstain for a contemporary style.

Presented in an illustrated colour box

Self assembly is required. 

Age range: 3 Years And Older

Product size: L: 29.50 x W: 24 x H: 63 cms

Price £54.95 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Toddler Toys & Toy Storage items 

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Wooden Shopping Trolley Toy Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Miles – Alex 3 years

Sarah Awarded The Shopping Trolley Toy 5/5

Looked very expensive and good quality. The item was very well packaged in a secure box. Fantastic idea! There is nothing else similar on the market and it’s a really good concept that encourages role playing. It’s bright and colourful and is suitable for both boys and girls in terms of colour. I didn’t expect it to require a set up. It was quite fiddly and time consuming and it didn’t help that my son was absolutely desperate to play with it!! This was very easy to play with.  Easy to open and close, pull and push around. My son has used it to transport his wooden food from his toy kitchen and likes to pretend he has been shopping. It’s not heavy either but is sturdy and can hold a considerable weight when full of toys. The fabric bag was so easy to open and close.  My son loved this toy and it is now one of his favourite toys at the moment.  He has not come along to the shops to help me grocery shop yet but I would be happy if he wanted to come along with his own trolley.  Even when this was full of all his favourite things this was very easy to push.  He has played with this daily. It has been used in the house in collaboration with wooden toys and toy kitchen. My son really liked the fact you are able to store everything in it and run around the house super-fast with it.  This certainly kept him entertained. The quality is very good, really sturdy and attractive to look at. He did use it to run around the house chasing people with it! I don’t like to purchase cheap quality and unethical toys for my children. So the fact this is an ethical product is very important to me.  This is strong and sturdy and built to last.  I do agree this toy will last for many years and could be passed down to younger siblings.  Very good value and a good investment.  I would buy this.  Knowing now how much pleasure it has given my son I would have no issue purchasing this as a special birthday or Christmas gift for him. I would recommend. Excellent quality and good fun. It may be expensive but it is very good quality and has been well loved here. I also like the idea that it can be used to store toys when not in use. It was tricky to put together but I can understand why given the quality of it. It has been built to last. Sarah Miles – Alex 3 years

Product Tested By Melissa Richards – Sophie 3 Years

Melissa Awarded The Shopping Trolley Toy 4.7/5

Well packaged but the external box was huge compared to the box the product was inside. There was way too much unnecessary packaging. Fantastic idea and I love wooden product because you get plenty of use out of them. I love the simple yet cottage style the product portrayed. Ideal for girls or boys and Sophie’s friends who are boys have used it lots of times when playing. It was simple to set up. I didn’t need help and managed it myself. Nice to be able to compete without needing any tools of my own! This way extremely easy to play with. Didn’t need any modelling. Sophie went straight to play filling it with all the food from her kitchen. It’s been brilliant and because it’s so large it can hold all of Sophie’s food which her current trolley wasn’t able to do due to being too small. I don’t think it could be any easier to pull around. The elasticated drawstring was fine once I’d show her how to do. It’s really good for the children’s fine motor skills too so helps to strengthen their fingers. This trolley has been all over the house and has carried everything from food and crayons to our new little kitten! Ha ha! I haven’t taken it to the supermarket as our local supermarket has small kid’s trolleys so it’s not needed. No matter what has been put in this she has never had a problems pulling it and it has never tipped or fallen! She has played with this every day. At this present time it is full with just about everything.  Sophie uses it to bring the play food from the kitchen to the living room… this happens daily. Sophie loved being able to carry a lot of items in this. She loves it and uses it and shows people this from it daily. I like the fact it has been used so much but still looks brand new! She plays with it every day! She uses it for everything. To take things from one place to another. Being wood and made from sustainable rubber with non-toxic water stain is important to me.  I would rather pay more money for a wooden product that will last. Good materials and quality product. This is so well made I can see no problem keeping and passing down to younger children to use. This product is a little expensive but I would pay it for the quality! I would consider buying it purely because of how long it will last. I would recommend as my friends all love the wooden Melissa and Doug products so this would be just down their street and I have already suggested it to a few friends! Fantastic product and very easy to use. A little bit pricey but a good product.  Great product and has been used by my 3yr old and 6yr old. This is durable, washable, easy to use, attractive and easy to put together (0nly took 5/10mins). I have already had a look through the website this product was being sold from to look at their other products for sale. Melissa Richards – Sophie 3 Years

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 5 years

Anthony Awarded The Shopping Trolley Toy 4/5

Lovely. It looks lush and bright and well made. I like the colouring and the fabric, and I love the smooth ply. I like the idea but I don’t necessarily love it. I feel like this style of trolley is rightly or wrongly, stereotypically associated with the older generation. Therefore my daughter wasn’t thrilled with it as a product she really wanted. However with some play time and guidance she has come to like it a lot. The stereotype has been used during imaginative play but we have helped to broaden my daughter’s horizons and the trolley has proved quite useful for a door to door delivery business ;-). I love the colours. Whilst the trolley is bright, there is subtleness too. I think this adds to a less cartoony looking toy and a much higher quality, even posh toy. We had no issues. This product is very simple and easy to set up. With only a couple of nuts and bolts and some Velcro the trolley is constructed in 5 minutes. My daughter knew how to open and close it, and how to hold and ferry the trolley around. With some play ideas and a chat about what the trolley could be used for she was away and playing for a little while each day. The trolley has been filled and emptied more times than I could count. It has travelled all around the house. The rubber strips around the wheels and the lightweight materials have helped make this trolley very manoeuvrable. The trolley is light weight. It is not too tall or short meaning it balances well when quite full. The rubber strips around the wheels keep it gripped onto laminate floors, tiles and carpet. The design is super minimalistic and simple. No drawstrings are present though. There are elasticated edges that work well to keep the opening taught and the little wooden apples hanging from the lid weight it down, keeping it shut. She hasn’t preferred this style of trolley but she does very much like it. She didn’t want to pull it along to the shops. She much prefers her scooter and would not be persuaded. The trolley is quite well balanced as it is a nice height for my 5 year old who is 111cm tall. I think it would be great for children who are perhaps 8-10cm taller but no more as it would then be uncomfortable. My daughter plays with this every day in short bursts. She would use this to play at home. She said she likes the apple picture on the lid.  It is a tool she uses during play. It doesn’t provide anything else really. I liked how simple it was and lovely looking.  It has been used as a means to transport shopping, clothing, toys and even dolly’s. It has also been used to store these items. I like this idea. Sustainable materials are very important and non-toxic paint is a must. The wood seems like standard ply board to me, however is has stayed smooth without any splintering, and the wood is still without dents. The trolley bag is a lovely looking fabric. The stitching looks high quality and the Velcro is doing great. After a fair bit of use, the wheels are still perfect, the fabric isn’t stretched or ripped or stained. My only bug bare is that the nuts and bolts tend to make their way loose. A little thread-lock sorted the issue. I’m not sure this will last for many years. It seems so for now but I believe if it was dropped down the stairs or taken to the shops many times it would show signs of wear quickly. With careful play, anything will last. But play with 4 children is rarely too careful. As much as I like this product and think the materials are good quality, I feel £55 is very expensive. Wooden toys are always more costly but personally I wouldn’t pay more than £30 for this trolley. I feel like it is a less than “essential” toy in a “reality” based role play game. My children love to role play and whilst they are extremely imaginative, they love reality based role play the most. Unfortunately the trolley is a less appreciated style and a little limited in its role.  I would not buy this as I feel it is too expensive.  It also doesn’t provide enough of an educational or entertainment benefit to warrant the cost. Perhaps if it came with a small pack of wooden food items and a small pack of pretend bread it would be worth £50. I know people who love all toys that are wooden. I feel that this toy if marketed to people who prioritise sustainability, handmade type construction and basic, fresh and vibrant looking role play toys, it would do well. I also found out that a lot of my friends found this toy expensive or not of a style they would prefer to choose. The price has lost this product a point from me. However as much as this trolley wasn’t my daughter’s favourite, I still like it. The toy is nice. It is a useful edition to add variety and diversity to role play games. It is not however, in anyway educational, or particularly entertaining. All in all I like the product but I don’t love it. I enjoyed how easy it was to construct. I like how pretty and simple it is. I like how robust it seems baring in mind it weighs next to nothing. I also love the fact that the materials are sourced sustainably. That is a bonus for me. Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 5 years











Very good value and a good investment.  I would buy this.  Knowing now how much pleasure it has given my son I would have no issue purchasing this as a special birthday or Christmas gift for him. I would recommend. Excellent quality and good fun. It may be expensive but it is very good quality and has been well loved here. I also like the idea that it can be used to store toys when not in use.


Sarah Awarded The Shopping Trolley Toy 5/5

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