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Worry Eaters

A quirky and cuddly companion that doubles up as your own personal worry eater – literally. Simply write down or draw your troubles on some paper and feed them to your Worry Eater, worries be gone! The highest quality plush from renowned premium toy makers, Schmidt.Why we love them:
Great for bigger worries
Fabulous nursery decor!
Silver winner at the Independent Toy Awards 2015

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£20.00 Available online Amazon or click online to find local stockist

Worry Eaters Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Nannette Kirkman-Graham – Harvey 5 Years

Awarded The Worry Eaters 4.4/5

bright colours. Soft fabric. Chunky zip/mouth. Minimal packaging so not
difficult to open and one small cardboard label that could be recycled. Simple
clear instructions. A set of bigger (maybe pictorial) instructions could be
included for children. These could even be in story form to encourage/explain
how to use the product. My son loved the worry eater. It has become part of our
bedtime routine. Really helpful concept that was therapeutic for my child. Nice
bright colours made it appealing to children. The product seems really well
made. The material seems to be of good quality. The mouth/zip feels a bit
‘clunky’ and I have concerns how long it would last with further use. I love
the concept of the toy. It is very beneficial for children to be reflective and
the process of shedding worries and giving them away can be therapeutic. I am
unsure that the product makes itself accessible to as many families as it could
at the price point that is suggested. Although the product is well made, I
didn’t think that £20 for what is essentially a ‘teddy’ was particularly good
value. I don’t think that more than one
product is needed per household. I had considered buying the product before I
tested it. I would recommend the concept of the product although I would also
be cautious of the cost/benefit. Really great concept and a nice product that
was appealing to all of my children (boys aged 7, 5 and 4) Nice multicultural
element to the character we tested. We used the product at bedtimes and it
provided a great opportunity for my child to reflect on his day and for me to
gain a better understanding of the things that cause him to worry. By using the
product I feel I have been able to offer him solutions and reassurances about
situations and experiences he is encountering when we are not together. Nannette
Kirkman-Graham – Harvey 5 Years

Tested By
Dione Francis – Etana 4 Years

Awarded The Worry Eaters 4.4/5

impressed with the initial look of the product. It was vibrant and soft to
touch, which my daughter loved as she likes different textures. Didn’t come
with packaging which I loved as the only thing that I needed to throw away was
the envelope that it came in and the tag. Instructions good self-explanatory.
They came on a sheet and further information was available on the website. I
asked a question and I got a response within a few hours. She was excited about
using it and talked about a worry that was unexpected. We ask every night now
if she has any worries to-date there haven’t been any but she was excited that
the worry had gone from the mouth in the morning. I like that it encourages
conversation and discussions about things you may not be aware of. My daughter
is in pre-school so drew her worries rather than writing them. Excellent quality
has been thrown around as any toy would in a 4 year olds room and has not been
damaged. It stands out when compared to other soft toys so friends have
enquired about it. Brilliant concept. I
always try to have open conversations about daily life but this allowed my
daughter to think about any worries and therapeutically be able to draw what
she was worried about and then we talk about it. I do think that £20 is a
substantial amount of money and don’t think I would be willing to pay it even
though I love the concept. If I saw this on offer would purchase. I have recommended already as I like the concept
and my daughter is due to start school so there may be further opportunities
for this to be used. I absolutely love the therapeutic nature of children
being able to draw/ write the worries then discussing this with a parent
however feel that it is a bit costly. This product allowed a pre-school child
the creativity to draw an image of her worries whilst discussing this with her
parent. She loved putting the worry in the mouth and became excited in the
morning when she checked that it had gone. He friends wanted to know what the
item was when they came round to play and she took great pride in explaining
what it did. Dione Francis – Etana 4 Years

Tested By
Rebecca Taylor – Henry 4 Years

Awarded The Worry Eaters 4.9/5

impressions were very good; the design of the worry eater was very good, high
quality finish and extremely good concept. Packaging was ok; it would have been
nice if it came in a nicer bag with perhaps a little story printed onto it, it
seemed quite basic. There wasn’t really much of an instruction sheet, it would
have been great to have a little booklet perhaps with a story that you can sit
down and read with your child to explain another child having worries and the
worry eater taking them away. The timing of obtaining Flint our worry eater was
fantastic, Henry was having a few issues with anxiety separation at nursery and
to put all his problems into Flint and for them to disappear made him feel a
lot happier, we obviously had some major made up worries that had to go into
Flint such as what happens if the moon falls out of the sky but overall it
certainly worked. I love the idea of the worry eater, for our personal
situation it worked straight away and continues to work; I believe as Henry
gets older he will continue to use Flint to take away his worries, it also
allows the child to highlight problems they may not openly discuss with a
parent. The quality was first class no complaints. I absolutely love the
concept of this product, a very clever idea which allows children to get rid of
their concerns and anxieties. £20 may be a bit steep for some people; perhaps
smaller cheaper versions should be available.
I would purchase this and have already recommended. The worry eater is not only a great concept
but is a high quality item; without doubt it helped my son through a stressful
time and allowed him the opportunity to open up about little things that were
concerning him. I would highly recommend
the Worry Eater for all ages of children. Rebecca Taylor – Henry 4 Years

We used the product at bedtimes and it provided a great opportunity for my child to reflect on his day and for me to gain a better understanding of the things that cause him to worry. By using the product I feel I have been able to offer him solutions and reassurances about situations and experiences he is encountering when we are not together. 


Nannette Awarded The Worry Eaters 4.4/5

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