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WOW Kids Cup

Our Wow Kids® drinkware is enjoyed by toddlers starting at 12 months and to kids of all ages. The Wow Kids® cups are designed to span across a wider age range than our Wow Baby® cups. The clean and durable design provides for years of use as a child grows from the toddler years into pre-school and beyond to their early adolescent years. The Wow Kids® cup is a multi-function spill free cup that provides for an effective & healthy alternative to a sippy and straw cup, or a simple solution for those wanting a smoother transition to an open cup or just as an everyday fun cup. The Wow Kids® cup uses the same patented lid technology as the Wow Baby® cups but is meant to act and feel more like a regular household open cup. It’s small enough to be handled by those children exhibiting advanced coordination in the early toddler years and big enough to be used by older children without it feeling and looking like a baby cup. It also comes finished with a matte surface which helps the child grip the cup more firmly and a locking lid.

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WOW Kids Cup Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Donna Blowers – Lennon 19 Months

Awarded The WOW Kids Cup 4.5/5

like the colour, style and looked easy to us. Minimal packing. Clear view of the whole cup, which is good as
you can see what you are buying. Loved the design of the cup at first and
Lennon really enjoying drinking out of it. Loved that he could pick it up and
drink from any part of the cup. Found it
really easy to use and didn’t get frustrated that when tipping the cup and he
wasn’t getting any drink (like he does with a straw cup) However I did soon
find that Lennon never seem to finish his drink and this was because he found
it hard to tip the cup full up without it hitting him on the nose. Really easy
to use, clean and assemble. It is also hard-wearing (Lennon throws it a lot). I
feel it is value for money and I feel you would get a lot of use out of it. I would definitely buy this although feel it
is more suitable for children 2 +. I
would recommend to family and friend. Currently most of Lennon’s friend’s mums
have asked me where the cup has come from due to the cup not spilling like the
ones they use. To sum up my overall experience with this cup I would say that I
was very happy with it. Very practical, easy to use. Lovely colours and the
design is very well thought out. For a parent to find/use something that will
help to prevent mess this is a product that I would highly recommend. However I feel that it should be marketed at
an old age group. Or the cup change to a half moon so it would be easier to tip.Donna Blowers – Lennon 19 Months

Tested By
Sarah Saunders – Millie 17 months

Awarded The WOW Kids Cup 4.5/5

idea, clever product, vibrant colours, quality feel. Good packaging what you would expect for a
cup. Millie enjoyed drinking out of it
for a few days but lost interest and preferred to have her normal cup. She is not a great drinker so I have not
pushed using the cup and have given her the cups she prefers. However, she can drink from this and does
choose to now and again if offered. It fell from the high chair and a little
spilled on the floor but no a lot – no damage to the cup. It was hard to know
how much Millie was actually drinking from it – She didn’t drink as much as
normal with this cup, perhaps she is a little too young? I like the concept and
will keep offering it to her. Easy to clean and assemble, don’t imagine it
would break easily. Great to be able to
choose colours – vibrant and playful. Solid product I imagine would last some
time, it feels like a good product well-made and value for money. I would recommend if they were concerned
about dental issues surrounding other cups and/or wanted to transition to open
cups I can see this product as being fun and helpful. However, having not got
to this point yet with Millie I am unsure how essential/useful this product
will be in the future. Sarah Saunders – Millie 17 months

Tested By
Helen Saint – Julia 2 years

Awarded The WOW Kids Cup 4.7/5

loved the style, shape and colour.
Caught Helen’s eye straight away.
Packaging is ideal as you can clearly see what you are purchasing. Really good idea as cup that can be used from
12 months to toddler years. This was
really for Julia to try out but my other children who are older enjoyed using
this cup and loved the colour. Helen
found this easy to drink from and easy to hold.
I know I will be using this for a while yet so for us a good
investment. Easy to clean and
assemble. It looks expensive at first,
but this cup will last a while so when you take into account the design,
longevity and high quality then good value for money. I will certainly be purchasing more and have
already recommended. A great cup for
infants and toddlers, spill free, easy to hold and will be used in our house
for a long time to come. Loved it. Helen Saint – Julia 2 years

Very practical, easy to use. Lovely colours and the design is very well thought out. For a parent to find/use something that will help to prevent mess this is a product that I would highly recommend.


Donna Awarded The WOW Kids Cup 4.5/5

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