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Wurlybird Junior

Wurlybird Junior – Suitable for children aged 3-8 Years – Shoulder harness – Designer high-sided seats – Designer hand safety holding bars – Foot rests – Rubberised non-slip feet on sprung legs (non-folding) -6 foot span.  Both models use the same unique patented rotating mechanism and can be used by one rider or two.  Feel confidence and comfort with ergonomically high-sided seats, foot supports and soft easy grip handles.  The easy-to-operate handles providing self propelled action, fast or slow.  Wurlybird Flyers built-in safety features are compliant with international safety requirements.

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Wurlybird Junior Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Thomas - Summer Aged 5 Years

Product Tested By Helen Thomas – Summer Aged 5 Years

Helen Awarded the Wurlybird Junior 4/5

Looks very colourful and eye catching.  We did not have this delivered as tested this around a friends house so was already set up and ready to use.  Age suitability is ideal and I was there at all times when Summer and her friends were enjoying the Wurlybird.  Summer loved this item and was full of laughter all the time she was on the Wurlybird with her friend.  On the Wurlybird you can work together or take it in turns. They were also pretending that they were flying. Really good for their imagination.  Certainly did keep them amused and they were both using their full attention while on the Wurlybird.  I thought his toy was really good quality and very sturdy. Summer was going really fast and it looked completely safe.   I liked it because Summer really enjoyed herslef and was occupied on it.  My first impression was that it was a lot of money, but my after thought, as Summer had so much fun was that it was all worth it. Summer was nice and safe and it was very sturdy.  Would be nice to have this available in different colours. I have 2 girls so a pink one would be great.  I would certainly consider buying this as very impressed.  Would recommend to friends and family as keeps children entertained and they are safe.  This is a fun, eyecatching toy, very interesting design and keeps your children amused and happy.  Helen Thomas – Summer Aged 5 Years.

Product Tested By Diane Murray – Logan Aged 2 Years

Diane Award the Wurlybird 4.8/ 5

I Absolutely LOVED it!!!! It is such an unusual toy, very bright and eye catching. It was already set up when we got to my friends house so I did not get a chance to see what the product was like to assemble. I had no concerns about safety at all as it has straps to keep the child in the seat. Although it’s from age 3, my son is only 2, but he’s really tall so he didn’t look out of place. This toy definitely keeps children’s attention, my son loved it.  However, it did not really stimulate his imagination, but it’s not really that sort of toy. It helps with hand/eye co-ordination as the child/ children have to pull on a lever to make the seats go round.  It’s a great toy for teaching about sharing too.  It holds 2 children at a time, so if there’s another child playing, they have to learn to wait their turn, and the children that are already on it, have to learn that they have to share with the other child and get off to give them a go. My son was very satisfied to keep riding on it and stayed focused on what the toy entailed. It’s extremely sturdy, and brightly coloured.  The product definitely looks to be 100% safe. The only thing I didn’t like was the price, as I think that £199 is expensive for a toy that can only be used outside when the weather is nice. It would be worth it if you have more than one child, but I only have the one. I loved that you can let one child play on their own, by putting something heavy into a bag supplied.  I also liked that it is so heavy, as safety would be a huge aspect to me. I have already been recommending this product to people, and telling them how good it is. Diane Murray – Logan Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Courtney & Cameron – Aged 5 & 3 Years

Kerry Awarded the Wurlybird A Brilliant 5/5

When arrived packed well and everything was safe and secure.  The nuts and bolts came in a plastic bag with individual sections marked up A,B,C and so on. This was great as the instructions were perfect and you didn’t get the nuts and bolts all mixed up. In each section you only had to open one section at a time.  Took about 3/4 of an hour to put together. Would have been quicker with a second person to help. Instruction straight forward and very easy to follow.  Age suitability is listed on packaging and no concerns about my children using this product as an adult needs to be present. Courtney and Cameron really love the Wurlybird. I have taken some fab pictures and their faces are full of smiles. Courtney loves to go fast but Cameron loves to go slow. It can be used as a joint ride or a single ride so is ideal for them as they both enjoy it at different speeds. Its a fun ride that spins around so too much at once can make them dizzy. This is all in with the fun though for Courtney and Cameron. They both take it in turns handling the lever which they have to pull towards themselves on the Wurlybird. This is what decides the speed that they go.  Quality of the Wurlybird is fantastic. This product can spin really fast and I have not once felt uncomfortable when Courtney and Cameron have been on it. This ride looks like it’s made for 2 people but it can also be used for a single person. It comes with a bag that looks like a pair of shorts.  This is to be filled with something heavy such as bricks, placed on the spare seat and then this is the replacement of the 2nd person. The Wurlybird looks fab and the colours are great. It does seem a lot to pay initially, but when you take into account the fun Courtney, Cameron and their friends have had on it then makes it well worth the money.  Also will last for years. The idea and design of this product is great as it is. Courtney and Cameron have had so much fun and all their friends have come round to join in the fun too. It’s been fun and entertaining for them Courtney and Cameron have enjoyed their Wurlybird experience so that’s good enough for me.  Great Garden Toy, high quality, will last and will be used time and time again.  Perfect entertainment for your children and their friends. Kerry Baldwin – Courtney & Cameron – Aged 5 & 3 Years  


This is a fun, eyecatching toy, very interesting design and keeps your children amused and happy.   


Helen Awarded The Wurlybird Junior 4/5

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