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Xest Clip On Booklight

‘For your eyes only’. This personal booklight is ideal for reading in bed without disturbing your partner. Brilliant (in both senses of the word) it simply clips to the spine of your book for cover-to-cover reading without adjustment. Featuring an ultra-bright LED light with a touch sensitive on/off switch, an extendable swivel, flexible neck and sturdy holding clip. The Stylus requires just 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

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Xest Clip On Booklight Reviews

Product Tested by: Stuart Young

Product Tested By Stuart Young

Stuart Awarded the Xest Clip on Book light 4.7/5

I thought the book light was a great idea, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Easy instructions and very simple to use. The light is great when attached to a hard back book however; due to the weight of the book light it was not very suitable for soft back books or magazines. It would be great if a smaller version could be produced to use to read magazines and be able to take out should you need to. However, you can clip the light to your top and use it as a lamp. It stays in place and is very sturdy. It throws out a lot of light and made it very easy to read a book without the main lights on. I used it as a lamp to read magazines and small writing also. Fantastic quality, very sturdy and good value for money. I would definitely buy this product if any of the family wanted one. This is a great product very easy to use and makes reading a lot easy when night time falls. Stuart Young

Product Tested By Amina Tutton – Isabel 18 Months

Amina Awarded the Xest Clip on Book Light 4.5/5

Looks good, very simple and a really useful product. The instructions are full and easy to understand, I don’t think they could be any better. Very easy to use, you just clip it to the top of the book’s pages and the clip stays firmly in place. It is great as the light is very bright and it is easily adjustable to point the light where you need it. It can be stood on a bedside table as a small lamp also. It is lovely and small and folds up even smaller. I haven’t had a need to take it anywhere yet but would consider taking it on holiday. High quality, it is sturdy and has stood up to my daughter having a little play with it. It has an led bulb which lasts for one hundred thousand hours, it is adjustable, the clip is firm and it doesn’t weigh much so can be clipped onto a magazine instead of a book,  It can also be used with an ac adaptor instead of batteries so very versatile. I have used it a lot, it is great for when I can’t sleep and I want to read in the dark without disturbing my husband and daughter. A great reading light and travel bedside light.  Bright, adjustable, foldable. Really useful. Can be used with batteries or an ac adaptor. Amina Tutton – Isabel 18 Months

Product Tested By Jennifer Wookey – Alisha 3 Years

Jennifer Awarded the Xest Clip on Book light 4/5

The light looked compact and easy to fit into baby’s bag. I found the instructions very easy to follow and it was also simple to attach the light, but if it is being attached to a thin book then it bends the page a little. On bigger books the light stays in place and it is bright and enables you not to have the main light on which is great. The kids also like it because it’s like they are playing a game. The book light can be taken anywhere because it is small and very practical. It is very well made; the only fault that I have with it is that the kid’s smaller books couldn’t hold the light. I wouldn’t buy it for my daughter but I would buy it as a birthday present for an adult because I think it is very handy. My mum does a lot of sewing and I recommended it to her so she went and ordered it from the site it’s really handy for her sewing, so I personally think that the product would be well suited for adults who have bigger and thicker books but it is still a great product. Product Tested By Jennifer Wookey – Alisha 3 Years

This is a great product very easy to use and makes reading a lot easy when night time falls.


Stuart Awarded the Xest Clip on Book light 4.7/5

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