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YBIKE Original

Enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and the joys of cycling from as early as 2 years old. The YBIKE will help your child develop an early sense of balance and control, along with independence, self-confidence and happiness! Kids who tested the bike for 20-30 minutes twice a week showed the following improvements: Substantial improvements in both static and dynamic balance -Substantial improvements in bilateral coordination –Observable improvements in physical self-confidence (testing by Prof ES Bressan, Dept. of Sport Science, Stellenbosch University)Recommended age 2 – 4 year olds, but can be used by most kids over 2 years old and weighing less than 50kg. Many 5 – 8 year olds enjoy playing with YBIKE!

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YBIKE Original Reviews

Product Tested by: Inga Hill – Olivia 4 Years

Product Tested By Inga Hill – Olivia 4 Years

Inga Awarded the Y Bike Original  5/5
It looks great. It is a fabulous bright pink color and made from plastic that does seem to be able to handle a few knocks. This looks like a good value for money product. It comes in a cardboard box that is the right size for the bike. There is some bubble wrap inside the box to protect the bike when in transit and a plastic bag around the various parts of the bike. The box is well sealed. I think it is well packaged without using too much packaging. The bike certainly keeps the attention whilst using it, because some concentration is required to keep it balanced and steer it. It is especially useful when going out for a walk or playing in the park when the child can use it on longer stretches rather than short bursts. Using it inside the house, the novelty would wear off within about 10 minutes, but the sense of freedom and pleasure when using it outside is quite clear. My daughter has really gained a lot of confidence in using the Y-bike. She used to be uncertain with toys that require a bit of balancing, to the extent of not even using her scooter because she is over cautious. However, on the Y-bike she very quickly learnt to balance better. I think it is because she is closer to the ground and felt more in control using both legs. Even so, some of her more adventurous friend also used the bike and found it immense fun. I think it is very good quality. The bike is quite robust and has had a few dings and bumps and despite this has been unaffected. It is quite surprising that such a lightweight product is so sturdy. It is certainly fit for purpose. It is great value for money. In comparison with other balance toys on the market, this is very reasonably priced. It is made from a robust material, does what it is intended for very well and has brought hours of fun and physical joy to a toddler who would otherwise be too cautious to use her expensive scooter. I would have bought this product a long time ago had I been aware of it. It would have been great for a 2 year or 3 year old. My daughter has just turned four and though she enjoys it, her legs are slightly too long for it to use it to its maximum potential. My 18 month daughter is really keen to try it, but can only just manage it on tippy toes, so I think in a few months’ time it will be perfect. The pink color is fabulous for little girls and has brought immense enjoyment to both my girls and their friends. This is a lovely product that requires a little skill, but that most children have found easier and more enjoyable to use on their own than trikes and scooters. Inga Hill – Olivia 4 Years




Product Tested By Michelle Williams – Max 2 Years

Michelle Awarded the Y Bike Original 4/5
This is very sturdy, well made and of an attractive fun design and color. For quite a large item, I found it well packaged, in a reasonable sized box. Max was very involved when his dad was trying to put the item together!!! Isn’t it always the way, however once assembled he probably spent 10/15 minutes on it before he lost interest, maybe he is a little too young for it still. I would certainly say it showed me over a short period of time, from climbing onto the bike initially, Max did struggle to keep it upright, within 5 minutes he was zooming around the room and outside with no problem, keeping himself and the bike upright. With regards to role play, he certainly enjoyed making the ‘broom…broom’ sounds around the house! Initially it did keep his attention, but I think like any child his age, his attention span is quite limited anyway, I have put the item away with the intention of reintroducing in a month or so to see whether he will have more patience. However, I did take this toy to my local playgroup, the older children (3/4 years) absolutely loved it (did actually causes a few tears, as they didn’t want to share!!). I was extremely impressed with the solidness of the item; it has also been left outside overnight (rain/snow) and shows no signs of weathering at all! The quality of the product certainly commands the price and I would be happy to recommend. Very impressed with the initial product, built extremely well, very sturdy. Michelle Williams – Max 2 Years




Product Tested By Jillian Martin – Jack 2 Years

Jillian Awarded the Mookie Y Bike 3/5
This looks like a very cool toy, my son really liked the look of it too. It kept his attention for the first day, but after this he found it quite difficult to balance on it and because it has no pedals he had to walk with it and got bored. It was good for balancing, but because my son is used to a bike with pedals, he fell over on it a lot and got a bit frustrated. It didn’t keep his attention long enough for him to find other ways to play with it, and I can’t see any other way to play with it.  It is good quality and very sturdy but I wouldn’t pay the recommended asking price. It is very cool looking, I can see children wanting it by just looking at it, but after playing with it, we found it quite pointless and would be better just buying a bike with pedals. A very cool looking toy but not worth the money and we found it pretty pointless for us. Jillian Martin – Jack 2 Years

This is a lovely product that requires a little skill, but that most children have found easier and more enjoyable to use on their own than trikes and scooters.


Inga Awarded the Y Bike Original 5/5

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