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Yellow Moon Masks

Who’s that strange creature hiding behind the mask? Children can really get creative and let their imagination run ‘wild’ with these white cardboard masks. Decorate with fibre pens, acrylic paint, feathers and stick-ons. Comes with elastic. 4 assorted. Size approx. 19cm. Age 3+.

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Pack of 12 £3.99 - Available to purchase online

Yellow Moon Masks Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Hopkins- Sophie Aged 4 years

Louise Awarded Yellow Moon Masks 4.1/5

Very good product, kept the children entertained and they were keen to have a go. The website is easy to use and can find most things that you want. Very good quality, well made and very colourful. My four year old managed to do it easily so the recommended age is appropriate. I had to show her what to do at first, and then she did one of her own, well… With a little help! I showed her what parts went together. They’ve been playing with the masks since they got them, pretending to be different animals. I would definitely buy again in the future. The design is fine as it is. I would consider buying it and I would recommend it to other parents. They are very nice for the children to make and Sophie enjoyed it very much. Louise Hopkins- Sophie Aged 4 years

Product Tested By Kerry Bagnall – Megan Aged 3 Years

Kerry Awarded Yellow Moon Masks 4.6/5

I thought there was a lot of excess packaging but the masks looked well made the only disappointment was the glue was not provided I had to go and buy some. The website was very bright and easy to use and the postage costs were very clear this was a bonus because a lot of sites do not tell you the postage costs until you check out. The product was made to a good standard but it would have been much better if the pieces had adhesive already on the back. The age was perfect my 3 year old daughter had great fun making them. My daughter did not want to follow the instructions she made her own faces. Everything came included apart from the glue that I had to buy separately. She loves scaring people with the lion masks and she loves trying on all the different animal faces and scaring her big brother. It could be improved by making the pieces that attach to the masks sticky. I would definitely buy the product again Megan had so much fun making them and finds the masks a lot of fun. I have 2 nephews and a niece all 3 years old that would love them.  Lots of fun to make and item can be played with for as long as the child wants. Kerry Bagnall – Megan Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Gillian Politis – Charlotte Aged 6 Years

Gillian Awarded Yellow Moon Masks 4/5

Product looked interesting.  The website offers a Good range of products but would like to see a ‘search’ button whereby can you type in any description. Recommended age is sufficient, but personally feel these would also be great for a slighter younger market. Charlotte made a couple herself and then got her dad and friends to make some masks with her.  We managed to make the masks with items supplied, but would have been better with some glue already part of the package. Charlotte enjoyed playing with these masks for a while.  She ensured we all have a different mask and pretended to live in the jungle. One suggestion would be to put the set in a better presentation box and also supply a small tube of child friendly glue.  We like this sort of product and have purchased something similar before for Charlotte.  Would certainly recommend especially as either a goody filler or play time at a child’s party.  Charlotte enjoyed playing with these masks and getting family members to wear masks and all to pretend we lived in the jungle.  Gillian Politis – Charlotte Aged 6 Years

They are very nice for the children to make and Sophie enjoyed it very much.


Louise Awarded Yellow Moon Masks 4.1/5

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