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Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band

Encouraging little ones to discover their mobility and exploring their senses, the Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Band combines play with educational and developmental benefits designed to bring parent and child closer. Features:Packed with activities to stimulate each of baby’s senses. Flexible wrist strap made from soft machine washable velour. Many satin tabs for tactile and visual development. Plush animal squeaker develops fine motor skills and star toy plays music for auditory development. Velcro links for connecting baby’s favourite toys or soother.

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Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band Reviews

Product Tested by: Katherine Reid - Jennifer Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Katherine Reid – Jennifer Aged 1 Year

Katherine Awarded The Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band 3.5/5

When this first arrived looked interesting, good quality and had no concerns about age suitability.  I must admit my daughter was just a bit old and active for this.  She is more interested in walking around and exploring than sitting on mummy’s lap playing at the moment.  I feel this would have been absolutely ideal for when she was younger.  This is a well designed product and I feel it is a great toy/play item for a young baby.  I liked the fact you can easily wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees which is essential for baby toys.   Good design, high quality and great play item.  Would make ideal gift for a young baby and would certainly recommend for a younger baby.  Katherine Reid – Jennifer Aged 1 Year 

Product Tested By Ruth Morrison – Baby Matthew 7 Months

Ruth Awarded The Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band 4.3/5

Thankfully this did not require any assembly and the age suitability was ideal.  Matthew enjoys touching and chewing this and it keeps his attention when I’m trying to do other things.  Does help with hand/eye co-ordination, but no more than other toy rattles.  Matthew particularly liked the detachable star and has formed a bond  with this toy.  The quality of this item is very good and certainly good value for money.  This is a good quality wrist rattle that is easy for mums to use, easy for babies to enjoy and easy to clean.  Ruth Mrrison – Baby Matthew 7 Months

Product Tested By Sinead Regan – Baby Aine 9 Months

Sinead Awarded The Yes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band 4/5

First impression bright and colourful.  This comes already assembled which is great and really is suitable for child of any age.  My daughter really enjoyed this and was able to wear it herself.  Kept my daughter amused for a long time especially when she was wearing it herself.  Certainly helps with child development and hand eye co-ordination.  Aine loved the litte fish and adored it when she squeezed it and it played music.  This is a good quality toy and value for money.  The design is very good and would consider purchasing it as would keep a child amused at home and when travelling.  Very enjoyable product, well packaged and nice brightly coloured toy. gave endless minutes of enjoyment.  Sinead Regan – Baby Aine 9 Months



Katherine Awarded TheYes! SuperBaby Miracle Wrist Band 3.5/5

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