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Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby CD

This CD features an original lullaby that can be personalised with any baby name in the world.  Simply supply the name using the form above and a professional singer (the same one featured in the demo recordings) will record a special version of the song just for your child. A CD and an Mp3 Download Card are included with this Product. People listen to music in a variety of different ways.  Many have CD players that they use for playing music but an increasing number of people now prefer using their smart phone or tablet to play their favourite tracks on.  By purchasing this product you’ll not only receive a CD but you’ll get a download card that will entitle you to download the tracks on Mp3 format (at no extra cost).  This means that if you have a CD player in the car but an Mp3 player or smart phone set up in the baby’s nursery then you can listen to your baby’s lullaby anywhere you like.  It also means that if you are giving this product as a gift then you’ll be able to benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing the recipient will get full use from this product regardless of the music set up they have at home. This Album Contains Six Tracks in Total. The original lullaby (that will be personalised for your baby) is track number one and is followed by four instrumental renditions of famous nursery rhymes and lullabies that we have recorded in our studios.   All of the songs on the album have been intelligently designed using the data from a number of research studies that were commissioned in order to study the effect that music has on an infant’s brain and to discover the best methods of using music to encourage a healthy, natural sleep.  The product also contains a special card with tips on how to design the perfect pre-bed routine.

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£25.00 Available to purchase online

Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby CD Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Kemp – Iona 2 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Kemp – Iona 2 Months

Melanie Awarded The Lullaby Babies – Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby 5/5

I thought the product was beautifully presented in the case. Very pleasing to the eye. Thought it may be nice to give it an extra personal touch if the case could be personalised with a picture of your own child. Beautiful presentation in the tin, simple and elegant. If purchasing this product would personally like the option to have my child’s picture on the tin. Loved the product!!!! The personalised lullaby was wonderful; I and family members felt that it is written just for the baby, especially with Iona not being a common name. Would consider purchasing this product as a gift for family friends. It did not send her to sleep, but did appear to relax her when listening to it. As a very special personalised lullaby CD for your child I do believe this is value for money, as totally unique to each child. I would recommend as such a lovely keepsake item and personal to your own child which is special. This is an absolutely fantastic product and ideal as a gift or keepsake. Melanie Kemp – Iona 2 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Brown – Ethan 9 Months

Kelly AwardedThe Lullaby Babies- Your Baby’s VeryOwn Lullaby 4.2/5

Comes in a nice container with Ethan’s name printed on the top which was a nice touch. The packaging was good, kept safe and secure in the post. Quality is good. Nice container protects the cd well and also is a lovely keepsake gift. What would make the cd and container more attractive would be to be able to personalise the picture as well. Would have been nice if there were more personalised songs. Apart from that they were relaxing. Would have given 5 out of 5 if there was more personalised songs on the CD. You can buy normal lullaby songs on a cd for a lot less. I would recommend this as a gift this is a great product but as a general buy I would say it was a little out of my price range. Great gift for a special occasion. Kelly Brown – Ethan 9 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Crew – Alice 9 Months

Lucy AwardedThe Lullaby Babies – Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby 3.6/5

Its nicely packaged and a unique idea. It’s presentedin a lovely tin and has a nice picture on. It would make a great keepsake. The sounds are clear and no problems with the CD. The original song is very catchy although I’m torn between thinking the words are lovely but slightly cheesy, but I suppose this is the same for many Children’s songs. I have only been able to trial the CD in the car and both children fell fast asleep on one occasion. (The other is almost 3).  The songs are very relaxing but it could have also been the car movement. I don’t think it would have sent her to sleep in her cot. Unfortunately I think it’s expensive for what it is. Only one song is personalised and the whole thing doesn’t have many songs on. It would be more suitable as a gift and keepsake but even so I would not imagine it’d have cost £25.  There are many CDs out there that have similar songs to these, it is lovely that one of them has the Childs name but I don’t think it justifies the cost.  If all of the songs were personalised somehow it would be better. I can’t help but feel that £25 would be better spent elsewhere. Lucy Crew –Alice 9 Months



This is an absolutely fantastic product and ideal as a gift or keepsake                


Melanie Awarded The Lullaby Babies – Your Baby’s Very Own Lullaby 5/5     

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