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ZIPPYUP Babygrow

Product details:

  • Soft cotton knit
  • Zip front
  • Long sleeves with turn-back mitten cuffs
  • Attached feet
  • #EAN number

Fabric & Care:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable/Tumble dry

The classic ZIPPYUP original babygrow is made from 100% cotton, supersoft for your baby’s skin. The zip is concealed so it does not come in contact with your baby’s skin and the tab at the neck makes sure the zip puller doesn’t catch any little chins.

The sleeves have turn back cuffs to allow hands to be enclosed to stop scratching so you don’t need separate mittens and they are long enough for your baby to have lots of hand room.

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£13.99 each or 2 for £19.99 Available online

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ZIPPYUP Babygrow Reviews

Product Tested By Aimee Hall – Daughter 13 months

Aimee Awarded The ZIPPYUP Babygrow 4.5/5

Well packaged and well presented. A great idea especially for a wiggly 1 year old. Self-explanatory no instructions needed.  This was very easy to put on my daughter.  My daughter is 13 months and the 12-18 was very large. Ideally I could have done with a 9-12 months. She looked comfy in it.  The cotton material is so very soft to touch. Fabulous idea to have concealed zip. The zip caused no problem to my daughter and she was unable to open it. The neck tab is perfect it protected baby well.   I didn’t use the turn back cuffs for daisy as she is too old for them but for younger children I think they are perfect.  Washed and dried well. I used this a few times and will use it more often when it fits better. The quality was great. Much softer than normal babygrow’s. The zip was a great design and made changing fidgety 1 year old much easier.  I feel they are much more expensive than normal babygrow’s but worth it for the ease of use. I would purchase although I do feel they need some more funky designs.  I would recommend.   The sizing was a little off, nut overall a good product. Aimee Hall – Daughter 13 months

Product Tested By Emma-Louise Kirkland – Isla 18 Months

Emma Awarded The ZIPPYUP Babygrow 4/5

It had lovely packaging. I liked the idea of it since it can be hard to work with poppers once babies are kicking. Very good instructions but felt it was pretty self-explanatory though. Easy to put on but nappy changes could be challenging. When the product arrived my daughter was 15/16 months and the 18-24 month baby grow was a perfect fit so I’d say it’s a little small made.  My daughter did look comfortable in this. The material was lovely and very soft and the item was well made. The concealed zip was great, it meant that my child couldn’t take the baby grow off. I thought the tab at the neck was great.  I did not use the turn back cuffs as my daughter is a little old for them now, but they are great for newborns. Very easy to launder and washed very well.  I used this whenever it was clean. Very good quality. A bit more expensive than the high street but worth it for convenience.  I would not buy this but only due to the fact my daughter is outgrowing baby grows now.  I would recommend as it makes life a little easier. Great product but nappy changes were challenging.  I think people with younger babies would benefit from it more.  Emma-Louise Kirkland – Isla 18 Months

Product Tested By Bronia Milburn – Max 3 Months

Bronia Awarded The ZIPPYUP Babygrow 3.7/5

Nice colour, although slightly big.  Good concept. Poppers during night feeds can be tricky and this eliminated that.  This was easy to put on my baby.  Seemed large in comparison to some babygrow’s and the in built scratch mits were very large.  Baby slept in the product well so must have been comfy!  It seemed a little thin and especially the blue area we could see a patterned vest underneath quite clearly. Concealed zip was a fab idea and made the cosmetic appearance much nicer. The neck tab for the zip is a fab idea as I was concerned skin would catch on the zip, but this prevented that. The turn back cuffs were very large.  Washed with other baby clothes on a 30 deg wash and came out lovely. I would use this once or twice a week.  It felt secure in the stitching and well-made but as mentioned previously it seemed a little thin. I loved the easiness of the zip during night changes. I feel £15 for 2 is OK but I’m not sure I would pay £9.99 for one. I would purchase for the ease of it being zip up. Especially in the early weeks when you are changing nappies every 2-3 hours. I would recommend for the same reasons. The concept is good, but I feel there are a few refinements to make it a bit better.  Postage was fast and it was well packaged. Initial first look appearance was good. It washed well with no colour run and the material stayed nice – no bobbles etc. Baby felt comfortable in it, even when front sleeping on top pf the zip. Bronia Milburn – Max 3 Months

The zip was a great design and made changing fidgety 1 year old much easier.  I feel they are much more expensive than normal babygrow’s but worth it for the ease of use.


Aimee Awarded The ZIPPYUP Babygrow 4.5/5

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