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Zippyup Short Sleeved Zip Up Babygrow

The short sleeved zipped babygrow is made from 100% cotton, supersoft for your baby’s skin. The zip is concealed so it does not come in contact with your baby’s skin and the tab at the neck makes sure the zip puller doesn’t catch any little chins.

Zipper is 2 way to help you make nappy changes extra quick!

This babygrow is perfect for warm Summer days or nights with its short arms and legs.

Product details:Full length zip. Soft cotton knit . 2 way zip front. Short sleeves. Short legs

Fabric & Care: 100% Cotton. Machine washable/Tumble dry

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Price £12.99 Available online

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Zippyup Short Sleeved Zip Up Babygrow Reviews

Product Tested By Bethan Anderson – Penelope 7 Months

Bethan Awarded The Short Sleeved Zip Up Summer Baby Grow 4.4/5

Good. It is a soft material and looked perfect for the warm weather. Thought it would be great for when needing to get baby out of her clothes quickly after nappy explosion or weaning mess.  Clever design and in patterns I would definitely choose again. Having the size and washing instructions printed on the material would be helpful for future reference. It fits well over her cloth nappy and will do for a couple of months. Its loose enough around her body so can be used comfortably in  hot weather.  I like the idea of the concealed zip but the top section of the zip didn’t stay in its tab so kept irritating baby by tickling her neck. The 2 way zip design is very useful as baby is very mobile now and changing time is a challenge. My daughter seemed to be comfortable in this. The only thing is the zip not staying in the top tab as it kept tickling her neck. This is absolutely ideal for the summer months.  We were having a heat wave when it arrived and it was perfect. it seemed a nice material to have against my baby’s skin. We used this 4-5 times in rotation with other romper suits.  We have just used it for day time so far but would definitely work for night time too. Would be 5 but I had to get in touch with the company to find out the washing instructions (there is no label on the baby grow). Great quality material and fit. The only thing that lets it down for me is the issue with the zip mentioned above. It is good quality material for the price compared to other similar style summer clothes. I liked the zip feature as having a very mobile baby means changing time is a challenge. The zip meant that I could get her dressed quickly without having to worry about individual poppers. I would buy this as I like this style of clothing for warm weather and as previously mentioned the ease of the zip is helpful. I would recommend as I liked the product myself so would recommend to others.  Great material, design, pattern choices and zip feature. The only thing that let it down for me is the top of the zip wouldn’t stay in the tab so kept tickling my daughter’s neck which bothered her.  Very happy with how it arrived. The material was gentle on my baby’s skin and baby grow was easy to use.  I had to ask the company for washing instructions as there aren’t any on the clothing its self. Having this and the size printed on the item would be helpful for future reference. Bethan Anderson – Penelope 7 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Ferchichi – Son 4 Months

Hayley Awarded The Short Sleeved Zip Up Summer Baby Grow 4.5/5

I thought it was really cute wrapped in tissue paper. having a zip was more practical as baby wriggled around and it’s better than having to put feet into baby grow and popping it. The Koalas design was really cute baby light colours. The baby grow did seem a little small I ordered 6-9months and he is 4 months old. The concealed zip made it easier to dress baby and when changing nappies as he is a wriggler. I would say he was comfortable in this as he wore it on a warm day he didn’t seem irritable at all. This is ideal for use in the summer months as the material was light and ideal for warmer weather. The material is very good as my baby has dry skin and the baby grow didn’t flare this up. We have used this about 9 times. I have used this for both day and night when it has been warm. This was very easy to launder. The quality of this is very good. I would say a bit expensive for one baby grow. I liked the fact  it was practical for nappy changes and cool for the warm weather.  I wouldn’t personally purchase this item as I find it would be a little too expensive.  I would recommend as I genuinely think it is practical for baby’s especially in the summer. My son felt comfortable and relaxed in this baby grow it was practical quick and easy for me to change nappies and he seemed cooler in the summer day and night. Hayley Ferchichi – Son 4 Months

Product Tested By Elaine Muir – Roan 6 Months

Elaine Awarded The Short Sleeved Zip Up Summer Baby Grow 3.7/5

I thought the design looked lovely, love the pattern and the material felt nice to the touch. I thought the size label on the inside back was actually a sticker to peel off and throw away so I ended up peeling part of it off before I realised it was a transfer that was meant to stick on the garment! I liked the idea as poppers can be a bit of a nightmare, although I was concerned about getting Roan’s skin caught in the zip, however I soon realised they’d thought of that. The pattern was lovely, and very pleasing to the eye.  my boy is quite chunky even though he’s only just 6 months and his thighs and upper arms are particularly big so I found it a bit tight around his thunder thighs and bingo wings! Fitted nicely otherwise (size 6-9months).I quite liked the concept of the concealed zip, bit fiddly to start with When used to poppers but soon got used to it. The 2 way zip was a bonus, much quicker to access his bum for nappy changes!  Apart from the thighs and arms, he seemed to be comfortable, it did leave a bit of a mark on the tighter bits though.  Knowing the sizing now I would order larger size. This is certainly a good option for the summer. The fabric felt nice and soft, if a little thicker than some bodysuits I have. But yes it’s nice and gentle on the skin. He only wore this once due to the fit and now If I ordered again would get next size up. Only wore during the day as he has either vests or a sleepsuit at night. there was no care label attached so I just assumed it could be tumble dried on low-thankfully it survived!  the actual garment was good quality. I think £12.99 for one romper is a bit on the expensive side-£8-£10 would be closer to the price I’d be willing to pay. I loved the look or it, the patters and appearance of it.  The stripes were lovely. I probably would not purchase this only because my personal preference is poppers-but it’s a nice alternative to have. I would recommend if they were keen to try alternatives to poppers! It’s a nice product and is well made. my personal case I prefer poppers and because I have a chunky boy the zippyup wasn’t ideal for us, although I know friends who would love a whole set of them for their babies! Overall it was good to try the zip up option, the item washed well and dried nicely, it has kept it colour and shape well after being washed unlike some other items we have. It certainly wouldn’t stop me trying another zip up baby Gro but I think I’d go for a vest/sleepsuit rather than a romper due to the thigh/arm issue. Elaine Muir – Roan 6 Months

I would buy this as I like this style of clothing for warm weather and as previously mentioned the ease of the zip is helpful. I would recommend as I liked the product myself so would recommend to others.  Great material, design, pattern choices and zip feature.


Bethan Awarded The Short Sleeved Zip Up Summer Baby Grow 4.4/5

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