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Zuma The Dog Denim Jeans

Dark blue denim loose fit jeans with orange stitching detail. This style has bright orange “Z” embroidery detail on back pockets and benefits from an adjustable waistband. This style also comes with the Zuma dog keychain.

Available in sizes from 1 year – 10 years
Price £25.00 Available to purchase online

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Zuma The Dog Denim Jeans Reviews

Product Tested By Pippa Ainsworth –Noah 5 years

Pippa Awarded The Zuma the Dog Denim Jeans  4.6/5

A high quality pair of jeans with added character detail to make them more attractive to children. My son loved the lightning flashes on the pockets. They are a classic jeans design with a few quirky features to make them a little more interesting. Extremely practical design, all of the design was just about the appearance, meaning that the jeans were still a practical, easy to wear pair of jeans. Extremely good quality. The denim was thick and hard wearing. My son hates hard waistbands but these have been comfortable in that area. They are very easy to put on and take off and he has been happy wearing them. I wash them inside out as I usually do with jeans. They have been through the wash a few times now and look great. They have been dried outside and in the tumble dryer with no problem whatsoever. Lovely as the jeans are I think £25 is a lot to pay for a pair of jeans for a child and it is more than I would usually pay. They are great quality though. I am sure my son will continue to wear them until they no longer fit. I would in terms of quality but would struggle to recommend them for the price. Excellent experience. The jeans do exactly what you want them to. They look good, are comfortable to wear and wash well. You can’t ask for much more with children’s clothing. They are expensive and more than I would usually spend on an item of clothing for my son but are well worth it if they are within your budget. Pippa Ainsworth – Noah 5 years

Product Tested By Hugh Fulton – Hugh 5 Years

Hugh Awarded The Zuma the Dog Denim Jeans 4.3/5

Looked good quality when arrived. They are rather big for Hugh – he is quite tall for his age but the jeans are slightly baggy. Hugh is an active 5 year old and they seem to be durable. Good Quality and I am told by my wife they wash well!! Hugh likes wearing them and says they are comfy! They do wash well. Personally I think they are a touch expensive. We will continue to use these jeans. I would recommend but the price may be an issue. The jeans seem to be a success, Hugh is happy to wear them, they wash well but only downfall is they are rather expensive. Hugh Fulton – Hugh 5 Years

Product Tested By Penelope Archer –Lincoln 5 years

Penelope Awarded The Zuma the Dog Denim Jeans 4.5/5

Impressed a very high quality pair of jeans. My son loved these and said they were comfortable. A great style with a few added features that make they stand out. A very well made pair of jeans that will last as durable material. The quality was great and the denim was very durable for a very active 5 year old. These were a comfortable fit as never had any complaints from my son and wanted to wear these a lot. Very easy to launder came up great each time. The price is steep but the quality reflects the price. I would purchase these again and I have already recommended. These have been a firm favourite with my son, easy to wear and they are made of strong durable denim which is just what you need with an active 5 year old. Penelope Archer – Lincoln 5 years



They look good, are comfortable to wear and wash well. You can’t ask for much more with children’s clothing.


Pippa Awarded The Zuma the Dog Denim Jeans ZP030 4.6/5

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