Graco’s must-read guide to happy car journeys with kids

Safety checks for a H.A.P.P.Y journey:
H:         Harness and handlebar
The harness should always be equal / level with the child’s shoulders. For Group 0+/i-Size infant carriers the handlebar must be upright, as it acts as a secondary safety measure in the event of an accident.

A:        Airbag
It is a legal requirement to deactivate the front passenger seat air bag when travelling with a child rear facing. You must always check the car vehicle manual and the car seat instruction manual.  Graco recommends children under the age of 12 do not travel in the front passenger seat.

P:         Pinch test (you might know it as the two finger rule)
To ensure the 5-point harness is secure, and not too loose, try to pinch the belt strap – if you can pinch it so the fabric bunches in your fingers, the harness is too loose. 

P:         Passenger side
Always position the youngest passenger behind the passenger seat. In the event of an accident, breakdown or when simply just parking your car, you are safer leaning in to remove the little one from the car while standing on the other side.

Y:         Years, height or weight?
Keep checking your child is in the right seat for their height and weight – the age measure is only a suggested guide. There are two regulations in current use: R44 and R129. R44 regulated seats are grouped based on weight while R129 (i-Size) seats are defined on height. Check out this useful blog from Halfords which simplifies the process.

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