Lighting Up Your Toddler’s Routine

Tips and Tools from the Experts at Angelcare

As parents, we always strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for our little ones, especially when it comes to bedtime routines. One popular tool that has been embraced by many parents is the humble night-light. These small sources of soft illumination have numerous benefits for toddlers, offering both practical and psychological advantages.

The Pabobo By Angelcare Nightlight Collection features a range of super smart solutions for a peaceful night’s sleep, whether at home or away. And the Experts at Angelcare explain the Top FIVE reasons why nighlights and projectors can be a valuable addition to your child’s sleep routine.

Promoting Better Sleep:
Night-lights and projectors can play a crucial role in establishing a peaceful and restful sleep environment for toddlers. Many young children are easily scared of the dark and may experience anxiety or have trouble falling asleep without any source of light, particularly on holiday or away from home. A night-light provides a gentle glow that creates a soothing atmosphere, helping them feel secure and calm. The subtle illumination helps to eliminate shadows and reduces the likelihood of night terrors or nightmares, allowing your child to sleep more soundly throughout the night.

Easing Nighttime Fears:
The dark can be an intimidating and mysterious concept for toddlers. With their active imaginations, it’s common for them to associate darkness with imaginary creatures or monsters. A night-light can serve as a comforting companion, dispelling their fears and providing a reassuring presence. The soft glow emanating from the night-light acts as a beacon of security, offering a sense of protection and familiarity, ultimately reducing anxiety and helping them feel at ease in their bedroom or whilst they are sleeping in a new environment. Additionally, night-light projectors feature beautiful displays and audio features, which play soothing sounds to help lull babies to sleep.

Enhancing Safety:
In addition to soothing fears, night-lights also contribute to the safety of your child during the nighttime hours. As they grow and start to explore their surroundings independently, they may need to use the bathroom or navigate their room in the dark. A night-light provides enough visibility to prevent tripping over toys, bumping into furniture, or stumbling on objects that could potentially cause harm. By maintaining a dimly lit environment, night-lights help to minimise accidents and ensure your child’s well-being.

Promoting Independence:
Night-lights can also encourage a sense of independence in toddlers. With a soft glow illuminating their room, they gain confidence in navigating their surroundings without constant parental assistance. As they become more comfortable in their nighttime environment, they may develop the ability to self-soothe, fall back asleep on their own, and feel a sense of control over their sleeping habits.

Establishing a Consistent Routine:
Consistency is key when it comes to establishing healthy sleep habits for toddlers. Incorporating a night-light into your child’s bedtime routine helps signal the transition from playtime to sleep time. By turning on the night-light, you create a predictable cue that it’s time to wind down and prepare for bed. This routine aids in setting a positive association with sleep and allows your child’s body and mind to relax, making the bedtime process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Angelcare has a number of night-lights and projectors in its Pabobo by Angelcare collection, meaning there is something for everyone whether at home or away. Parents can view all the range here. Their top selling and award-winning product include:

The Lumicolour Bear (RRP: £35) is a night-light like no other. In one of its three settings, this ingenious, multi-use nightlight actually changes colour, to the colour its touching! Simply place the Lumicolour bear on a blue surface, and he will glow blue; sit him on the colour green, and you’ve guessed it – he turns green!  This clever ‘chameleon’ mode allows children to choose their own hue to suit their mood.

Other features include:  

Fully rechargeable (no batteries)

Charge lasts 24-hours

LED light, which is cool to the touch and doesn’t heat up

Can be used in continuous mode (or automatic switch off)

The Pabobo by Angelcare Shakies Collection (RRP:£12.99) These super cute characters are designed for babies and young children alike. They are both a toy AND a useful night light – perfect for traveling or fun playtime at home. Simply SHAKE to activate a soft warm glow!

Battery operated, with two different modes, they light up for 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Plus they are completely washable by removing the inner nightlight module.

The Musical Star Nightlight Projector (RRP: £27.00) creates a beautiful starry sky on the bedroom ceiling to soothe and reassure. Colours automatically fade from blue to green to orange, or parents can freeze on an individual colour too. Plus, it has the added option to include an accompanying lullaby (on 2-sound settings). Because it’s completely cordless, it can be placed ANYWHERE and is easily portable to pack for a weekend or holiday, so baby’s sleep routine isn’t disturbed.

The Aqua Dream Whale Nightlight Projector (RRP: £45) is a cute and friendly night-time friend that can project stunning visual aquatic effects and sounds to soothe children to sleep peacefully.

The captivating underwater projections, which are propelled on to walls or the ceiling, are animated with waves and moving fish to create wonderment and joy in children. With three light intensities, parents can choose how bright the room will light, whilst soft lullaby music, a marine melody or white noise sounds (waves, rain or intrauterine heartbeats) will soothe little one to sleep.

Many of Angelcare’s Pabobo night-lights make perfect travel companions, allowing parents to create the same calm, secure environment they create at home, whilst on holiday or staying away.

Angelcare also has a wide range of nightlights, bath, baby monitoring and nappy changing systems. For its full range, head to its website here.