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Weleda relaunches oral care range

Weleda has been making natural dental products since the early 1920s when Weleda’s original toothpaste and mouthwash were first introduced – both of which are still going strong 100 years later! Today the range includes five natural toothpastes, developed with dentists, each with different flavours and benefits, made with organic plant extracts that have been carefully selected for teeth and gums.

In fact the list of things not included in Weleda’s range is equally if not more significant. The products contain no detergents, bleaches, foam boosters or optical brighteners. They are made without synthetic fragrances, colourants, flavourings, deodorants, sweetening agents, emulsifiers, disinfectants or triclosan, so the balance of natural flora in the mouth – or microbiome – is not disturbed. All ingredients are GM-free and the full range is NATRUE-certified genuinely natural. The range is also made without fluoride, which is particularly popular in areas where water supplies contain added fluoride.

Dentist Fred Dartford, who has specialised in holistic dentistry for over 15 years, appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome in the mouth:

“Probably as many as 700 different bacteria live in the mouth, some good, some bad, but in harmony – it does not take much to upset the balance. Some toothpastes and mouthwashes can contain quite harsh ingredients that can do exactly this. Natural oral care products tend to avoid these harsh ingredients, therefore it makes sense to use them to help maintain that important balance of flora in the mouth. I dislike Triclosan as an ingredient, which is a known irritant – a range of studies suggest potential harmful effects for human health, polluting the planet and possibly even contributing to antibiotic resistance. I also like to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a foaming agent, as it may cause ulcers. Fluoride-free oral care products are useful in areas where water contains fluoride, and are particularly useful when children are learning not to swallow toothpaste. Of course, brushing is the most important factor, backed up with a good toothpaste.”

Ratanhia Toothpaste £5.25 75ml Vegan

Weleda’s original toothpaste from 1923, this time-tested formulation contains extract of soothing ratanhia root sourced from long-term farming partners in the Peruvian Andes. Ratanhia, which is rich in antibacterial tannins, is included to ease swelling and redness and strengthen the gums. The root’s distinctive red colouring gives the dusky pink paste its blackcurrant ice-cream colour. Essential oils of peppermint and spearmint create a herbal mint flavour to gently freshen breath.Long-lasting fresh breath

Helps prevent bleeding gums

Protects and supports gums

Plant Gel Toothpaste £5.25 75ml Vegan

Introduced in 1933, it will celebrate its 90th birthday next year! With natural silica in a gel rather than a paste, it is particularly gentle on tooth enamel and ideal if you have delicate gums. A blend of essential oils gives a welcome spearmint flavour to keep breath fresh, making this toothpaste a simple swop for anyone looking to change to natural oral care. Chamomile extract is included for its anti-inflammatory action, together with natural antiseptic myrrh. Ratanhia gives the gel its salmon pink colour, together with aesculin (horse chestnut extract) with its toning properties, to keep your mouth in the pink.Supports gum health

Helps prevent cavities

Reduces plaque

Dentist Samantha Jugdev recommends Weleda’s range to patients that appreciate a more holistic approach to oral care. Salt Toothpaste is one of her favourites:

“The mouth is the gateway to the rest of our bodies and supporting our oral health goes a long way to supporting the health of our whole being. Our environment is awash with chemicals which often we cannot avoid, but we can choose what personal hygiene products we use. I really like the Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste; I found that my mouth and teeth felt clean and smooth after using it and this sensation lasted most of the day.”

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Description automatically generatedSalt Toothpaste £5.25 75ml Vegetarian

First launched in 1973, today a tube of this cult classic sells every 6 seconds! It’s made with natural sodium bicarbonate to help neutralise harmful plaque acids and to protect teeth from the build-up of plaque, tartar or staining. Sea salt stimulates salivation to increase the cleaning power of the natural ingredients in this mouth-watering formulation. The salty taste is complemented by peppermint for tingly-fresh cleaning. Soothing myrrh and ratanhia, together with horse chestnut bark extract, are included for gum health.Long-lasting fresh breath

Reduces plaque

Cleanses thoroughly and gently

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Description automatically generatedCalendula Toothpaste £5.25 75ml Vegan

A mere youngster, joining the range in 1999, this popular toothpaste is naturally flavoured with fresh-tasting fennel. Calendula, famous for its soothing, healing properties and a much-valued natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, helps soothe sensitive gums and keeps them in top condition. The fine chalk base gives a creamy consistency for gentle but efficient cleaning. The formulation is peppermint-free, perfect for anyone using homeopathic medicines.

     Cleanses thoroughly and gently

     Supports gum health

     Reduces plaque

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Description automatically generatedChildren’s Tooth Gel £3.95 50ml Vegan

The baby of the family arrived in 1996 and has been caring for children’s delicate milk teeth and new emerging teeth for over a generation, providing pure protection against cavities. With flower extract from home-grown calendula to keep gums healthy, it is naturally flavoured with a little fennel and spearmint to make cleaning teeth a happy ritual. A great toothpaste when kids are learning to brush, with no fluoride so parents can stop worrying about how much fluoride is being ingested whilst little ones master the art of spitting.

Helps prevent cavities

Cleanses thoroughly and gently

Ideal for first teeth

Ratanhia Mouthwash £9.25 50ml VegetarianText

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceFrom the original range from 1921 when Weleda was first founded, this mouthwash harnesses the ancient wisdom of the Peruvian tribes who used ratanhia root for teeth cleaning. A mouth that’s out of balance can lead to sensitive and bleeding gums, nasty tastes and bad breath. Ratanhia is blended with precious myrrh to tone, strengthen and tighten the gums and to prevent irritation. Natural essential oils of sage, eucalyptus and peppermint deliver lasting freshness with a herbal mint flavour. Highly concentrated, one bottle makes more than 5 litres of mouthwash. The recyclable green glass bottle is made from recycled glass.

Supports gum health

Freshens breath and mouth

Economic concentrated formula

The brightly-coloured chunky toothpaste tubes, made from recyclable aluminium and lined with a special protective lacquer, are designed to sit nose-down for handy storage in the bathroom.

The new look range is available from selected natural beauty retailers, independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide, or direct from www.weleda.co.uk